Spam Spread, 3-Ounce Cans

Spam Spread uses the fantastic flavor of spam classic in a spreadable form. Perfect for crackers, appetizers, as a condiment and more.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 3-ounces per can (total of 72 ounces)
  • Classic spam in a spreadable form
  • Perfect for crackers, appetizers or as a condiment

Top reviews

Strange taste and texture

I purchased a can that the store before I bought a pack at Amazon to try it and GROSS! I love Spam, all the flavors of Spam but this was so grainy and salty I got queasy! Disgusting but my dog loved it! Well at least someone did. If texture is important to you this grainy item will put you off also. I love you Spam but this is a miss for me.
ZettaEast Bernard, TX

Wierd Favorite

This is another favorite from my childhood in the South. Unlike “slab” spam, w/mayo, mustard and pickle relish this is like a ham salad. It also doesn’t have the weird taste of “potted” or “deviled” meat. My mom’s standby party food was triple layer finger sandwiches of “ham” aka Spam salad paired with either, egg salad or colored cream cheese between 3 slices of white bread, slathered in butter and then frozen so the crusts could be carved off and cut neatly into long thin sandwiches with colorful layers. Impossible to find on the west coast another taste of home, pricier than in the Southeast but free shipping when purchased by the case and it’s on the door steps.
JuleeJacobs, KY

Spam Spread

This whole transaction went through without a hitch. It was excellent and I received my order very quickly. We love the spam spread and we found it cheaper on-line than we could find in our local stores. If you like Spam, you will love the spam spread.
ArnulfoDanielsville, PA

Great sandwiches, great deal with subscribe and save!

This is great for making a fast sandwich for school or work. We add a bit of mayo, but you don’t have to add that if you don’t want to. It makes two hearty sandwiches, or three regular sandwiches. The subscribe and save price is great. Highly recommend this to anyone that wants to make quick, tasty sandwiches in a hurry!
GeorgiannaBruceville, IN

Hooray for Spam spread!

When I could no longer find Spam spread in ANY local store, I checked online to see if they had discontinued it. Nope, supposedly still available. Much to my surprise, Amazon carried it and offered free shipping making the cost close to the old store price. What a convenience to have groceries shipped right to the door! We are not big fans of the solid Spam but dearly love the Spam Spread and I will reorder it soon so as to never run out again!
ValentinOttertail, MN

I Love Spam Spread!

I’ve looked all over the Thurston County, Washington area for Spam Spread, and haven’t been able to find it the last few years. I don’t know why I even checked, but I did, and there it was. Since the 24-pack case was eligible for Amazon’s free shipping, I was even more thrilled. Two dozen cans sounds like a lot for one person, but as soon as I received it, I made up a bunch of sandwiches to put in the freezer for my lunches, and will do so again soon. I’d rather buy it locally, but since I can’t, this is the next best thing. Spam Spread, I’ve missed you!
Spam Spread, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
JulianNew Springfield, OH

Another way to do Spam

When I was a kid (and more than a few times as an adult) we would take a regular can of Spam, mash it with a fork, add some Miracle Whip and sweet relish. Similar to this, but even tastier! Both this and regular Spam are in the Prep Room.
CyrstalHappy Jack, AZ


the SPAM alway good in the world even though this one. i and my firend try it and it test very good. i say: our life turn better than before.
SongWarrensburg, IL