Snausages Scooby Snacks for Small to Medium Dogs, 24 Ounce

Scooby snacks for small to medium dogs.

Quick facts

  • Crunchy dog snacks great shapes great flavors

Top reviews

Too High Priced

My dog loves these. They’re a special treat for her. She even knows them by name, and where we store them. She loves taking people over to where the Scooby Snacks are, and show them, so she can get a snack.

But….holy yikes the price. It would be five star if not for the price. It’s easily double, more like triple the price of other vendors. Amazon, do you really expect us to pay 11$ a box? It was bad enough when they were 7$ a box. You are only inspiring me to look elsewhere. That makes me sad. It’s so much easier to order from Amazon, but not at that price.

ShanaePaxinos, PA

Absolutely A Great Treat

These treats are a hit with my two med-lg dogs ( 45 and 80 lbs). I buy the small-medium size dog treats for them, though and I find that size to be perfect. They would be a bit large for a smaller dog. My two are so enamored of them that al I have to say is “Scooby-Doo” and they come running. A-One in Our Book!
TwylaGrafton, IA

Treats too Big for Small Dogs.

Actual treats are 3 times larger than the picture on the box. My King Charles Spaniel cannot even chew them they are so big. They are roughly the size of a double stuff oreo and hard as a rock.
DevonaBassett, AR

My dog likes all but the cheese.

My dogs favorites are the beef and the pizza. preferably the beef. we were able to bribe her with some to teach her some new tricks. let your dogs try these. 🙂
AltagraciaMontgomery Village, MD

Scooby snacks are tops

My dogs showed no interest in dog buiscuits over the years until I introduced them to Scooby Snacks. They LOVE them and won’t settle down for the night until they get one. What is the magic secret ingredient? Having trouble getting them locally- Petsmart no longer carries them so I have to buy them online. The quality of life at my house will be greatly diminished If they are siscontinued.
GlaydsAuke Bay, AK

My dog’s preferred snack.

My picky Italian Greyhound goes crazy for these! Definitely his favorite snack of many. There are four distinct flavors and the dog even gets more excited for some over others. Firm/dense but not rock hard. Enough to give a decent teeth cleaning but little dogs can still break them apart. They crumble when chewed but not particularly messy like some dry snacks. I was really disappointed to not find them locally anymore but at least we can get them online.
ColleneLacota, MI

Great price, really fast

These premo treats are getting harder to find locally, and the dog loves them. Supplier got them to us fast with a great price. The product is good for large dogs and smaller dogs, but probably not under 20 lbs.; the treat size might be too generous for little guys.

Big dogs love the great portion size. Both treats for small and large dogs are appropriate for most dogs. Large treats are especially grand for big dogs since many treats on the market rarely meet their requirements for satisfaction. One large Scooby Snack will be very well received by the biggest dogs, saving you $$$.

KaraBethel, VT

Perfect for stuffing them into kongs and other toys!

These are perfect for stuffing toys, like kongs and other types with smaller holes.

I put round and square ones into my Aussie’s large regularly shaped kong, and the biscuit-looking ones into my rat terrier’s stuffable chew toys. She doesn’t get the regularly shaped kong, because her jaw is smaller than the kong’s opening, so she fishes the cookies out very easily. She gets other toys (from Petsmart) which are very tough as well, but have smaller openings, like KONG Stuff-A-Ball. It takes her over 20 minutes to get them out. These cookies are much harder than regular biscuits. It takes her 5 minutes to get the regular biscuits and snaps out of any toy.

my rat terrier is a very powerful chewer…

TerraClay Center, NE