Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken – Lamb – 15 lb

Ideal for adult cats and kittens, to maintain total health.

Quick facts

  • Katz-n-Flocken dry cat food formula is ideal for adult cats and kittens, to maintain total health.
  • Made with Lamb, Millet, Amaranth, Barley and Brown Rice.

Top reviews

wrong product shown

the product in the picture is not the Katz-N-Flocken, but the Indigo Moon which is the grain free product. So don’t just go with the picture. I tried to contact the seller twice, but received no response. I’m actually on the phone now with Amazon to resolve the issue.
I can’t attest to the Katz-N-Flocken because I didn’t feed it to my cats. It contains a lot of “junk”, like rice, and barley, which are known to cause food allergies amongst cats, as well as “meal” type of stuff, which is just ground up junk. If you can afford it, please feed your cat whole meat, and not “meal”. That’s why I am upset they send me this junk instead of the Indigo Moon.
ChadMonongahela, PA

package Mishandling?

This is a great product. it seens to have all stuff my vet recommends for a healthy cat. My cats love it and it’s all they will eat.

I have bought this item for three years from a local retailer who stopped handling it. It has always been vaccuum sealed. This shipment arrived with two of the bags not sealed. The externel shipping boxes were not damaged so I must assume they were shipped to me from the retailer in the broken seal condition. I buy in quantity so the vacuum seal is important to me.

Jimmy Gaulden
Shelbyville, TN

GinaNew Geneva, PA

Great ingredients but made my kitty vomit?

I only had a sample of this, and Chicken Soup for the Soul- Light. Kitties love CSS-Light, and did well. I tried the Katz-N-Flocken and I came home to two huge piles of cat food vomit. I mixed their current food with this just as I did with the other. Maybe I switched them to this too quickly after trying the CSS. Oh well, I am not going to try this again unless I have to. The rest of the sample goes into the trash.
3 Stars because the ingredients are really great.. but minus two for it causing a pukey kitty.
PollyCamanche, IA

4 Cats Adore this!!

I have 4 beautiful cats and why are they so beautiful? Lilly, Jimminee, Jazzmeen and Hollee have been eating Katz-n-Flocken All Life Stages Cat food since they were kittens. My Vets remark about their beautifully full and shiny coats and always ask me what I feed them. I am a fan of this cat food, but more importantly, my cats are in love with the taste!!!
TracieOshtemo, MI

Best cat food ever!

This cat food is great! My cat LOVES it. It’s appropriate for all ages, kitten to senior. It has the best ingredients, no by-products, no “junk.” My cats coat is beautiful! Less shedding, shiny coat, less waste, more energy, better teeth..I can go on and on! Try it for your cat, it’s the best!
LouiseRocky Comfort, MO

Really great catfood

My cats eat this and one pouch of Whiskas Purrfectly fish everyday and they are so healthy. Every annual vet visit I go to the doctor says my cats are super healthy and they can always tell by their coats. I recommend this food to any cat owner and if you have a dog you should try their dog food too.
DanelleMarquette, KS

Great Choice

Up to the arrival of our third cat, I had always been sold on Wellness brand products. They were pricey, sure, but I got the guarantee of human-grade meats and careful production that tends to be sloppily handled by lower-end brands and producers. However, it soon became clear that, between the dog’s food and my cats’, we were rapidly reaching an untenable position in terms of financing the food bill. I needed to find something a bit more cost effective, and Solid Gold was the answer.

I had seen the packaging in stores before, and it was always a “maybe next time” afterthought as I hauled another big bag of food to the register. The somewhat gaudy purple packaging (for some reason they have a picture of Indigo Moon) had always turned me away in favor of the more muted tones of several other companies. But, no longer having those options available, I finally gave the brand serious consideration. The ingredient list is pretty good, primarily chicken meal, lamb, and barley. I’ll hardly say this is ideal–barley is believed to possibly be an allergen, dry foods’ carbohydrate levels are almost as a rule too high for our specialized carnivore friends, and there is a small faction of people who believe meat meals to be of inferior quality–but at the same time, it stacked up pretty well pound to pound with my old foods, and with a similar ingredient list. It was also notably cheaper, however. I bought it, and my cats were immediately made fans. My male cat is much pickier than his female companion, but he was more than happy to chow down.

**I was going to leave the review as stated, but I have found out something that may be troubling to fellow pet owners. Solid Gold apparently lets its production be handled by Diamond, which, as I’m sure you know, has had multiple screw ups over the years, including the salmonella outbreak in their Taste of the Wild dog foods. I’m letting my review stand as is as I haven’t had any problems healthwise with either myself or my pets, but if you are a person who boycotts food produced by Diamond, then you may want to look elsewhere. When money perks back up, I might do so.

RoyceMaple Plain, MN

By far the best cat food out there

switched from natural balance alpha cat formula which i thought was real nice, but only a week or two after the switch, i noticed higher energy levels and a much better looking, shinier coat. highly recommend, your cats will love it.
ClarettaFrenchglen, OR