Solera 77 Vinagre De Jerez Reserve Spanish Sherry Vinegar 250 Ml

Solera 77 Vinagre de Jerez, rare Spanish Sherry Vinegar from Cadiz. 250 ml (8.46 oz) Bottles pack of 2. Imported from Spain

Quick facts

  • Videsan S. L. ~ Spain
  • Vinagre de Jerez
  • Reserve Spanish Vinegar
  • 250ml (8.46 oz) Bottles
  • Pack of 2

Top reviews

Sherry Vinegar Bust

I love sherry vinegar but this product was very harsh and rough tasting. Not at all what I want in a sherry vinegar.
YvetteManson, IA

Superior Vinegar

This is a superior vinegar. Tart and tangy, along the lines of a red wine vinegar but BETTER. It’s incredible in everything from dressings to serving on spinach.
DeliciaKent, WA