SodaStream Natural Root Beer Syrup, 750mL

Made from cane sugar and other all-natural ingredients, new SodaStream Sparkling Naturals make great-tasting “better for you” sodas. These contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners and do not contain any preservatives, making them a perfect, sparkling, natural soda alternative for the entire family. When used as directed, these economy-sized syrup bottles make 6 liters of soda (about 16 cans). Be able to create your favorite flavor of fresh, fizzy soda in minutes from our large collection of regular and diet sodas, as well as energy drinks, teas, natural cane sugar flavors and even your favorite brands of soft drinks. For longest shelf life, please keep tightly closed and keep in a cool, dry place.

Quick facts

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  • Bottle contains 750 mL of flavor syrup
  • Use with SodaStream soda makers and carbonating bottles
  • Makes 6 liters (or 16 cans) of soda
  • Economical size is a better value than bottled soda
  • Explore the ever-expanding selection of SodaStream flavors

Top reviews

Terrible Root Beer

I was pretty excited to see this product recently at a local store, because I like root beer quite a bit. My wife and I greatly enjoy our Soda Stream machine, and have been fairly satisfied with most of the syrups that we have purchased, but we do prefer sugar sweetened drinks to ones that include Sucralose, which all of the standard soda stream flavors have.

Having said all of that, I regret buying this flavor.

This syrup has a weak taste. Even adding more syrup does not help. Additionally I can’t taste any of the hints of nutmeg, allspice, or other spicy flavors that a good root beer should have. I happened to look at the label and see that the product was developed in Israel. Maybe they should have had some Americans help them develop the flavor since apparently the nice folks in Israel don’t know what root beer is supposed to taste like. I have sampled literally dozens of different root beers over the years, including many of the boutique ones that are sweetened with cane sugar. This one ranks on the bottom as far as I am concerned.

They should reformulate it.

It’s also worth noting that the dispenser cap is of a particular awful design for pouring the large amount of syrup needed into the Soda Stream carbonator bottle. Would it kill soda stream to develop a bottle that had a built in spout on the cap for easier dispensing of the product?

Also, considering that you get only the equivalent of about 18 12 ounce “cans” worth of product in this $10 bottle it is questionable if you are really saving anything over buying decent quality product at your local grocer. Whole Foods for example has a really good quality root beer that is sweetened with cane sugar, tastes 100X better than this one and costs about $3.99 for a six pack.

VerdaFoley, MN

Root beer? It could use some reformulation.

I’ve tried the original Splenda version of this syrup, and it did taste like root beer, even if it did have an odd aftertaste.

Sadly, I can’t say the same of the finished product with the Sparkling Natural root beer syrup. I’ve made multiple batches using filtered water, using syrup to the fill line of the cap and beyond – and it still ends up tasting like tea.

Yes, you can taste a hint of root beer in all of that tea flavor, but on the whole it is a weak one. I can’t say if it’s the carmelized sugar that’s throwing off the taste, or if they just didn’t get the proportions right for the flavoring, but this is a syrup I’ll have to pass on in the future.

But who knows, SodaStream could have a new winner on its hands – carbonated herbal tea.

CameronJohnson, VT

Natural soda, no-artifical taste and no aftertaste!

I love my Sodastream and primarily use it to create sparkly water or flavored water with the unsweetened, all-natural essences. But sometimes a girl wants a bit more flavor.

Enter Root Beer Natural.

To start, it’s made from cane sugar; which I prefer to corn syrup or Splenda and it doesn’t have any additional artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. As previously mentioned, the root beer taste is not knock-you-over intense, but with the Sodastream, I can adjust it to the exact water/flavor mix I want! If you’re looking for a very strong root beer taste, I’d recommend Virgil or Boylan. They’re sold in bottles and are both VERY strong!

Second, each 750ml bottle will make 6 liters (approximately 25 8-oz servings) of all-natural soda. At $15, this is far cheaper than the other natural sodas you find at the store (Blue Sky, Thomas Kemper, Hansen, etc).

I prefer this natural root beer to the other soda flavors I’ve tried from Sodastream and will buy it again!

MelvinMoorhead, IA

Great to me..

I tried this rootbeer flavor not expecting much. I was surprised to taste that it was much better than I thought. It was foamy and pleasant tasting and to me is much better than the common stuff you buy in cans, which mostly comes kind of flat. I will never buy cans of rootbeer anymore.

Is it as good as the “gourmet” craft types you find in the glass bottles etc? No, but it is a great alternative to the mainstream cans you get filled with crappy HFCS, and you can fizz it up more than those (I am kind of a fizz fiend!)for a foamy fizzy treat.

I do have to disclose that I am using the “crystal” Sodastream version which has smaller, glass bottles. This results in the flavor being plenty strong enough. With the larger plastic bottle versions the flavor may be weak as some said, I don’t know. I suggest to try it at least once, and try to make as strong as possible if you have the larger bottle Sodastream unit.

NerissaMarlton, NJ

It taste OK, dont expect it to be like craft brew beer

You need to add enough syrup to have the right flavor. The flavor is decent and nothing is offending in the ingredient list. It has fructose, not high fructose corn syrup. They are different. If you crave for root beer sometimes, this will work… I still will buy small batch brewed all-sugar root beer when I see them in store.
HaGreensboro, MD

BEST flavor soda stream offers

I had already tried this before buying it my whole family loves this! it is really good if you like RootBeer you have to try this! Its better then any rootbeer I’ve ever bought in the store!
ValorieBoxborough, MA

root beer

I saw the poor reviews, and thought people are complaining about the price and not the actual product. Because its not cheap.
But the actual product isnt too bad. For the cost, I more then likely would not buy it again. I was cracking up when some people say it taste like tea… I like tea, and have drank mostly brewed teas, and this taste nothing like a brewed tea. Maybe one of the canned teas.
But to me Its not bad, better then the splenda version. if I got the same yield per bottle I would consider getting it again, even though it would be 2x the cost.
And yes its a pain to keep it in the fridge, fill the big cap to full and try to pour it into the soda stream bottle without spilling it, and trying to pour slowly so it wont fizz over. So cost and convenience are not gonna cut it for this product.
But the taste isnt too bad.
JungMadison, OH

Decent Root Beer (Add More Syrup!)

I agree with the previous reviewer who mentioned that you must add more syrup than recommended to achieve a good root beer taste. At first, I thought this syrup was disgusting. There seemed to be a watered down “tea” taste to the product as another reviewer had stated. I decided to add more syrup as recommended and surprisingly the taste improved. Not the best root beer I have ever had, but certainly as good as some of the popular brands at the grocery store. And much much much better than the normal sodastream root beer flavor that had that awful splenda aftertaste.
CarmeloAstatula, FL

Better than I thought it would be (be sure to add enough syrup)

Been waiting for this product to come along. The previous versions with all of the artificial sweeteners did not interest me at all. We have the SodaStream with the glass bottles, which hold less fluid, and so I think we get more intense flavor than other reviewers because we are adding more syrup per ounce of water when we add a full cup of the syrup. I actually think it tastes very much like root beer, and will purchase this product again.
ShylaCutler, CA

Not very tasty product

i love soda and love root beer i have been excited about the soda stream for a while and recieved it for fathers day. the root beer was not very good. i dont think it could have tasted worse and still been root beer.
ColtonBiddle, MT