SOUR CHERRY Jelly Belly Beans ~ 1/2 Pound

Half pound of delicious Sour Cherry Jelly Belly Beans. Tart, tasty and fruity. The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean, Since 1976. Approximately 200 beans.

Quick facts

  • The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean, Since 1976
  • Tart, tasty and fruity.
  • 1/2 Pound
  • Approximately 200 beans
  • OU Kosher certified by Orthodox Union / Gluten-Free

Top reviews


I ordered this item, a 10 pound BAG of sour cherry Jelly Belly jelly beans but what I received was a previously opened BOX of jelly beans which were crystallized and melted together and looked nothing like the image above. In addition, the jelly beans were simply dumped into the cardboard box with no wrapper whatsoever. This box had a seal on it which had been cut through and then retaped. The external shipping packaging was undisturbed. When I have ordered Jelly Belly jelly beans from other vendors, they have come in plastic bags, shipped in a cardboard box.

Since I really wanted what I had ordered, I was disappointed to see that upon return of the defective merchandise, I was only eligible for a refund, not a replacement as Amazon was out of stock on my item. I sent the item back and was surprised to see that today, when my return processed, there is now 1 ten pound bag of sour cherry Jelly belly jelly beans in stock. I wonder if the in stock item is the very same defective item which I just returned.

HelenaStewart, TN

Sweet but packaging was a REAL bummer!

These jelly beans are my favorite. The problem was that little care was taken in packing. When the package arrived, I was so excited that I opened the package in the parking lot of my office. The inner packaging was broken and I wound up with nearly the full pound on the lot! Try Superior Nut thru Amazon instead; they packed them right and it arrived perfect!
VinceTuxedo Park, NY