SodaStream Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy Drink Syrup, 500mL

SodaStream soda mixes let you add new flavors to your repertoire for parties, dinners and other gatherings. When used as directed, these economy-sized syrup bottles make 12 liters of soda (about 33 cans). Be able to create your favorite flavor of fresh, fizzy soda in minutes from our large collection of regular and diet sodas, as well as energy drinks, teas, natural cane sugar flavors and even your favorite brands of soft drinks! For longest shelf life, please keep tightly closed and keep in a cool, dry place.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Bottle contains 500 mL of flavor syrup
  • Use with SodaStream soda makers and carbonating bottles
  • Makes 12 liters (or 33 cans) of soda
  • Economical size is a better value than bottled soda
  • Explore the ever-expanding selection of SodaStream flavors

Top reviews


The SodaStream Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy has to be my new favorite energy beverage. Compared to canned energy drinks, it pays off to make your own with SodaStream. I’ve been using the SodaStream Red Bull knockoff until I tasted this. It tastes like a slightly tangy strawberry Fanta and it doesn’t have the bad aftertaste that comes with most energy drinks. Looking at the ingredients, the only energy ingredient I see is caffeine, which probably explains why it doesn’t have the aftertaste (no taurine).
DaphneSevern, MD