SNICKERS Slice n’ Share Giant Chocolate Candy Bar 1-Pound

Enjoy one SNICKERS Holiday Giant Size Slice n’ Share Candy Bar Gift to share your favorite chocolate candy. Loaded with milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat, the SNICKERS Slice n’ Share Candy Bar can be generously shared with nine of your friends or family members. Satisfy hunger with this giant candy bar at parties, a holiday movie night or the office. SNICKERS Bars are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for chocolate lovers during Christmas or the holidays.

Quick facts

  • Contains one (1) 1-pound SNICKERS Slice n’ Share Chocolate Bar
  • SNICKERS Slice n’ Share Bar is big enough to share with nine of your friends
  • This SNICKERS Original Chocolate Treat is an ideal Christmas stocking stuffer, holiday prize or gift basket extra
  • Make your friends and family jump for joy when you share this giant-sized, 1-lb. SNICKERS Bar
  • SNICKERS Giant Chocolate Bars are made with delicious peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate

Top reviews


Okay so I work at a Family Dollar in St. Louis && we just got these in. Well for awhile I had been looking for the Snickers for my mom (just because) && now it’s at my job for 10$ along with the Reese’s. ! It’s so freaking good && you can’t go wrong with it what so ever . !
DanetteKarnack, TX

world’s largest Snickers candy bar

It is indeed, as my daughter would say, GI-NORMOUS! And it made my lady fair, Maid Mary, very happy (even though she’ll probably only have a bite and share the rest).
LidaBatson, TX

Great Gift for the person with the sweet tooth!

I got this as a gift for my husband. It is one pound and it is great for the Snickers lover in your life!!
TerrieHaddam, KS