SoBe Lifewater Pacific Coconut with Coconut Water, 20 oz.


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Coconut Jolly Rancher drink – Yuck

Anyone that likes this must have never had coconut water. Imagine a lovely chilled chunk of watermelon on a hot day, nice and refreshing and slightly sweet – real, fresh coconut water is like that. Now take a watermelon jolly rancher, drop it in a water bottle, and let it dissolve for a while – that’s what Sobe Coconut Water drink is like, just with a sickly sweet coconut taste. To be fair, it says it’s “with” coconut water but I think they decided they could cut cost by adding artificial flavors. Save your money and go to your local asian supermarket and under a $1 a pop, you can find a brand that suites your dietary needs and taste buds.
LaureneCayce, SC

disgusting artificial flavor

this stuff tastes NOTHING at all like real coconut water. it has a weird tangy, fake coconut taste. the reviewer who called it the “jolly rancher” of coconut water drinks was accurate. it was absolutely disgusting. i didn’t even finish the bottle. yuck!
YoungHope, MI

The taste was AWFUL!

I bought this thinking that I would be getting a scaled down version of real coconut water, boy was I wrong! What I got was a very sweet, artificial flavored coconut drink that left me feeling as those I had just drank Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil! I still get a little queasy thinking about it. I am a big fan of Sobe drinks but this one missed the mark by a mile!
AndrewBlossom, TX

Horrible taste!

First let me clear two things:
1. I like pure coconut water, and coconut products in general
2. This is not about the price

This was the worst tasting drink I’ve had in recent times. It has a very strong artificial coconut flavor which almost makes you gag. If you have had real coconut water, this is nothing like it, but has more of cheap coconut rum flavor. It has an after taste like a dried out coconut that has gone bad. It also has regular sugar as well as a stevia extract which probably makes it overly sweet with a bitter aftertaste. There is nothing right with this drink. Save your money and pick something else.

CheriRoseland, NE


The taste reminds me of when you accidentally drink pool-water. Coconut water is a pure, healthy, hydrating beverage that is good for you. SoBE has ruined it with artificial flavors and sweeteners. I am insanely disappointed at this product =(
TimBurnt Hills, NY

Tastes like a pina colada, not a sports drink

This tastes like artificial coconut flavor, like you would get in a pina colada mix or coconut candy. Real coconut is very mild and subtle and does not taste like this. This product is overly sweet and the taste was not at all like the coconut waters I’ve had from Vita Coco, Zico, or canned ones from Asia. There’s only 10% coconut water in here, from concentrate. The rest is water, sugar, stevia, and some other ingredients like potassium chloride and gum arabic. Fortunately, all of it’s natural.

Unlike real coconut water, you also don’t get any of the potassium kick. It’s only 5% of your daily value. I got this at my local drugstore for less than $1. Don’t order it from the current seller. That price is ridiculous.

Glad I tried it once, but won’t be buying this again.

DariusTillery, NC

Not worth it

Product contains 10% coconut water which cannot be tasted due to the failed attempt to accentuate the flavor with a few of the added ingredients (namely gum arabic and stevia extract). The flavor is not refreshing and has a more rosy taste than the usual quenching taste of coconut water.
HildeJustice, IL


(This is being said at the 114.99 price point…)
I’m gonna go ahead and agree with all the rest of the reviewers that the price is ridonkulous. I got a bottle for 99 cents at kroger.

I am going to have to disagree with the reviewers on the taste. They all enjoyed the flavor, so they must not drink real coconut water. Just a warning to those of us who do, don’t get this even if the price drops down to the more reasonalbe 20-ish dollars per pack. I bought this and did note that is said coconut water “beverage”…, still I thought for less than half the price I pay for coconut water that doesn’t need to be labeled as a beverage, I could stand to have a somewhat diluted product.

Was totally not expecting it to taste exactly like something I would pay two to four dollars for. And still, at the first sip, my gag reflex kicked in.

Caution: This stuff is sweeter than your lucky charms from your childhood after you donated all the cereal parts to the dog and doused the already overly sweet marshmellows in gallons of sugar. Without all the sweetness, the flavor itself may have been satisfactory. I say may have been, because other than what had to be the entire sugar supply for the western United States, I couldn’t really taste anything.

