Smucker’s Special Recipe Dark Chocolate Flavor Topping, 17.7500-Ounce

Smucker’s Special Recipe ice cream toppings can really “top” things off. From Butterscotch Caramel to Dark Chocolate, we’ve got your flavor cravings covered – in Smucker’s goodness.

Quick facts

  • Total dessert indulgence
  • Makes ice cream special
  • Thick & rich spoonable topping

Top reviews

Great topper for all sorts of goodies

This item is harder to find in local stores, although one store does carry it that is not as close to me as I would like and it runs a bit more $$$.

This is better heated. Cold, it smells of cocoa powder. Heated, it is yummy. Just heat on a lower power for longer, to be glass-safe, eh? I find that what they recommend never even begins to melt any fudge/chocolate topping jar. Heating on a power of 2 or 3 for about the same amount of minutes does the trick for my micro. Disclaimer: micros vary blah etc et al. So test yours to see what works best for it.

ChanelleNielsville, MN