Sonoran Spice Ghost Pepper Powder Pure – Non-smoked, 2.2 Lbs

Try the wonderful taste and burn of our world famous Ghost Pepper Powder. Made from one of the hottest peppers in the world, it will make any dish into a fire lovers delight. Mix a teaspoon into ranch dip and it becomes a dip everyone will love. Add a bit more for those friends and family who think they can handle the heat and watch them beg you for a glass of milk just to soothe their pain. It is excellent on the grill as well, simply add a dash to chicken, steak, pork and more. Our Ghost Pepper Powder will not disappoint you and it is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee! Note: Our Ghost Pepper Powder is oven dried and not smoked.

Quick facts

  • Over 1 million scoville heat units
  • Non-smoked
  • Great size for resturaunts
  • Ships in 2 business days or less guaranteed
  • 100 percent pure, FDA inspected and naturally gluten free!

Top reviews

A true Hot Pepper

If you are looking for a true hot chili pepper this is the one for you. However, not recommended for the average person. Even those of us that think the hot peppers that are avalible in the stores are like sweet peppers, we still only use very small amounts of this pepper to make dishes very hot to us.
Few warnings though, do not get on skin, or in face it will hurt you a lot. Best used with eye protection, good venting, and gloves. If you get it on your skin wash it off as quickly as possible. If in face, flush with lots of water and seek medical help.
RegenaWellington, MO

Hot and smokey

Excellent heat though it has a bit too much smoke for my taste. Just a little dab will do ya when it comes to the heat. If you use too much the smoke flavor can be a bit overwhelming.
CarmenKnightsen, CA

great for making killer chili

I make both chili and hot sauces and this powder takes it up a notch!!!!
EvanFleming, CO