Sojos Freeze-Dried Raw Dry Dog Food Mix

Homemade Dog Food Made Easy.

Quick facts

  • RAW MADE EASY: You choose the meat you want, mix with water and Sojos carefully crafted recipes, soak for 15 minutes and serve a delicious, raw meal
  • MAKE MORE: A 40 lb bag of Sojos rehydrates up to 192 lbs of homemade food, giving you more for less!
  • ALL NATURAL: Contains only premium all natural ingredients, with no wheat, corn, soy, by-products, filler, perservatives, artifical colors or flavor, added sugar or salt
  • MADE IN USA: Sojos uses small batch baking and is proudly made in the USA
  • SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Hassle-free way to save 5% and always keep your pantry stocked
  • Just add meat & water
  • All human-quality ingredients.
  • Nothing artificial. No by-products.

Top reviews

Caution – poorly balanced nutrition!

Sojo’s diet lacks calcium, and if fed as directed will cause severe metabolic bone disease in your dog. This diet requires supplementation with a balanced calcium/phosphorous additive to be safe.
KariHorseshoe Beach, FL

This food is not unbalanced.

Sojos foods have been tested for nutritional content and they are all formulated to have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1.4:1. You do not need to add calcium or phosphorus.
EverettFielding, UT

Sojos original

I didn’t mean to order a 40-pound bag. But I did. Wow. That’s a lot of food. Be sure to mix it with protein or else you dog will suffer a bit of internal distress.
ModestaOgdensburg, WI

Healthy Alternative to Kibble, Canned or Raw Diets

Actually, Sojo’s strongly recommends that the meat you add to their mixes be raw, but it an be cooked as I choose to do. My dog arrived with coccidia and giardia as a puppy. Through veterinary mismanagement, he was never completely healthy for the first 2 1/2 years of his life. After watching him get sicker on an aggressive course of antibiotics and prednisone for his Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I took him to a holistic veterinarian. Part of his treatment has been a homemade diet of Sojo’s and meat plus no medications. I’m extremely pleased to report he has had no GI episodes in over 6 months and has reached a point where I consider him healthy. His coat is glossy and much fluffier than before he’s finally at a good weight. I have before and after photos that show a dramatic improvement,much of which I credit to Sojo’s.

It does take some extra time to prepare as opposed to kibble, but I make 4 days worth at a time. This takes me about 30 – 40 minutes total which includes down time while the meat is cooking and cleaning up after. To be completely honest, I’m not thrilled about cooking for my dog but I am thrilled with the results. If I was able to feed him raw (perhaps down the road, when our vet gives the ok), preparation time would be almost nothing.

LaviniaHillsboro, TX

Great food

I feed my dogs Sojos as part of a mixed bowl of quality kibble and quality canned food. I recommend Sojos.

But I had a problem with the Amazon purchase. Amazon stored the Sojos bag in the original mailing box Sojos sent them. My order was picked from the shelf and the box containing the Sojos was placed in another box and mailed to me. The bag of Sojos was almost one year old and there was no way Amazon kept track of that. I got a refund from Amazon with no question and very quickly, but Amazon needs to keep control of the “use-by” dates of food they offer on their site.

LeolaLake Cicott, IN

GREAT food

I have three Newfoundlands so we go through a lot of food! One of the dogs has had severe health issues and since we’ve switched from commercial kibble to home made food, he’s thrived! He gets regular blood tests to monitor the drugs he’s on and they have been perfect since we started on Sojos! It will not cure his issues, but he has more energy and he can’t wait for meal time! The other two are glowing with health as well! All three dogs coats are shiny and they have tons of energy (for a Newf!)
LinnMarenisco, MI

Great product if you are willing to do the work

I think this is a great product but my picky dog gets tired of it after a week.
DaniellFairfax, IA

Otto likes it!

My small mixed breed is a picky eater but he seems to like solos so long as I mix it with some good people food. He hasnt had problems digesting it Delivery was prompt as expected.
EmileHartly, DE

picky puppy…

I have a now 8 month old male Shih Tzu. When I brought him home from the breeder, I kept him on the ‘Pro Plan Puppy’ tiny dry kibble until the bag was almost finished. There was about 2 cups left in the bag and he began walking away from his bowl as soon as I put it down. As a test, I rolled a few morsels across the tile floor in the kitchen to see what would happen…he’d eat about 10 pieces and go bring me one of his squeaker toys to play with. (Which I was happy with, as I don’t want to ‘play’ with his food as a game to get him to eat). I went and got him Blue Buffalo dry puppy food (lamb and oatmeal formula), which had bigger size kibbles. It seemed that he liked the bigger sized items to chew on and the harder antioxidant bits, since he was teething and chewing on his dentabones, venison antler, lamb lung chips for comfort. Again when I got down to about a quarter of food left in the bag, he would walk away from the bowl—this went on for almost 3 days. He was still having small bowel movements, urinating, drinking water and playing, running and continuing his successful training exercises; called the vet and they wanted to give me wet venison formula by Science Diet/Veterinarian’s Diet after the exam, which showed nothing physically wrong. The one vet tech said that Shih Tzu’s tend to be picky eaters. I didn’t pick up the food at their check out counter, left and began some of my own research into the breed itself and a more natural diet. I know from some of our outdoor excursions that he’s attracted to road kill (he’ll sniff the air, and want to lunge for it and would probably eat it if left to his own devices…but I won’t allow it). I remember being a kid in the late 60’s early 70’s and all my friends who had dogs fed them 1 of 2 choices available back then: Gravy Train or Alpo and they mixed meat or the drippings from the meat; they ate bones, etc and all lived into their late teens. One of my friends small mutt lived to be 24 years old!!! I never saw these dogs itching or digging at themselves other than the usual ears or if their was a flea problem, since I grew up in a rural area and most often that was a common occurrance. Well, I read up on the more natural diets and decided to get the Sojos and ground beef and some boneless chicken thighs/breasts. My Weston isn’t a big fan of totally raw meat, but when browned (I put it in the toaster oven and add 1/4 tsp of ‘Missing Link’ to the meat portion) with the soaked Sojos Original, he eats with gusto!!! From his early days, I would play with and take his food away, so he’s not food aggressive. He eats the recommended portion for his size and walks away when done. Weston then wants to play hard, train hard, take a nice walk and nap. His coat is soft and easy to keep brushed and groomed. The droppings are nice sized and easy to clean up. I just had him neutered 2 days ago and he ate this Sojos mix with the same gusto (even with the e-collar to challenge him). So I am a fan and we are finished with the second 2.5 lb bag and I just ordered another one. Hope this helps someone with a picky eater; I know another reviewer mentioned their Shih Tzu not liking it, but this shows you that dogs have certain tastes different from each other, much like us humans.
RodneyBishop, GA