Spangler Circus Marshmallow Peanuts, 16 Oz.

Circus marshmallow peanuts, 16 oz. (1 lb) are a soft and chewy peanut shaped candy. Light orange colors with a unique banana flavor, available from both Spangle and Brach’s.

Quick facts

  • Made in USA
  • Circus Peanuts are a unique treat with a distinct peanut shape and banana flavor. This is a classic fat free candy that has been around for decades.
  • Net Wt.: 1Lb

Top reviews


I don’t know a single person that likes these things. Why do they keep making them, and who the hell is buying them?
JenevaShady Valley, TN


These are the worst tasting circus peanuts ever. I tasted one and threw the rest away. They were soft and chewy but tasted nothing like any circus peanuts I’ve had previously. Don’t waste your money.
SusanneBay Center, WA

Next best thing to Brach’s

I’m not going to argue for or against circus peanuts as an idea; you either love them or loathe them, and I happen to adore them, though I understand why you wouldn’t. They’re bright orange marshmallows shaped like huge peanuts and flavored like bananas. The inventor must have been on some serious drugs to think this was a good idea.

But there is wide variance in quality between the brands. The very best — lovely soft texture, bright color, just enough fake banana flavor — are made by Brach’s, which are quite hard to get online unless you want to buy them by the case. These are not quite as good as Brach’s, but they’re pretty good — texture mostly soft with small patches of crystal, good color, fake banana flavor almost just right.

LynnaObrien, CA

Ode to the Circus Peanut

How do you say DELICIOUS with 2 words? Circus Peanut. The artificial banana flavoring always makes my mouth water. If you are lucky you’ll get a peanut from the original batch made in the 1800’s! I like to give these out to the ungrateful neighborhood cretins at Halloween, but they just repay my kind gesture by egging my house.
DinahTuskegee Institute, AL

Best marshmellow-based orange-colored banana-flavored candy ever

Circus peanuts are delicious, they are quite possibly the best candy ever invented. As long as you get them when they’re somewhat fresh and aren’t so hard that they destroy your teeth when you try to bite into them, that makes it rather difficult to get all of the circus peanut goodness out of them.
BillyCordele, GA

It worked!

My four-year-old and I used the marshmallow peanuts to make beaks for the ducky cupcakes from What’s New, Cupcakes for her birthday, and they worked really well. The banana flavor threw people off, and that added that much more flavor/fun to our creation.
MichelinaEthridge, MT

Hard as a rock, small bag

I had to return this item. The peanuts were not marshmallow at all, but hard as rocks. I doubt it would be humanly possible to bite and/or chew these peanuts. They were all stuck together in the package and there was residue all over the inside of the bag. I’m not sure if they are super old or the bag was not sealed properly. The bag I received was from First item I have ever had to return to Amazon. We are prime too so we are buying on here a few times a week
LaquandaPollock, ID

Mom Loves Thes

Mom says they are the freshest she has ever had. You know if it pleases an 80 year old mom, it has to be good!
BobetteWinnsboro, TX

Taste Like I Remembered

I used these circus peanuts in goody bags for toddlers. Our theme was “Leaving On A Jet Plane” and since airlines used to give peanuts as a snack, decided I wanted to give out circus peanuts. Circus peanuts are difficult to find in stores. The brand I did find was harder than a rock so I took a chance and ordered online. These circus peanuts arrived soft and fresh. I ate one to make sure they were soft enough for the toddlers and they actually were! They also tasted like I remembered from my childhood. Each individual peanut was also bigger than the brand I had looked at in the store. If I need circus peanuts again, I’ll definitely buy this brand!
NobukoLovejoy, IL