Sojos Complete Raw Natural Dry Dog Food Mix

Homemade Dog Food Made Easy.

Quick facts

  • RAW MADE EASY: Just add water and let soak to create a complete meal, made with real freeze-dried turkey, made with a melticulous quality and safety standard
  • MAKE MORE: An 8 pound bag of Sojos rehydrates to 40 lbs of fresh, raw food for your dog to enjoy
  • ALL NATURAL: Contains only premium, all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives
  • MADE IN USA: Sojos uses small batch baking and is proudly made in the USA
  • SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Hassle-free way to save 5% and always keep your pantry stocked
  • Just add water
  • All human-quality ingredients.
  • Nothing artificial. No by-products.
  • Our first mix that comes with meat already in the bag
  • USDA Turkey

Top reviews

No more “stinkies”

I initially ordered Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix to eliminate our French Bulldog puppy Boogie’s “stinkies”. Post research my boyfriend read that raw diet is the solution to “stinkies”. Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix is all natural, convenient and smells flavorful. Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix is fresh and usually born within the same month of purchase. I regret the lack of transition from Solid Gold Just A Wee Bit to Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix for my two year old Dachshund Frankie. Frankie ate Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix for a couple of days and then completely stopped. I currently purchase Solid Gold Just A Wee Bit for Frankie. Boogie’s “stinkies” are eliminated.
JimBelgrade, ME

Not a patch on the sojos grain free add meat!

Sadly for me and the time i spend cooking ground turkey for my little darlings, they really didn’t like the Sojos complete food. They love the add meat variety (LOVE LOVE LOVE) but this- they ate when they were starving, but otherwise ignored. I wish they loved it it would be so much easier! They are little yorkies – perhaps it’s a breed thing.
ClintCoila, MS

A Fair Test with 3 Dogs – warning graphic poop talk

After transitioning from Natural Balance Duck and Potato, we’ve gone through several bags of Sojo’s Turkey over the course of several months, so I feel I can write a fair review.

Our dogs are small poodle mixes, rescue dogs, weighing 10 lb., 10 lb. and 7 lb. We follow the Sojo instructions mixing water to food in the recommended 2:1 ratio. We feed twice a day. I’ve spoken to customer service a few times with questions and they’ve been super nice, although they didn’t always have helpful answers.

Impressions: The food smells great (even to me!) and the dogs go bonkers for it. They love every bite.
Sojo’s has variable consistency – some bags were a powdery consistency – creating a mush when mixed with water. These are the best bags – everything becomes part of the thick mush.
Other bags have big chopped pieces of veggies/meat – these are not my favorite bags. The added water hydrates the pieces and then creates a ton of watery gravy – too much fluid to feed the dogs.

After a month our dogs each lost a pound of body weight. They had no body fat to lose so it was a bit distressing. They warn that fat/weight will come off a dog after switching to Sojo’s and then an appropriate amount of weight will be gained back. Our dogs never gained it back. I was feeding the amount recommended for dogs up to 12 lbs (which should be more than enough food for our pups).

Despite this, for an hour or two before each meal time all three pups were clearly in distress – shaking, quivering, starving. This went on for many weeks before I decided there is something lacking in this food. (I didn’t know if this was excitement for the yummy food or actual weakness/lack of energy, so I gave it some time.) I even tried feeding more than the 12 lb. dog amount – enough to supposedly sustain a much bigger dog – and still they were quivering and weak (and our dog food budget was taking a big hit).

I have slowly transitioned them back to a mix of Sojo’s and Natural Balance (ratio of 2:1). Now our pups are happy again, they aren’t shaking and panicked at meal time.

The claim that dogs will have better teeth and better breath… Sojo’s breath does seem a bit nicer (due to the parsley I assume) but their teeth were not cleaner. I imagine a professional cleaning plus feeding Sojo’s exclusively might result in teeth staying cleaner. Feeding this food doesn’t change the current cleanliness of their teeth (though their customer service rep tried to spin it this way).

