Solay Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Salt Soft Vanilla Caramels – 1 LB

Our delicious, award winning natural gourmet caramels are hand poured in Montana, insuring highest quality and freshness. Our soft, vanilla buttery caramel is hand made with a subtle Himalayan sea salt and Celtic sea salted finish that entices the tongue and accentuates the buttery caramel flavor. Soft, sweet, salty and delicious!

Quick facts

  •  The smoothest, creamiest, most exquisite tasting gourmet caramels
  • Hand crafted under the watchful eye of a master caramel chef
  • All natural…there are no artificial colors, flavors and no preservatives
  • The finest Celtic sea salt and fair trade Himalayan salt

Top reviews

Sea Salted Caramels

Solay Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Salt Soft Vanilla Caramels are without a doubt the most incredible, creamy caramel I have ever eaten. I love the added crunch of the sea salt and have tried numerous brands, all ranging from pricey to more pricier. These are worth every cent and are the best I have had. This will be the second time I have ordered the caramels and will continue to do so. I limit myself to one or two a day which is really hard to do, but with the cost I want them to last a little while before having to order again. Try them, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
ElenoraKeaton, KY

Great gift fr caramel lovers.

I have a few family members who are absolutely addicted to caramels, and they both now have a new “favorite”. I had one and the sea salt added in with the caramels is GREAT. Seems I will be buying these agin for christmas and birthdays in the future, and maybe even for myself!
TeressaCuero, TX

Best Caramels

Solay caramels are the most delicious buttery salty & sweet confection I have ever eaten. They are pricey but they are such a treat. Soft and chewy. Makes a great gift when you don’t know what to get someone. This is delicious!
KrisPerry, IL