SPAM Oven Roasted Turkey, 12-Ounce Cans

Made with 100% white, lean turkey. Fully cooked to eat – cold or hot. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 12-ounce cans(total of 72-ounces)
  • Made with 100% white, lean turkey
  • Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture

Top reviews

4 Star Taste, But Overall Not A Pleasing Product

I grew up in SE Alaska back in the 70’s when the transportation infrastructure was not as good as it is today. Sometimes, things like fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy were a bit expensive back then. While fried Spam was not a staple back then for us, it was definitely a regular on the menu.

Now in my mid 30s, I work a lot of late nights and was looking for something quick and easy to eat, yet actually has protein and is filling. Walking down the grocery aisle, it jumped out at me, viola, Spam.

While it no longer sports its key that you used to tear away that thin strip of metal, it was just as I remembered. However, I no longer had the metabolism of a child. I am already festively plump, so I figured I better lay off the blue Spam.

So I decided to give the Turkey Spam a try. At about half the calories and much less fat, how could I go wrong.

What separates Spam from the cheap Wal-Mart knock off for me is that Spam has a nice firm texture which other imitation brands do not seem to have. While I would give the taste of the Turkey Spam 4 stars, the texture was terrible. The texture was soft and mushy, much like the imitation Spam products. Personally, it reminded me of eating a can of cat food. After eating a few slices, I could not bring myself to finish the can. I did not try frying it. Perhaps some further cooking would firm it up a bit.

If you are a Spam addict and figure you need to shave some calories out of your diet, it is definitely worth a try. The taste was not bad at all. However, if the texture of your mystery meat products is important to you, I’d probably stick to Spam blue.

MauriceMerino, CO


The most expensive spam in the world. I knew that I should haved passed when it wasn’t sold and shipped by Amazon. Ended up costing over $7.oo a can. Can no longer order from SPAM, why, I don’t know. But anyway since it is turkey, I will have a can just for Thanksgiving.
FabiolaFillmore, NY


This product is not even remotely flavored like oven roasted turkey. I want this item cancelled. Also, the other Spam products while flavorful, are much too salty.
GaylaHannaford, ND

Turkey matter that you can gobble anytime!

There’s something geniunely weird about turkey being called Shoulder of Pork and Ham. Obviously, it’s not that.

So what to call this stuff? Turkey Meat and Stuff? TUMS? Nope, that one’s been taken. TWAM? Turkey Wing and Meat? Who knows what turkey parts are in here? I just assume that the really good turkeys are sold intact, with the innards removed, so there must be plenty of other parts we don’t get to see, or turkeys that are not worth trying to sell intact, that goes into this lowest fat of all of the famous and legandary SPAM product.

The good news is that it’s way easier to slice than a real turkey, and you can cook it in a few minutes. And yes, I really recommend slicing and browning this stuff in a frying pan. Otherwise it does sort of resemble cat food.

Personally, I’m experimenting with shifting my breakfast toward protein and away from fat and carbs so won’t be tempted to eat a huge lunch in the middle of the day when my job is basically sitting and moving a mouse around.

So, I gave this a try and if you fry it a bit it isn’t bad. It’s sort of like going to Arby’s without getting in the car. Oh yeah, and if there’s another economic downturn, it’s a really cheap way to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Better stock up now!

RosarioAlexandria, NE

better than regular Spam

regular Spam is awful. almost inedible. I would give it 1 out of 10. tastes like filthy animal flesh. you KNOW what I mean; you fellow Spam haters.

Turkey Spam is pretty good; not great. I’d give it 7 out of 10. it’s worth a try if you haven’t.

WaltraudFairfield, NE

Very Disappointed

I simply wanted a good source of lean protein on hand for quick meals. This would have to doctored up quite a lot with spices, veggies and sauces to be palatable.
CarlettaCollege Place, WA

not sealed enough

When i opened the package the box was wet, so i figured out why it was wet, i found it came form the spam can, the can was not sealed enough, and i guess its not healthy to eat it, but i already opened one can, wonder if i can return the remaining cans,the expiration is year 2014 but i guess it will only last maybe few days since the can wasnt not sealed enough.
ElviraSabattus, ME

Turkey Spam = Healthy Mystery Meat?

I have never tasted Spam until finding Turkey Spam. It definitely tastes Turkey, but it is a great source of emergency food. It tastes great making Spam Sushi. Amazon has great prices for this item.
EddieMarseilles, IL


I’ve only had this flavor of Spam, but it’s delicious. Plus, I think it’s got the least amount of fat of all the Spam flavors. Check out the official Spam website for nutritional info.
ElmerWestlake Village, CA

Just don’t eat it at room temperature

This product is great eaten two ways: cooked or refrigerated. Both of those choices give the product a nice, firm texture. It bugs me that so many folks are complaining that the texture is a little mushy at room temperature… That’s true, sure, but it takes very little effort to substantially improve your experience. It’s as if someone complained that a potato doesn’t taste very good if you don’t peel it or cook it before you eat it.