Sojo’s has high water content so our dogs urinated constantly. That’s a good thing for their kidneys, but a bad thing for our little guy who can’t hold his pee. He had a million accidents while on Sojo’s.

Sojo’s has high fiber content so our dogs became poop machines. Non-stop poop makers. This is good for their anal glands, but it really gave me and our septic system a run for its money (we dispose of their feces in the toilet). Tell-tale was the comment by our groomer when we picked up our little 7 pounder: “He did a human size poop. How did he have all that in him?” Exactly. That’s Sojo’s.

And the worst, most telling, example that Sojo’s didn’t provide adequate nutrition… About 4 hours after eating, our little guy would go out to the dog yard and chew on old Sojo’s poop. There are visible bits of undigested veggies in Sojo’s poop and he would pick them apart and eat them. He was starving. Now that Natural Balance is mixed into his meals he no longer eats poop. He’s happy and content. [Only on an all-Sojo’s diet did he have this pica behavior. The veggie bits are still in the feces, but he has no interest and no need to eat them. Another spin from customer service: “The dogs love Sojo’s so much I’ve heard they will eat the poop.” Now we know the pica behavior is driven by hunger, not passion.]

I equate Sojo’s to the old saying about eating Chinese food “two hours later, you’re hungry”.

In any case, I think we’re all very happy now with the mix of food. They have lots of yummy veggies, some turkey and the kibble that sustains them. I wish Sojo’s was enough, but it’s not. I’m glad to have found a solution without giving up Sojo’s altogether. And so are our dogs.

JonasElectric City, WA

Great products like all Sojo’s products.

I have used other Sojos premixes and decided to try this one as it already has the protein in it. This would save me time from cooking eggs or preparing other proteins. My dogs took to it right away and love it.

I make a 3 day batch and keep it in the fridge and I usually put it over some rice and make it like a stew. Adding rice can also help keep the cost down and stretch it a little as it can get expensive if feeding to multiple dogs like I do.

JonnieDelmar, MD

Fantastic, Healthy for Happy Dogs

I have been a customer of Sojo Farms for years…when they came out with the Complete Dog Food…I was elated and our Dogs love it! Even my cat loves the pieces of turkey!
ErasmoGenesee, ID

Sojos Complete dehydrated raw dog food

I have a 7 year old Australian Shepherd who thrives on this food. She never has health problems and eats this food with gusto, especially when compared to kibble (wouldn’t you?) I typically make enough food for 3 or 4 days and store it in a lock and lock container in the fridge. I’ve always had an interest in feeding raw (and do occasionally give a turkey or chicken neck) but I also travel a lot and needed something I could bring along easily.
She had previously been eating a super premium kibble, but I like the idea of real unprocessed food so much more. The benefits are undeniable.
I am shocked to hear that several reviewers are supplementing with rice. This is a grain FREE food, as dogs are not really meant to eat/digest grains. It being grain free is what makes it so costly. The Honest Kitchen makes similar canine diets with grains for what I consider to be significantly less cost. If I wanted my Sojos to go a little farther I’d probably add egg or some raw ground meat.
The 8lb bag lasts her around 6 weeks, which is about how long the 28.6lb bag of super premium kibble she was previously eating lasted (and for around the same price).
Thanks to Amazon for the always-perfect service. I love being able to order this food with expedited shipping to my door for less than the price of buying it in store.
VirgenWagarville, AL

Terrific Product!

I bought this for a road trip across the crountry and back. My dogs are raw fed and this seemed the closest to what I made at home. We spent 15 days on the road and our four dogs enjoyed every meal the entire trip. They ate the food with gusto and had totally normal poops the entire trip. I used ziploc bags to fix a meal ahead (they eat twice daily) and stored the soaking food in our ice chest. Now I use this food for weekend trips and have some stashed in our disaster kit.
JocelynGardiner, NY

Best food ever

I have to say that this is the best food available. My puppy had been having dandruff and a dull coat on a diet of high quality, corn free kibble. Her coat was shiny and flake free within 24 hours of starting this diet, and she loves it (thats not saying much because she’ll eat anything though). I ate some myself and it is pretty good. It feels good feeding a food that is actually FOOD, not mystery brown chunks. It is pricey, I feed it along with a homemade raw meat/veggie deal, but it is great for traveling.