MaryjaneFranklin, VT


Although the product itself is good, and has a great flavor; if you actually paid $114 for this 24 pack…Well i just don’t know what to say to you. I mean REALLY???? $4.75 a bottle? Just go to your local gas station, like i did, and buy it for $1.50. Just nuts.
EmeldaMasonville, IA

5.00 / Bottle – Really!?!?!

This is by far my favorite flavor of Sobe’s waters but what is up with this price? Is anyone purchasing this at these prices? REALLY!!!
CaylaLangeloth, PA

Great taste

I love this new Sobe flavor and would love to have the opportunity to buy by the case…however this price is unacceptable. Where’s the value in this offer.
RonnieElizabethtown, PA

So good!

This is the best SoBe yet! It’s so refreshing, not too sweet!
I don’t get this price though!!?? $139 for 24 bottles? I’m confused. I got a bottle for $1.
MaisiePaxton, NE

Delicious SoBe, Ridiculous Price

This stuff is pretty good considering it’s not true coconut water but a sugary, natural mystery flavor “coconut water beverage.” I am a fan of natural coconut water, and this is a tasty candy coated variation that makes a nice treat. It’s good, but not $4.79 a bottle good. Even organic, fair trade, macrobiotic, super magical coconut water horn-picked by unicorns and poured by the tiny hands of endangered squirrel monkeys, sold at the overpriced trendy boutique health food store is less than $4.79 a bottle. Not sure who came up with the pricing here, but my local Mass Retailer store has it on sale for $0.80 a bottle at the moment, so I’ll probably just continue to buy it there instead.
KeshaPedro Bay, AK

Great Product but this price??

I tried this product when I was in Florida on vacation, very tasty, slightly sweet ,nice coconut flavor. Wonderfully refreshing, I loved it. However $139.99 for 24 bottles? That is $5.83/bottle Definitly not a good deal.
JessiaAllen, NE


i came across this a month or so ago at walmart and loved it!! $1 a bottle at walmart, maybe $1.25 at reasors (local grocery store) so i was appalled that this person is trying to sell 24 bottles for $114.99!! i really don’t think they need to make $90 profit on a case of beverages. back to the drink itself, it’s a nice light coconut flavor – definitely not to be confused with coconut milk.
AllenaMinster, OH

Good taste, bad price

Yes, I love this Sobe Coconut life water. It’s slightly sweetened with great coconut flavor. $115.00 a case? Are you kidding? That’s almost $5.00 a bottle. I can get them for $1.00. Good product, bad price. I will choose the $1.00 bottle.
JacqulineSpeculator, NY

My view in a Coconut!

So I bought this wanting to try it, I cracked it open and at first taste I was at the “This is mediocre” stage. However, after buying another I have to say I think this tastes pretty good a bit sweet, but I will get into that later.

Those saying it tastes like diluted Coconut Water, well obviously if you would actually read the bottle it contains: 10% Coconut Water… Not only that, it’s concentrated and guess what it’s printed right on the bottle! No way you say? Yes way, read folks your concept and debate went out the window comparing it to 100% REAL coconut water.



*Contains Sodium, Potassium and Sea Salt all three are a huge plus ^_^. These 3 act as electrolytes which we all know by now, help you stay hydrated! Even drinking a ton of water throughout the day I still feel a bit dehydrated. After drinking 1 bottle of this I feel satisfied battling dehydration to nothing!

*Introduces you to Coconut Water! (I myself am one of those people who likes to get the real thing after experiencing a diluted form of said beverage or food.)


*It is sweet, it has about 5 Tablespoons of Sugar and Stevia Extract making the flavor come out more than usual. Unfortunately I have to ding a star for this as well, it does taste sweet as people have already stated and I feel they could minimize the sweetness if they lowered the amount of overall sugar. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so really the use of sugar should be pretty low.


To sum it all up, if you want something that tastes of coconut and keeps you hydrated go for this. In my opinion it tastes good!

KatelynMidland Park, NJ

Great Taste!

This is by far my fav water but DO NOT buy here…this price is outrageous…you can get it at WalMart for 1$ each. I cant believe they expect to sell any at the price they have listed…thats a joke…..LOL
PeggyHomerville, GA

Great taste but this price is ridiculous!

This is my favorite Sobe and so refreshing on a hot summer day. Love it! I buy it for $1.02 a bottle at my local Target so don’t know what’s up with this price. I hope it’s a typo!
LucreciaWarba, MN