Special K Low Fat Granola Cereal, 19.5-Ounce Boxes

Kellogg’s special k low fat granola, 19.5 ounce boxes (pack of 5) is like a little crispy, crunchy goodness to get you going…that’s why we’ve created new special k low-fat granola cereal!

Quick facts

  • 5 boxes of 14-ounce Special K Low Fat Granola Cereal
  • Made from whole grains with crunchy clusters
  • Lightly sweetened with a drizzle of honey
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals; good source of fiber
  • Great for breakfast or sprinkled on yogurt for an afternoon snack

Top reviews

Terrible chalky, chemical taste – plenty of preservatives.

I love eating granola. I ran out of cereal late at night so the only thing I could find from my nearby CVS was this Special K Granola. I’ve tried all sorts of brands of granola before, including Cascadian Farm, Quaker, Ralphs brand, Kashi, Nature’s Path, and others. Let me be completely honest. This Special K stuff is the worst. It doesn’t taste natural at all. It tastes like synthetic chalky clumps of cereal byproduct.

I would take a look at Cascadian Farm granola cereals. I usually buy it from Target or my local grocery stores. They have plenty of flavors of granola cereal – French Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon Raisin, Dark Chocolate Almond, Fruit & Nut, Maple Brown Sugar, Oats & Honey. The best part is, you won’t feel like eating it will give you a stomach ulcer like this Special Krap.

DeltaEden Prairie, MN

it’s ok

it has a strange almost chalky aftertaste
i can see maybe if you mix it with SOMETHING it might
be better.
it was a good price but not the best taste and mouth pleasure
we have had
FaeWattsville, AL

Tasteless, not as good as the original

Kelloggs replaced their original granola with this mush in our grocery store. It is tasteless and not as healthy as the original. The originial has more whole grains and more sugar for a better taste. Now I have to buy the original Kelloggs granola from Amazon. Buy the original from Amazon, it is MUCH better!!!
LoreenEast Longmeadow, MA

Almost the worst I could imagine

This granola doesn’t really look or taste like traditional granola. The clusters do not appear to be oats, but rather clumps of cereal (the sweepings from the factory that makes regular special K?) I don’t intend to buy it again.
ElnoraAkron, NY

lower cost, low fat granola that tastes great

Lower fat granola usually tastes lacking, and are sold generally at organic food stores, which are inconvenient and more costly. This product tastes great, particularly for a national-brand granola. You’ll have to shop carefully on price, because the current prices I’m seeing on Amazon (4/1/2010) is exceptionally high. But, if attainable at a good price, it’s a great granola.
SimonneBasehor, KS

Good value, No Taste

This Subscribe and Save value is no doubt one of the best for a granola cereal, however, I found the cereal itself to be absolutely tasteless. Granted, one’s expectations for a low fat “anything” are most always often less than for the regular version of that item, but this cereal, unfortunately, just isn’t even worth the subscribe and save price. If you’ve ever had Nature Valley granola cereal, you’ll be very disappointed in this. I remember Kellog’s (I think) having a low fat granola cereal in a yellow box that was quite tasty so it can be done– unfortunately, not with this product.
TrumanEast Claridon, OH

Tasteless granola

The price is really good compared to the granola that I used to get from the farmer’s market, however, it tastes……. just like some sort of organic waste.
RavenEllston, IA


I am not especially fond of cereals and only eat the Regular Special K which I like a lot.
So I was pleasantly surprised when I recently discovered the low fat granola ones as they are, really, delicious cereals!
I mix it with the Regular one and that is even better!
Conclusion : nothing else to say but SIMPLY DELICIOUS!
Difficult to find in supermarkets though, maybe because it is a new product, but we are lucky to have Amazon!
Anyway, I highly recommend this product and advise everybody to, at least, give it a try.
ContessaSilverwood, MI