I really wish it was more affordable so we could feed it to large dogs (we have two 90lb+ dogs). Check out Grandma Lucy’s for a comparable product that is slightly cheaper. (10lbs for the price of 8lbs of sojos).

ChristeneFork, MD

Amazing Dog Food for Amazing Dogs!

I have been searching for the best food to feed my two small dogs: One is a rescue Maltese/Havanese mix, 7 pounds, one and a half years old; the other a 13 year old Bichon. Did not want to make the commitment to the raw diet. This is the next best thing. There are other dehydrated dog foods on the market, but this one actually is chunks of the food. Others have been ground up to the consistency of oatmeal. My dogs love, love, love this food. I have needed to contact the customer service department a few times. A human always answers the phone and they have always answered my questions in a very polite and knowledgeable manner. My search for the best food for my “babies” is over. And, as I have told friends, if worse comes to worse, my husband and I can always eat this!!! It looks and smells that good. I know it is expensive. I have two small dogs, so it isn’t terrible.
TerraUpsala, MN

Amazing transformation for allergic golden

I’ve been feeding my nine year-old golden retriever Sojos for the past eight weeks (nine weeks if you include the transition period). He’s had so many positive changes that I wanted to write a review. In the interest of fair disclosure, I have also added the following supplements to Teddy’s food (starting at the same time I started Sojos): apple cider vinegar, salmon oil, a probiotic, and Dr. Pritcairn’s “Healthy Powder” (nutritional yeast, lecithin granules, kelp powder, bone meal and vitamin C). Given that the biggest change was the food, I’m giving most of the credit to Sojos, although I do believe the supplements are helping. Here are the changes I’ve noticed:

1. Minimal evidence of allergies. Teddy has been highly allergic to pollens since he was tested at 18 months old. I now believe he’s also been allergic to some grains. He has been on extremely expensive allergy pills and shots for years, which I’ve been able to discontinue with no trouble. He has also been highly susceptible to nasty hot spots in the last few years (three occurrences in the last 8 months alone) and regularly had eye and ear infections. He would also lick and chew his paws like crazy every day, to the point of tearing his paw pads. I haven’t seen him lick his paws for two weeks, the fur between the paw pads are no longer stained with saliva, and his ears are a nice flesh color (instead of their usual bright pink color). I am so happy to see him comfortable, for once!

2. Awesome weight loss. In July he was 87 lbs (typical weight for him), but today (October 1st) he weighed 73 lbs (!!!!) when I took him to the groomer. His highest weight was over 90 lbs.

3. Increased energy and mobility. He has started acting more like a puppy again–zipping around the backyard like he’s chasing some imaginary animal. :- He was diagnosed with arthritis in one of his front elbows last December and has been on strong pain meds (he couldn’t tolerate the NSAIDs). I’ve dropped his pain meds to half the original dose and he’s hopping up into our SUV with ease.

4. Fewer eye “goobers” and cleaner teeth.

5. Improved digestion and elimination. No more rumbling stomach or stinky bombs. Virtually no pee burn-stains on the lawn. His poops are half the size, firm instead of runny, and have 80% less smell. What’s not to like about that?! LOL

I love the convenience of the Sojos Complete and plan to try the beef flavor soon. I’ve been very reluctant to try any variation of a raw diet for Teddy because I’m a vegetarian, so I *really* appreciate not having to prepare raw meat! Although I initially purchased Sojos from Amazon, I have found it $18 cheaper per bag elsewhere. It’s not cheap to feed a large dog, but I am saving so much money in reduced vet visits and other medications (not to mention a happy, healthy dog), that the extra cost is well worth it! Teddy eats his food with gusto, instead of begrudgingly. I love my “new” happy, healthy dog!