Either cook it or refrigerate it and you’ll be perfectly happy–seriously.

JaTwilight, WV

Turkey Spam – Yummm!!

I am very, very impressed with this particular seller, Shopping Store. They sent the Turkey Span amazingly quickly and efficiently. I received it two days after I placed the order even though I specified Standard shipping. I plan to purchase other products from Shopping Store in the future.

I am a huge fan of turkey. I will make an extra large turkey at Thanksgiving so I will have plenty of leftover turkey for later. Turkey Span will be a reasonable substitute the rest of the year. It will pair well with eggs, make good casseroles and decent sandwiches, just to name a few uses. It also has a good turkey flavor.

JohnaLudington, MI

Not your average Spam

Actually it tastes a lot like the deviled ham that comes in those tiny little cans wrapped in paper, only better.

I sliced the turkey spam with my MIU France Stainless Steel Lunch Meat Slicer, fried it and turned it into a yummy spamburger with a little lettuce, tomato and mayo.

I also use the slicer to make diced spam for spam salad with mayo, pickle relish, chopped onion and diced hard boiled eggs and it’s tasty diced, lightly fried and scrambled into eggs with a little hot sauce.
As you can see, I like turkey spam best with a variety of other bland foods. This because it has a lot of flavor and a way too much salt.

WallyLinden, NC

xcLnt substitue

CherelleSilverwood, MI

Satisfying, Low Fat and Versatile; Dented Cans, Though

I enjoy the turkey SPAM, which has only a fraction of the fat of regular SPAM (Ham SPAM has 17 grams of fat, whereas the turkey variety has on 4.5 grams of fat). I use it for a variety of meals in place of ham, and it works out fine for me (Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli and turkey SPAM; in Salads, etc. — just as good as the traditional dishes).

Unfortunately, several cans were badly dented upon arrival, making them unsafe to eat, really. So the high price was not worth paying. But as it was during the winter storm, “Blizzard-Geddon” of 2010 (78″ snow total), I thank the Lord for having even the dented cans on hand! Yes, in everything give thanks!

CarmanAuburn, ME

Do not know WHAT I expected

Since my family loves Spam (fried for sandwiches) I thought I would try this product for a change of pace. Not sure, really, what I expected but was not sold on this at all. Did not have the taste of regular Spam but did not have the taste of roasted turkey either. Not sure what it tasted like. I proceeded to prepare it as I always do for sandwiches….heated up a non-stick skillet and sliced the product. Now I realize that this product is leaner than the regular Spam, and having said that I know now that I should have sprayed the skillet with a non-stick spray such as Pam. The product stuck to the pan like crazy and I was not able to fry it up evenly. This gave the procuct a mushy texture that was not pleasing. If you try it make sure you spray your pan first to avoid the sticking. Again, while eating it I was trying to figure out what it tasted like……still not sure. Had origianlly gotten this on subscribe and save but I thinkl I will cancel and just remain with the old standby..the original.
OthaCedar Run, PA

Much better fried.

I’ve traditionally used Spam to flavor potato soup. I found the Turkey version to be a little too light on flavor to use in this manner. The texture of Turkey Spam lends itself better to being fried and eaten. It needs hardened up by frying because it’s a little mushy otherwise. The kids like it.
JoieMc Crory, AR

Believe it or not; it’s Spam!

Everyone in the household was incredibly skeptical when I added this to our super saver monthly delivery. They were all reassured that we could always remove it if we didn’t like it. Not necessary…everyone loves it!!
The first night we got our shipment one of my sons grabbed a can to try; he was surprised to find that this was “supposed” to be a 6 serving size can. He had already finished off almost all of it plain and on seasoned Triscuits! We have used it on pizza; yes! Pizza! It actually makes a great addition to a pizza with a white sauce base. We toss it in salads, pasta, and rice dishes. There are so many times that we just want a light snack and the addition of the Spam makes it like a mini meal.
The whole family loves it. I had to upsize next month’s order to make sure we don’t run out too quickly. 🙂
Just because it says Spam on the can doesn’t mean it’s mystery meat. lol Loving this stuff!
PrinceDe Leon Springs, FL


AddieMingo, OH

As canned meats go – Not bad at all when fixed …..

in a grilled sandwich/Panini or not/ adding layer sharp cheddar cheese and barely a taste of Mayo [optional] Cracked black pepper [optional] sliced tomato etc……..BUT tastier IF slices are pre-grilled b/4 putting into a sandwich or soup pot.

NO Salt adds though as already has Nitrites in it – not as bad a many brands of Hot Dogs, but enuff to use caution if U tend to have a blood pressure problem.

Precooked – so handy to have on hand if Power failures arise.
Does not have same overpowering taste nor grizzle chunks as Regular Spam.

Slice thin – for all uses and pan fry also – in Maple syrup [optional] or dice into soups/ scrambled eggs or omlets.

CaryPickens, MS

Some Kinda Good !!!

