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Yummy – but SUPER high sodium…

I found this product on Amazon, and I love it. I did order it from Amazon, they had a great price on a pack of six. Please note that the cheese flavor isn’t very strong. I usually make sandwiches with regular Spam, mayo, lettuce, and a slice of yellow American cheese. After this came in, I made the same sandwich, minus the slice of cheese, since this Spam had cheese already mixed in. I could taste the cheese, however, the cheese flavor was not as strong as the sandwich with regular Spam and a slice of American.

* * * WARNING * * *

Spam is famous for being high in sodium – the reason it keeps so long. I received my delivery yesterday (October 28th, 2011) and the best by date was some time in 2014 (don’t remember what month).
Regular Spam has 730mg of Sodium per 85 grams (3 ounces), or roughly 243mg of sodium per ounce. Spam with Cheese (according to the label) has 720mg of sodium per 2 ounces, or 360mg per ounce.

That’s 50% more sodium than regular Spam. That is a huge jump for something that is famous for being high in sodium.
This is definitely something to consider if you have high blood pressure, like I do.

If your blood pressure is in check, and you like Spam, give this product a try. It is tasty. 🙂

GlennPine Valley, CA

Spam with Cheese

I heard once MacGyver survived for ten days in the deserts of Yemen with a paper clip and a can of Spam with Cheese. I liked it so much I am going to give one can to my boss, one to my mom, one to my wife, and then keep 3 for myself. Just take your spoon and shove it right in the can… no need to cook it!
KaciHomeland, CA

Spam with Cheese

This Spam with cheese is such a versitle product. I cook it with eggs in the morning, can use it by heating in the microwave for super sanwiches on bread with mustard and dill pickles at lunch and also use it to make wonderful vegetable soup. I add some Liptons, onion and beef dip mix and start my tasty soup by adding all kinds of vegetables. All my Grankids love my soups. I also use this Spam to give my elderly dog his medicine with just a little chunk–I hide his pill and he gobbles it all down. What more can you ask for—OH–I almost forgot–I can chop this in a shredder and add onions , pickles and mayonnaise and hooray for a fine ham tasting salad for sanwiches. It is also great to add to any pasta dishes… I will always have this in my kitchen.
MignonPrairie Du Rocher, IL

Excellent and hard to find variety of Spam

Several years ago, we found this in the local stores when it was first introduced. We tried it and loved it. For people who aren’t huge Spam fans, the cheese helps to soften the taste. For kids, anything with cheese is a big hit. We haven’t been able to find this in stores for a very long time. Several years ago, we looked at ordering it directly from Spam online but their price was too high and shipping even worse. Discovering Spam with Cheese at Amazon and Prime eligible is a great find.
JenifferJenkins, KY

Is it really cheese??

Ok, it’s spam and I like spam so there’s that. Cheese? I like cheese too so I figured I should like spam with cheese! I usually slice up the spam and put it on paper plates and paper towels and zap it for a few minutes in the microwave until the edges are crispy.. well if those little orange balls in the spam are cheese one would think they would melt after being zapped in the micro.. but they never do! Not sure what they are and I don’t really taste much “cheese” flavor in the spam. Kind of bothers me that they don’t melt so this spam won’t be re-ordered again. However I do highly recommend the Spam with BACON, that one’s a real winner!
ChungClinton, OK

Tasty with OK nutrition if you’re careful

I’ve been buying Spam products from Amazon over the past year. I tend to favor Spam Turkey, With Bacon, and With Cheese, so my commentary focuses on these three. Each of these three can be fairly tasty depending on the exact use. When Amazon’s pricing dips below $15, then it beats pricing at my local supermarket. Above $15, and I start checking out my local sales.

An obvious consideration with Pam is its nutritional value, or possible lack there of. So I looked up some of the relevant nutritional information, some of which I will repeat here. You should consider doing the same.

Each can of Spam holds 12 ounces, or six servings (in Hormel’s estimation). Each serving of Turkey Spam has 80 calories. The bacon and cheese versions have 180 and 170 calories, respectively.

A serving of Turkey Spam has 4.5 grams of total fat and 1.5 grams of saturated fat. The numbers for Bacon Spam are 16 and 6 grams. And for Cheese Spam, the numbers are 15 and 6 grams. The recommended daily reference values are 65 and 20 grams.

A serving of Turkey Spam has 35 mg of cholesterol while the others have 40 mg of cholesterol. The recommended daily value is 300 mg.

A serving of Turkey Spam And Bacon Spam have 520 mg of sodium. Cheese Spam has 720 Mg. The recommended daily value is 2400 mg.

Essentially this means that Turkey Spam is healthier than the others, but any of these versions of Spam can fit into a nutritious program SO LONG AS you limit the servings and don’t use a lot of fatty oil if you fry your servings. If you insist on eating a whole can every day, you will tend to be fat with clogged arteries and high blood pressure.

I don’t fry my Spam although it’s tempting to do that a slice at a time for breakfast. Instead, I tend to use Turkey Spam diced in pasta salads and sliced for sandwiches. The cheese and bacon versions have a more distinctive taste, and I use them mostly to add some meat to the Betty Crocker mashed potatoes that I also buy from Amazon.

Of course, Spam IS very tasty and when fried is always a winner with kids. As long as they don’t gorge themselves on it, it should be fine. In the end, the key with Spam as with many other foods is to be moderate and balanced in what you eat.

I hope this helps.

AbbeyIdaville, IN

Good Ordering Option for Hard to Find Product

I use the subscribe and save option. I like Spam with Cheese, but cannot find it in my local stores. Ordering it through amazon is quick and convenient.
LaraineIronside, OR

Where Is The Cheese?

This is a great tasting variety of Spam. I think the desired goal was to heat it up and add some melted cheese into it. But I don’t think it worked out.

SPAM with Cheese tastes like standard SPAM, which by itself is good. When I friend some of it in a frying pan I did not see those little pieces of cheese melt like I thought but it still tasted good like SPAM.

So I would say if you’re looking for a sale on SPAM and see this on sale there are no surprises.

MaryaliceAuburn, MA


I have never fould this product in the store so I was happy to fine it and it is a good product to fry or eat on a sandwich.
BellaJamestown, IN

1 can busted

ship time was great, 5 of 6 cans were in good shape. Contents of the 5 unopened cans were as they should be.
RosiaBailey, TX


The product was very good, I even ordered another shipment right away because I went thru the first so fast. It was good just as a sandwich but it also was great in other things like salad and potatoes. Cold or hot, fryed, baked, or micro wave.
IzettaAshaway, RI