UPDATE 3/14/12: Teddy (who just turned 10) is now down to a healthy 61 lbs and is still doing very well. He did have another small hot spot on his tail two months ago, but otherwise his allergies are still well under control, he has tons of energy, and we’re thrilled with the weight loss. I’ve used the beef flavor on occasion to mix things up, but Teddy’s preference seems to be for the turkey. I do hope Sojos will continue to come out with new varieties of the complete mixes.

CherieHiram, GA

Search for the perfect food is over! Yay!

I have two yorkies and a maltese and sojo’s complete has been a gift! I had wanted to feed a raw diet for some time, but couldn’t commit to work involved… my “kids” were on natural balance and loved it until the manufacturer changed the formula, then they wouldn’t touch it! that was when i did some research and found sojo’s complete… they immediately took to it and can NOT wait to eat. I make mine in daily batches since they only eat 1/4 cup twice a day…but it is so quick and so convenient… it literally takes a minute to measure, add water and seal up in a tupperware and refrigerate. they are so much healthier and have a ton more energy. I could not be a happier customer!
KennethElizabeth, IN

Sojos has to be the best smelling dog food ever.

This food is awesome. I have 3 chihuahuas and 2 are fed Sojos complete and one is a puppy who is moving over to it this week. I can’t say enough about this food. First of all, it has a “born on” date right on the bag, easy to see. I have never bought a bag that was more than a month old and when I ordered from Amazon my bag was literally only 1 week old from production. (I was a little worried about that). The food smells like chicken pot pie and sort of looks like it too. My dogs are ridiculously picky to the point of my littlest chi being underweight. I think it was a combination of them waiting for the kids to give them scraps and then they wouldn’t touch their food. I have tried several different brands and cost was irrelevant to me (due to their size, they don’t eat much so it isn’t a factor). I tried one that was a dehydrated raw and it smelled like organs so bad, that I would gag when I put it out. Fortunately for me, the dogs had about the same reaction. They have taken to this food really well and I have noticed that they shed less and have a ton of energy. Poops are fine and truly not as smelly either. My older chi was getting a little chunky and he has slimmed down with this as well as I think being grain free, they are only getting necessary nutrients and not filler. I like that you can actually recognize what the food is versus the pureed type of foods. I truly see no need to look further. I believe in the raw diet but know that there is no way I’m going to be feeding my dogs all those organs, meat, bones etc. I have a hard enough time making dinners for my family. LOL I also mix up a couple of days worth in a twist lock container and just pour it in the bowl. Easy as pie. I highly recommend this food.
HermilaJackson, SC

Amazing results

Had never heard of Sojos before, so I’m glad I happened to stumble across it because my otherwise healthy German Shepherd Dog (± 3 years) had been scratching, licking, sneezing and chewing incessantly for months. By process of elimination we eventually deduced there was probably some sort of allergy involved.

I adopted Jake about six months ago and fed a super-premium breed-specific kibble, which was always accepted and seemingly enjoyed. But the label showed nearly one hundred ingredients, and now I wanted to eliminate as many possible allergens as possible at once, in hope of identifying what Jake was allergic to. That led me to a neighborhood raw pet food store (which I’d frankly always kind of snickered at) and by chance I grabbed a bag of Sojos Complete.

I’ve had similar results as other reviewers. The itching/scratching stopped almost immediately, for the first time in months. Jake had plenty of energy before, but now he actually seems supercharged, almost like he’s on speed. His coat is noticeably softer.

This stuff looks bizarre at first, unlike any kibble or canned food you’ve seen. Kind of like a soupy salad stew. But it actually smells really (I mean *really*) good, and I half-joke that my dog is eating better than I am. Jake woolfs Sojos down, and his poos are consistently normal — not even a problem when I switched to this food cold turkey (no pun).

I’m generally pretty jaded, but I think this stuff is really awesome.

