Snickers Pumpkin Singles, 6.6-Ounce


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Wonderful Twist on the Classic Form

These ungodly chocolatey snack pods spawned from the marriage of a Snickers Bar and the devil himself aren’t quite Snickers, but they’re damn close to heaven. The nougat and peanuts aren’t gone but they take a backseat while chocolate and caramel make sweet love in your mouth. Bought these as a gift and ended up eating most of them myself. Her loss is my gain.

– Awesome
– Prime Shipping = WIN
– Chocolate

– Probably not available year-round – wait, that’s probably a good thing.

ElsaPetersburg, IN

These are okay, but it’s not a Snickers Bar

They are good, but there is no nougat and the caramel is really soft and runny. Doesn’t taste like a Snickers bar.
SamaraMarion, IL