Sparkling ICE Spring Water, Black Raspberry, 33.8-Ounce Bottles

A lightly carbonated and Vitamin and antioxidant enhanced artesian spring water made with natural flavors. Zero calories and carbs.

Quick facts

  • Great tasting, bold flavor, caffeine free
  • Zero calories, Kosher
  • Carbonated, refreshing
  • Enhanced with vitamin D, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin & green tea extract (antioxidant)
  • Containes 3 percent real juice

Top reviews

Great Taste, Excellent Price, Healthy

Yummy! I really like the ICE spring water/juice products. Every flavor I’ve purchased has been delicious. Instead of carbonated soda I now drink a concoction I make of Arizona sugar-free green tea (Arizona’s green tea mix — also available at Amazon at an excellent price) mixed with a little OJ and another fruit juice. The “other” juice I’ve been adding is any flavor of Spring Water ICE I have on hand. Recently, I bought the 15 pack of the Black Rasberry 33.8 ounce bottles and it was a terrific buy at Amazon. I would purchase this flavor and any other flavors of ICE again at Amazon without hesitation.
AntionetteHopkinton, MA


My sister introduced me to these drinks when I was visiting in Colorado. I bought every flavor and was plesently surprised that I liked them all, except for the grapefruit. The lite bubbles are refreshing, the flavor is a nice natural flavor and does not have the fake sweetness taste. The best part is zero calories! I really liked the product and planned on stocking up when I got home. I shopped everywhere and this product is not sold in Texas. Thank God for Amazon. I can order my favorite drinks and have them shipped to my home. Otherwise I would have to wait to my next trip to Colorado where I would have loaded up my trunk so I could bring them back home with me.
EhtelPark City, UT

A nice change from soda’s

This product is wonderful. Great taste, also a good value. I choose the sparkling Ice Black Raspberry because it can be used in many ways. A fruit drink over rocks, a smoothie, make some baseball punch. I love this product. I take it with me to work everyday, and no sugar! This is a drink for those folks who are watching their sugar intake. It’s has a lot of other nutrients as well.
NoelByron, CA

Sparkling ICE Spring Water, Black Raspberry, 33.8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 15)

Sparkling ICE Spring Water, Black Raspberry, 33.8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 15)

Great Stuff! I just tried the drink the last two weeks and loved it. I switched from several bottles of Diet Pepsi daily to one 32 ox bottle of Mango or Black Rasberry and am hooked on the fresh clean wonderfully flavored taste. I love it chilled in the freezer so its a nice slushy texture. I lost 13 lbs this week without doing much different to my diet other than switching drinks. I am looking to lose more and continue enjoying the great taste of this product. no calories,no carbs, no sodium just good stuff and a bit of carbination. The best flavored water drink Ive ever tried. KD Lodi ca.

CandisBeirne, AR

Black raspberry Sparkling Ice Water

This is a great product that we used to get at Sam’s club. My husband likes it so well I am now ordering it on-line. Much better than most flavored waters
SeanNanticoke, PA

Love this stuff!

I have tried Orange Mango, Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit and Black Raspberry. The black raspberry is my favorite! Hard to believe it has zero calories. Reminds me of Strawberry Crush! Very yummy, and this is coming from someone who is typically not a fan of flavored water. Before I found Sparkling Ice, I was drinking Vitamin Water Zero, and tolerating it because it is sweetened with Stevia. I so wish that they would used Stevia in Sparkling Ice. I hate drinking the artificial sweeteners. Don’t hesitate to try Sparkling Ice, you will love it!
BennyAshfield, MA


This is an awesome product that my family absolutely loves!!!! I am just sad that we have such difficulty getting the 33 ounce size. It is the perfect size for my family’s needs and the black raspberry is their favorite!!!
MeredithFarmington, AR

Sparkling Ice Review

The Sparkling Ice drink tastes very good and is a nice change from cola. It is sugar free and good for a diabetic to drink.
LilaEllison Bay, WI

Black Raspberry Ice is the best

Tastes great..excellent value when purchased in the 33.8 oz bottle..I served this product to friends and all enjoyed the fresh berry taste with zero Cal’s, carbs and sodium
AugustinaWaterford, CT


I love these Ice drinks. Our favorites are the raspberry and the orange. So much more refreshing than pop. These large 33.8 ounce bottles are a great buy!!
SilasCroydon, UT

AMAZING taste, plus vitamins MINUS sugar!

What’s not to love? No calories, added vitamins and great taste. This flavor is my favorite (and most of my family prefers this one too) but they’re ALL good and impossible to find locally.

I sure wish Amazon would stock more of it so I didn’t run out…but I will keep checking for new stock to arrive!

Thanks for offering this for a decent price, Amazon!!

JeraldScandia, KS

A great alternative to soda

I really enjoy this. It has completely replaced my diet Dew habit. Orange-mango is the best IMO. You won’t be disappointed
EstherCamp H M Smith, HI

sparking ice is the best

TalkingRain Sparkling ICE Black Raspberry, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)this product as well as the other flavors are the best that there is no sodium and its packed full of flavor with no calories and gives you a crisp taste
AshleaSouth Salem, NY

LOVE this drink!

Ice is an awesome product that should be sold in quick marts and fast food places. It is much healthier (I think) than soda.
IsadoraTreadwell, NY

This is the most delicious drink!

I first became aware of this drink when visiting some relatives in Hawaii. I loved it – refreshing, delicious flavor and no calories! I was afraid it was only available on the islands.

Then, when I returned home, I found that it was available here. I love the fact that you can order just the flavor you like and not have to deal with other ones in an assortment pack. Black Raspberry is by far the very best. Also, these bottles are so large that it lasts me all day at work.

A final positive thing is that Amazon delivers them to me for free! (I am a Prime member.)

RuthannBardolph, IL