Sobe Lifewater, Fuji Apple Pear, 15 Pound

Refreshing and delicious flavor combinations and 0 calories per serving… Heaven. You won’t believe Fuji Apple Pear has zero calories. It’s a sweet but not-too-sweet lean machine mixed with citrimax and ginseng to keep you feeling light and refreshed.

Quick facts

  • Vitanins B, C and E, hydration beverage
  • Fuji apple pear flavor
  • Zero Calories
  • With Citrimax and Ginsemg
  • 15 pounds. Pack of 12

Top reviews

not all-natural, too sweet for me

I like some things about this water…I like that they enhanced it with some decent nutrients. I like that it has no artificial sweeteners, I like the flavor…

but come on, all those artificial ingredients mixed in? What good are natural sweeteners if you load me up with chemicals in the end anyway?

Here’s the deal. On the Sobe website it says only 3 flavors out of their entire line are all-natural and those are the Sobe lean drinks. They say all-natural and “sobe lean” on the bottle.

This isn’t one.

Quite frankly, I think they used far too much Erythritol in this…the sweetness is simply overpowering.

Dudes, it’s water with pear apple flavor. And vitamins. The only reason not to make this all-natural is to make it cheaper…it could so easily be made all-natural.

If it were kool-aid, it would be one thing, but promoting it as healthy when it has detrimental ingredients is odd to me.

It has nutrients…it hydrates…but label readers will feel taken aback.

SadeBigfoot, TX