South Beach Diet Multi Grain, Rosemary Garlic Wrap With Herbs, 10-Count, 8-Inch Wrap

Made with extra virgin olive oil. 110 Calories. 8g Fiber. Enriched with omega-3 (EPA/DHA). 100% Whole grain. Zero trans and saturated fats. No hydrogenated oils. No cholesterol. South Beach Diet wraps are a perfect blend of 100% whole grain goodness and the fresh baked taste you have come to expect from a genuine Santa Fe baked tortilla. These high fiber wraps contain heart healthy Omega-3 oil and are low in fat. They contain no cholesterol or hydrogenated oils and have zero trans fats. Enjoy our wraps as a sandwich or in delicious main meal recipes as a part of your healthy lifestyle. Phases 2&3.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six,8-inch wrap (total of 60 counts)
  • Seasoned with herbs, including garlic and rosemary
  • High in fiber and made with heart healthy ingredients
  • No saturated fats, trans fat, or hydrogenated oil
  • 110 calories per wrap

Top reviews

Fresh and Fabulous

These are not always easy to find in grocery stores but I was thrilled to find them here. I love these and find they’re perfect for packing lunches. The taste and consistency are superior. Thank you!
NormanOrrville, OH

Flavor too intense

While I like the idea of these wraps, the rosemary garlic w/herb flavor was overwhelming. We tried making a variety of wraps w/different cheese and meats, but the wrap favor was so intense, you couldn’t really taste anything else. The whole family tried them and we all had the same opinion. Now I’m stuck w/a freezer full of them and can’t figure out what to do with them.
DamionSheridan Lake, CO


I have tried other whole grain wraps that reminded me somewhat of chewing cardboard.
This wrap tastes great! I did not find it overwhelming in flavor and it was a little nutty, and I love the amount of fiber.
DongKeene, NH