Tasty and decently priced

I am happy that a non boutique producer has taken to making good granola, without the ridiculous boutique prices too. This is tasty, crunchy, goes great with European yogurt and fruit. It’s not exactly light, but a little goes a long way when you use it to give some texture to a desert.
TresaCable, WI

BIG fan for a variety of reasons..(taste, price, health-wise)

My criteria for a good breakfast cereal:

1. Low fat(I usually don’t like more than 3 grams of fat per serving)
2. Low price (I usually look for cereal on sale for no more than $3 per 15-16 oz box)
3. Healthy and filling (not overly sweet or chemically fruity. Also I like it oak-y (as opposed to flakes” and bulky/chunky. So I gravitate towards granola type cereals. It is a little on the sweet side for my taste, but not over-powering (I removed 1 star for it, but it’s more of a personal preference kind of thing. I’m guessing this might not be too sweet for other people).

So, this cereal is 4 to 4.5 stars for all criteria. Although I would like a little dried fruit in it, I definitely am not complaining. It has a great taste and is very filling. Also good to snack on right out of the box. If you get this on subscribe and save, it’s $3/box (and each box is a bulky 1 lb + 3.5 oz Awesome)! This cereal normally goes for over $5/ box in NYC when it isn’t on sale, so this is a real bargain.

CathiPhenix, VA

so so good

this product is the best
it is not so sweet and not so simple.
you eat half of a cup and you fell full
it is amazing
CarissaFalse Pass, AK

Family loves it. Great for yogurt.

My whole family loves this stuff and it is great to add to things like yogurt. Just make sure you get a good deal on it and don’t eat it like cereal as it is pretty dense and has a lot of calories when eaten in same quantities as cereal. A little goes a long way.
BonnieClinton, NJ

Good Granola

Good Granola for the price… I eat it for snacks and not as cereal… Better than potato chips… I have reordered 3 times with subscribe & save…
HermelindaMarlborough, NH


good stuff, used to find this at a warehouse store. now they don’t stock it. very comparable pricing to grocery stores.
BabetteBirmingham, AL

family of 5 is HOOKED!

We all love granola…and this one was no exception. This is a huge hit in our home. All 5 of us have been eating it, and it’s getting RAVE REVIEWS! My husband told me he would love this to be kept on hand at home. We eaten it for breakfast and even packed it as snacks in the lunch boxes. The taste is a mild honey flavor. IN fact, my 6 year old took her first bite and shouted ‘oooh, I love anything honey!’. We are hooked! It’s very crunchy, loaded with protein, not overly sweet, and by a brand we all trust! Well done Special K!
WendellSaint Regis Falls, NY

I would never know that it is low-fat

I could never find a way to eat semi-healthy in the morning following workouts, and I could never seem to find any low-fat choices that I did not feel tasted like cardboard… then in a moment of weakness I tried my wifes Special K Low-Fat Granola. I was instantly in love and immediately addicted to this product. To me, I would eat it everyday even if it had 4X the calories and fat, I simply love the taste and texture.
For a middle aged dude who never ate cereal on a regular basis, I have changed to a guy that gets nervous if I have less than 2 boxes in the house, thanks Special K.
JacintoSalineno, TX


the deal on this cereal is the best price i have found so far. love the cereal and appreciate the auto shipment. comes right to my door and i don’t need to worry that i will run out of the product since i eat it every day.
CarynPendleton, IN

Realy good cereal

I had never tasted this cereal before, but as I buy 5 or more Kellogg’s cereals, I thought I would try it…I really like it although I thought it would be sweeter than it is. I am having it delivered through the Amazon site on a regular basis so it’s now an addition to my morning cereal menu.
AnneParkers Prairie, MN

Amazing High Fiber Cereal

This is NOT cardboard, tasteless high fiber cereal. It is sweet, crunchy and yummy. I have gotten a lot of people to try it and they all agree it’s really good. Not the best choice for diabetics but certainly better than many. It’s a little pricey in the grocery store unless there is a super sale and coupons. The Amazon price is very good.
DonyaBoulder, UT