TyishaOvergaard, AZ

Absolutely the best dog food for nutrition and convenience

I began feeding this to my husband’s border collie when we did a 5 day back-country hiking trip last year. We needed something lighter, and more nutritous than kibble. She absolutely loved the food.

Shortly thereafter, we began feeding it to our ancient 16-year-old border collie. About a month after being on the Sojos complete, there were fewer clouds in his eyes, his coat was softer than it had ever been, and, unbelievably, he seemed to have less than half the dementia type episodes he had been experiencing. He also slept better at night.

Up until I fed Sojos, I had been feeding a very high quality organic kibble topped with homemade dog food (cooked chicken, turkey, hamburg, and loads of veggies). The Sojos made an incredible difference – mostly for the old dog. He lived to be 2-weeks shy of his 17th bday.

With 4 active young dogs in the house at the moment, I use Sojos as a topper unless a dog has allergies.

SterlingZellwood, FL

I love this food!

I originally used this when I switched my first dog, Peanut, to home made fresh raw. He loved it and he thrived,then, when I started working, I didn’t have time for all the cutting, pulverizing, supplementing, and storing that fresh raw required, I switch him to Taste of the Wild. I just adopted a neglected Mini Dachshund, Chip, who had a horrible skin infection, dry flaky skin, and dull coat. He had been fed exclusively human scraps, like pizza or chicken nuggets, or bologna. He refused to switch to a healthy dry. So… Im going back to Sojos! It is only a fraction more expnsive per meal than the dry foods I feed, due to smaller required portions, AND i dont have to buy endless cans of stinky canned food just to get Chip to eat, wasting A lot of dry kibble because he would lick the canned off each kibble and hide it! He dug right in to this, and for the convenience and nutrition, I am willing to stay!
LilianaWurtsboro, NY

One Happy Dog!

I bought this food to try with our younger shepherd to save space and weight while backpacking. Strangely, the dog who eats everything didn’t like it (the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars), but the 10 year old shepherd LOVES it. He has never particularly liked any food we’ve tried and has always been underweight. We’ve tried adding all sorts of things to his diet to get him to eat without much success. He now looks forward to meals and cleans his bowl every time. He has been on this food for 3 weeks now and looks very healthy and happy. The food is easy to prepare and takes up very little space.
BertaNorris City, IL

Is SOJOS over rated?

We have two really neat creatures living with us and most people refer to them as dogs. We, of course, want what is best for them and so we have been using SOJOS as part of the diet for them.

In checking the internet, I came across a site which was an independent organization which thoroughly tested and evaluated a whole litany of pet foods. To my surprise, this site rated SOJOS at a 3.5 rating out of a possible 5. The kibble which we had been feeding, and continue to mix with the SOJOS is rated at a 4.0 rating. Although our two creatures like the taste and/or smell of the SOJOS, we are trying to determine if we want to continue to feed them the SOJOS. We want to get the most bang for our buck and are not certain if this gives us that.

What really caught my eye and makes me wonder if we are getting the most bang is wording on the AMAZON site. The larger bag of the Complete with turkey is listed at 8 pounds. Yet, in the description, it says “Shipping weight 7.8 pounds. Which is correct? Are we actually getting 8 pounds of product or 7.8 pounds?

We want what is best for our beloved creatures, but lately there has been a rash of new products and everyone is claiming that theirs is best for our four legged friends so one is going to have to rely on independent testers to assist us in making a prudent decision. At this point, I do not feel that a 3.5 out of 5 really cuts it as top shelve.

RosarioMinatare, NE

Sojos dog food

Received the product quickly. My dogs love this food. When it gets close to dinner/breakfast time they don’t leave me alone.
MellieThayer, KS

Restored my dog’s fur!

I had always fed my 3 year-old german pinscher grain free kibble. Even after switching to other highly rated grain free kibbles, and he had always had a weird skin condition – it was oily but dry at the same time, and he always had a lot of dandruff. Earlier this year, I noticed he was beginning to lose fur. After inspecting his coat closer I saw he was developing a rash under his coat where he was losing fur.

