Sonoran Spice Ghost Pepper Powder 1.5 Oz

Try the wonderful taste and burn of our world famous Ghost Pepper Powder. Made from one of the hottest peppers in the world, it will make any dish into a fire lovers delight. Mix a teaspoon into ranch dip and it becomes a dip everyone will love. Add a bit more for those friends and family who think they can handle the heat and watch them beg you for a glass of milk just to soothe their pain. It is excellent on the grill as well, simply add a dash to chicken, steak, pork and more. Our Ghost Pepper Powder will not disappoint you and it is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee! Our Ghost Pepper Powder 1.5 oz comes in a professionally packaged and sealed, spice jar with a sifter top for your safety and enjoyment.

Quick facts

  • Up to 4 times hotter than a Habanero
  • Naturally Gluten Free and FDA Inspected
  • Over 1 Million Scoville Units
  • Ships in 2 business days or less
  • 100% Pure Ghost Pepper and Non-Smoked

Top reviews

Out of Control

As advertised, this powder is exceptionally powerful. A little bit…and I mean about two very gentle shakes of the container…into a pot of baked beans and franks overspiced the concoction even by my maniacal standards. Worse yet, it introduced a taste that I might describe as gunpowder but in any case was somewhere within the realm of acrid. I had hoped that, with more power, one could get the heat with almost no taste influence.

But the biggest problem was the container. There is no easy way to control delivery to a single portion. I bought this product because I couldn’t find the one I love, whose name I no longer know, which is granular and comes in a container with a grinder.

I will have to throw this away before it destroys a meal or hurts someone.

EarlineViola, WI


More. Please.

Finally, a solution to my problems! I can put this powder into a little pill container and place it in my purse for instant spice action. So awesome. Carrying hotsauce in my purse was just too burdensome and most of them should be refrigerated anyhow. Rock on.

JanetEnsenada, PR

Amazing service! LOVE

I got this item in just 3 days after placing my order!! My dad is gonna love it and i will be definitely buying with them again! Great service!! Thank you!!1
CamieClarington, OH

Somewhat hot.

I guess I have a high heat tolerance, because this only seemed maybe two or three times as hot as a grocery store habanero. (according to scoville rating, the weaker grocery store habaneros are about ten times less than this, the red savina which I have never tried is supposed to be three times hotter)
That isn’t why I’m giving this only three stars though.

First off the taste – it was terrible. I haven’t tried the peppers themselves yet, but the powder tastes awful I’ve tried it with soup and chips, and it worked slightly better with chips – and made my soup taste bad. It’s a bit hard to describe – bitter and dry I guess would be the best way to describe it. Not sweet like I expected… I have heard ghost peppers have a somewhat similar sweet taste to the habanero. In this powder though I don’t taste that at all.

Second this stuff is very… dust like.
you have to be very careful pouring it, because it is ground so fine that it gets into the air easier than anything I’ve ever seen. Fortunately when I breathe it in, it doesn’t really burn – I guess it’s just to small and insignificant of an amount to do that, but it does make me cough a lot.

I’ll update the review a bit more once I try out the peppers themselves, even though they are a bonus.

Edit: I got around to trying the peppers themselves, and the taste was similar. Perhaps I just don’t like the taste of these peppers. I definitely would not call them sweet tasting at all though.

RobenaWrightsboro, TX

Spectacular Flavor!

Since receiving my Jolokia powder (with very fast shipping), it has quickly become my favorite spice. The flavor is very reminiscent of Cayenne pepper, except that the Jolokia powder has more flavor than the Cayenne. It also has a lot more kick (though I admit it is not as spicy as I expected, based on reputation – it made me sweat, but my head did not explode). If you find the Jolokia powder too spicy, I might suggest mixing it with some Cayenne powder, as the flavors are so similar. I’ve not tried this myself, but it should be good.

In short, if you like Cayenne powder but you want more kick, Jolokia powder is perfect for you. If Jalapenos make you sweat… well, let’s just say you should look elsewhere.

ThelmaMount Washington, NH

A little goes a long way

The Ghost Pepper powder works great for making everything spicier. A little goes a long way, so for those of you who are worried about the price – keep that in mind. It is worth the price.
StefaniWellsburg, IA

Tasty and Spicey

This is a great powder. It has a really good kick while maintaining a good flavor. I like to sprinkle it on pizza, eggs, even pop corn. I am going to make sure I stay stocked up on this stuff.
PeiTracy City, TN

Killer flavor with brutal heat!

