Snickers Chocolate Candy Bar, 24-Count

Snickers King Size 24 ct.

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  • Snickers King Size 24 ct.

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Another Product Ruined by Improvement

I was dismayed to find the “King Size” Snickers bars are now two small pieces with an anemic layer of chocolate, and half the flavor of the former King Size Snickers bar. Always bought the king size; the chocolate was thicker and the whole thing just had more flavor, because it was loaded with peanuts and caramel. Really felt like you got your money’s worth, which is becoming increasingly rare. Unfortunately, it appears Snickers has jumped on the bandwagon of charging more for less, and now is trying to pass off an inferior item as a “king size” candy bar, hoping the customers will play along. Another terrific product bites the dust.
FelicidadBruceville, TX

Hey what’s with the price increase??

I love Snickers and when I say love I mean it, lol. I was about to place an order until I noticed that the product has gone up in price. That just sucks. So I guess I won’t buy them from here anymore. I’ll just get them locally for less money. I’m getting tired of paying more for less. It’s only candy people–so it’s not like we can’t find it nearby. I like convenience but not enough to pay out twelve additional dollars for it.
UnaMunster, IN