I switched to Sojos Turkey Complete and noticed a dramatic improvement on his skin condition in FIVE DAYS. My boyfriend even noticed. His fur is coming back and is looking so much better now. He also doesn’t smell as much as he used to.

After three weeks his fur has been mostly restored. He’s happier, and I’m happier. Thanks Sojos.

GermaineDell City, TX

good in a pinch

It’s good in a pinch, but it’s much less expensive to just get chicken or turkey and potatoes, carrots and brocolli
and cook once a week for your dog and keep it in the frig.
This stuff does not bulk up as much as they claim. And the food looks like mush.
They only thing that is visually identifiable is these little chunks of turkey.
Having said that, my dogs loved it.
But they love dog food, so that’s not saying much.
AlmetaShipman, VA

Sojo’s for a very allergic dog

I have a 20 month old German Shepherd who has LOTS of allergy problems–I need to feed him a Turkey and Veg mix and have been either making it myself or purchasing a raw mix already prepared. A friend told me about Sojo’s so I bought an 8lb bag to try. It mixes great with the water, looks appetizing, smells good and most important, the dogs LOVE it. Their stools were great (and I did not wean onto it)and it seems to satisfy them. My only issue is knowing the portion of water to food—and I need to know how much of it equals one lb. The feeding guidelines are in cups–recommended amounts. I feed by weight. I thought i had it figured right but i used way too much water so I need to decrease that for the next time I mix it up. Otherwise, loved it.
ZanaLinden, CA


I have tried every type of premium dog food on the market. Literally, but my dogs didn’t like any of them. I’ve been to the holistic vet for suggestions for food, we tried mixing dry/wet we tried homemade dog food, we have tried everything – all with limited success. The only food we can consistently give them that they are excited to eat, from their bowls is fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, etc that the holistic vet suggested we supplement their diet. My dogs have been successfully eating Sojos for the longest period and the health benefits are AMAZING!

I have a schnauzer poodle mix who is now almost two years old. In her short life we’ve visited the vet over 20 times because she has eye problems. She had entropion eyelid surgery because her eyelids rolled in and her eyelashes would scratch her eye (can you imagine living with the feeling that you constantly had hair/eyelashes stuck in your eye?) Then, when visiting the doggy eye-doctor we discovered our sweet girl was not producing ANY tears in one eye and close to none in the other eye. We had to put her on strong eye drops for the rest of her life that would help to make her tear glands produce tears. In addition we were putting in an eye gel to simulate tears in her eyes and moisten her eye ball. I hated giving her the eye drops because of the side effects: when she would smell human food (never dog food) she would salivate and it would drip from her mouth. So I stopped giving the eye drops and started using the eye gel more.

I never considered that her diet and her dry-eye would be related but after I stopped the eye drops we tried Sojos because the girls literally wouldn’t eat their very expensive food we had been purchasing. Amazingly, they ate it every time. Over the next four weeks we noticed that we had to put less and less eye gel into her eyes because her eye did not need them. Her eyes looked healthy and were moist. We took her back to the doggy eye doctor and their test confirmed what we had seen – her eye had started to produce tears by themselves.

I should not be surprised as I suffer from severe allergies know the effects that allergies can have on my body. In taking away the grain and feeding my dogs Sojos, my sweet dog’s allergies have subsided and her eye has improved. I am so grateful she is feeling better and enjoying the food she is eating. I do believe it was a grain that she was allergic to, I don’t think the meat in Sojos made the difference. It is very possible that another grain-free food would have produced the same benefits. I am not going to test this theory as I have been waiting for years to find a successful food for my dogs. I do shout the benefits of going grain-free. If you are trying a different food or trying to decide to make the change, I think it is worth the money to see if it will benefit your dog. I wasn’t expecting it would make the difference that it did and I ECSTATIC about it! I highly recommend going grain-free and think that Sojos is a great option.

NgocBrimfield, IL


We ordered two large bags. The package arrived on time. The dogs are gobbling it up, they are loving it.
LetishaSouth Kent, CT