I have always loved the Sonoran Spice Company. Their products are very high quality. And the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) powder just proves that they’re a chileheads’ delight.

I ordered both this and 1.5ox of habanero powder. in comparison to the habanero the ghost pepper powder is coarser in texture. Actual pods of both the habanero and ghost pepper were also packed with the order in heat-sealed zip-seal bags. Having the pods adds more to the conversation.

But the ghost pepper heat and flavor is right there. It’s a bit sweeter when compared to the habanero (at least to me). But the heat kicks in a few seconds later. And it does live up to the hype in regard to the heat. You don’t shake this wildly over your yummies. A slight dusting is good to start with. For some it may be too much. But we’re chileheads, right? The ghost pepper is a killer example of an attitude adjuster.

For heat-seeking adrenaline and endorphin junkies you can’t go wrong with this.

Sidenote: For those who want to give the ghost pepper a shot yet don’t want to spend $11+shipping on this you may want to check your local stores for Tropical Pepper Company Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce 5 Fl Oz. I found it at Sprankles’ supermarket in downtown Kittanning PA for $2.75 for a bottle of magnificent ghost pepper heat. It’s a good way to experiment first before going all-in for the pure purgatory of this pepper powder.

MarquittaBrush Valley, PA

Great Ghost pepper powder!

Bought the ghost pepper powder as a gift. This product is excellent quality — Very,very hot & great to get 2 whole peppers too! Delivery was timely. Totally satisfied.
TreyLake Junaluska, NC

Not insanely hot, but just right

I’ve always liked hot stuff, but lately I’ve found I need more and more to get the same kick. I guess I’ve developed a tolerance? I’m not a fan of ground habanero, because it changes the flavor of the food too much, so my go-to spice has always been cayenne. But in order to get the heat level I want, I use so much that it flavors the food as well. I finally got around to ordering this, and I’m very pleased. I get just the right amount of heat without the flavor overpowering the food. It’s no where near as hot as I was expecting, though. I’ve seen it on several TV shows where the chefs make a big deal about it with gas masks and gloves like it’s DEFCON 1. I don’t know if this has the heat that a ghost pepper SHOULD have, as I have never tried it before, but I would hazard a guess that this has about triple of what your average grocery store cayenne powder has.

P.S I give the seller 5 stars – Ordered late Saturday and received on a Wednesday!

TrinaWallback, WV

Bhut Jolokia Powder

I thought it was great. If your want hot, this is just for you. Just one word for this item GREAT
VellaMatherville, IL

very spicy and tasty, recommended

I’m a “very spicy food” lover. I have a pretty big collection of extremely hot sauces that i actually use very often, basically every day. This is one of my favorites. it spices up every food. very good on tacos, fajitas and pizza but even on eggs and pasta dishes. You can use it instead of pepper or together with it if you wish(eheh). but you have to like hot food. this one is pretty hot!Recommended
JaunitaDeshler, NE

The Spice Is Nice

I purchased two of these as birthday presents for chili-heads. One is for my husband, and one is for a friend.
My friend received his first, and had a hard time sharing with my husband. (hubby doesn’t know he’s getting one yet)
They both loved it. The peppers that came with it were dried whole and they are also great!
My husband is determined to harvest the seeds and grow his own Bhut Jolokia peppers.
HunterRedstone, MT

Properly used the ghost pepper has a great taste

I put between 20 and 25 grains of pepper powder into a bowl of chilli. It put a very good flavor into my bowl of chilli. I enjoyed the taste of the ghost pepper powder. Now that said, 5 minutes later the burn in my mouth was still getting hotter. It was not too hot but just the fact that it kept getting hotter minutes afterwards left me with a respect that I will keep in mind. Yes it does have a good flavor but this pepper is hot and I am sure that using 50 to 55 grains would have made the hot part not very enjoyable. I enjoy hot sauces and have made my own for years but you need to approach the ghost pepper with lots of respect. I will use this powder to make my own hot sauce but it will be a sauce that you can can enjoy.
EdgardoUrania, LA

Three Little Specs

Three little specs on a bit size piece of chicken and my head is hot and sweating. WOW! And…. it taste really good! Bhut Jolokia, You and I are going to get along just fine 🙂
JosefinaScotland, AR