SnackMasters Certified All Natural Gourmet Beef Jerky, Teriyaki, 2-Ounce Packages

Hickory smoke flavor added. All natural. No hormones; No antibiotics; No preservatives–ever; Contains a minimum amount of corn syrup; Minimally processed; No artificial ingredients. U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. It’s our sincere promise and commitment to provide you, our valued customer, with the finest wholesome, highest quality All Natural, Gourmet Beef Jerky products possible. Our time tested old fashioned processing technique, emphasizing very strict quality control standards, guarantees you, our valued customer, a truly authentic all natural gourmet meat snack that not only taste great but is also a great source of protein. Our All Natural Gourmet Beef Jerky is sliced from beef cattle that been raised in a quality, natural environment. They are fed special diets that contain no artificial growth stimulants or animal protein and are never administered any antibiotics or hormones. To insure your confident snacking pleasure and satisfaction, we also guarantee that our All Natural Gourmet Beef Jerky is completely without preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavor enhancers. You can see, feel and taste the SnackMasters advantage.

Quick facts

  • Eight 2-ounce packages of all-natural, teriyaki-flavored jerky (total of 16 ounces)
  • Made from solid, top-round beef fillets sliced from grass-fed cattle
  • Certified all-natural; contains no nitrates, MSG, or preservatives; no antibiotics or added hormones
  • High-protein snack in a convenient, resealable package; low in fat, calories, carbohydrates, and cholesterol
  • Crafted from a secret family recipe; minimally processed in the heart of Northern California’s San Joaquin Valley

Top reviews

Great gourmet natural beef jerky

Healthy all natural beef jerky at a low price. Snackmasters beef jerky has no preservatives, nitrate free and high protein snack. I’m a big fan and will always buy snackmasters beef jerky.
ClementeNew Century, KS

Best beef jerky I’ve ever tasted!!

I’m a huge beef jerky fanatic and in my quest to find the best beef jerky brand I found snackmasters. Simply the best!!
ZoilaLake Park, MN

Gristle abounds!

This jerky has more gristle than I thought was possible to find in beef. Every bite of the 2 oz. package I tried was almost impossible to chew, and I LIKE very chewy jerky. Every bite I took also had a significant portion that was just impossible to chew, and so I ended up spitting it out.
WinterCherry Fork, OH