SPAM Classic, 7-Ounce Cans

Spam® Classic. U.S. inspected and passed by department of agriculture.

Quick facts

  • 12 cans of Spam, 7 oz per can
  • Classic flavor
  • Fully Cooked
  • Ready to Eat

Top reviews

perfect size!

The normal 15oz can is too much SPAM for one person. The 7oz version is perfect for me to make two sandwiches. I cut the block in half. Each half I cut into 4 slices. The 4 slices are perfect to lay on top of a toast. With some salad green and 2nd toast, it becomes a quick and filling lunch sandwich when I hike or backpack (need sodium to replace electrolyte). The 2nd half will become my 2nd sandwich if I do overnight backpacking (for dinner).
ErinCritz, VA

Great Deal and So Convenient

Our family loves SPAM and Amazon makes it so easy and such a great deal to buy in bulk. The 7-ounce size is perfect for our use. Amazing what you can use SPAM for. Add it to all your favorite recipes in place of other meats! Super convenient to have it come in automatic shipments without having to give it a second thought!
AmbroseSinclair, ME

Spam for any meal

It’s a long time since Iv’e eaten Spam but I decided to give it a try. I always had left overs before but with this size can I simply enjoy every bit in one serving.
RickieDwale, KY