Some Kinda Good !!! plain and simple food is sometimes the best and it is here !
Half the calories of their other SPAM products and a better alternative to fast food . Make your own lunch with this and enjoy a product made in America that is Some Kinda Good !!!
AraCommerce, OK

Tasty with OK nutrition when used carefully

I’ve been buying Spam products from Amazon over the past year. I tend to favor Spam Turkey, With Bacon, and With Cheese, so my commentary focuses on these three. Each of these three can be fairly tasty depending on the exact use. When Amazon’s pricing dips below $15, then it beats pricing at my local supermarket. Above $15, and I start checking out my local sales.

An obvious consideration with Pam is its nutritional value, or possible lack there of. So I looked up some of the relevant nutritional information, some of which I will repeat here. You should consider doing the same.

Each can of Spam holds 12 ounces, or six servings (in Hormel’s estimation). Each serving of Turkey Spam has 80 calories. The bacon and cheese versions have 180 and 170 calories, respectively.

A serving of Turkey Spam has 4.5 grams of total fat and 1.5 grams of saturated fat. The numbers for Bacon Spam are 16 and 6 grams. And for Cheese Spam, the numbers are 15 and 6 grams. The recommended daily reference values are 65 and 20 grams.

A serving of Turkey Spam has 35 mg of cholesterol while the others have 40 mg of cholesterol. The recommended daily value is 300 mg.

A serving of Turkey Spam And Bacon Spam have 520 mg of sodium. Cheese Spam has 720 Mg. The recommended daily value is 2400 mg.

Essentially this means that Turkey Spam is healthier than the others, but any of these versions of Spam can fit into a nutritious program SO LONG AS you limit the servings and don’t use a lot of fatty oil if you fry your servings. If you insist on eating a whole can every day, you will tend to be fat with clogged arteries and high blood pressure.

I don’t fry my Spam although it’s tempting to do that a slice at a time for breakfast. Instead, I tend to use Turkey Spam diced in pasta salads and sliced for sandwiches. The cheese and bacon versions have a more distinctive taste, and I use them mostly to add some meat to the Betty Crocker mashed potatoes that I also buy from Amazon.

Of course, Spam IS very tasty and when fried is always a winner with kids. As long as they don’t gorge themselves on it, it should be fine. In the end, the key with Spam as with many other foods is to be moderate and balanced in what you eat.

I hope this helps.

ChristyUpton, MA

Turkey Spam Is Good For Your Storage Preps

I bought a few different varieties of Spam so we could store meat products for our storage preps. What I like about this product is that you do not need a can opener to open it. You can carry it in a backpack, put it in your vehicle or just grab it quickly if you have to leave your home for any reason. A good camping food too.

We like it cut up and cubed and fried with potatoes or eggs. Good for making a turkey salad too. It really does taste good. I know so many people put Spam down but it is a product that is useful. Especially if you need meat that does not have to be refrigerated.

This product I did purchase from Amazon even though it is not verified that I did. That is because I purchased it with my husband’s account.

MalloryPulaski, IA

Tasty, All-Purpose Filler, Long Lasting

It’s great you can cut it down to size for anything!
Diced for salads, thin slices for sandwiches,
long and thick for hot dogs, etc.

You should refrigerate any unused portion.
I keep it bagged and soaked in water in the frige,
because lack of oxygen and lower temp slows down degradation.
You could say it’s filled with preservatives and salt,
ok smarty pants, it’s true Spam lasts forever.

This is perfect for emergency kits.
It’s not too big and heavy.
Be sure to buy the other varieties,
you’ll get sick of eating Turkey Spam everyday.

ValorieElk Rapids, MI

Arrived leaking

Poorly packed without any bubble or other cushion wrap to prevent damage. Amazon usually does much better than this. One of the six cans was dented so badly it was leaking, thus had to be discarded. Similarly denting with one leaking can in last shipment of the Spam with Cheese product. Initial shipments arrived well-packed and undamaged, but I can’t afford to throw away one of every six cans. Am cancelling subscription to this product.
LoretteGrand Junction, TN

It’s turkey in a can.

It has a very good flavor that works well on a sandwich or with a salad.

It tastes nothing like regular SPAM, since the original is make from pork.

If your looking for a leaner alternative to original SPAM, then turkey SPAM is for you.

EvalynOakman, GA


the SPAM alway good in the world even though this one. i and my firend try it and it test very good. i say: our life turn better than before.
RonnieHematite, MO

A tasty treat for all occasions

Diced in salads, or added to a thanksgiving day stuffing, This is an always ready , budget wise tasty, nutritious treat…Great fried for breakfast or a quick sandwich..stores well for months ..A fabulous food product to stock on your shelves..
KymberlyAdams, KY


KathaleenKidron, OH

really salty but was able to use it another way

This product is so very salty and cannot be eaten directly from the can. Threw away the first can because I couldn’t take a second bite.

Later, after a month, tried to use it to make some fried rice and turned okay because I can save salt/soy sauce. And it began to be okay as food again!

VenaKincaid, WV