Specialty Crackers from The Fine Cheese Co. – Celery

This range of crackers was exclusively designed by cheese gurus. The Fine Cheese Co.’s savory biscuits are a unique range of flavored crackers and biscuits developed with specific cheeses in mind. There is a perfect variety to complement anything from a delicate Brie to a mature Stilton. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers for Aged Cheeses Chive Crackers for Bloomy-Rind Cheeses Rosemary Crackers for Soft Cheeses Fig Crackers for Sheep’s Milk Cheeses Charcoal Crackers for All Cheese Fennel Crackers for Washed-Rind Cheeses Wholemeal Crackers for All Cheese Red Chili Crackers for Cheddar Cheese Celery Crackers for Blue Cheese Basil Crackers for Swiss Cheese Walnut Crackers for Fresh Goat’s Cheese Natural Crackers for All Cheese Varieties sold separately.

Quick facts

  • The right partner for a special cheese
  • Available in 9 varieties
  • Each cracker is suited for a particular type of cheese
  • Perfect Crunch
  • Enjoy with your favorite snack

Top reviews

What a variety!

How about a wide variety of crackers to go with our cheeses? Specialty Crackers even provides a chart for pairing crackers and cheeses. Here’s what they say:

Chili crackers for mature cheese–We’ll try them with the Lancashire
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers for Parmesan and Pecorino
Fennel Crackers for pungent cheese–that will be our Stilton
Rosemary Crackers for soft cheese
Basil Biscuits for Sheep’s cheese
Mustard and Pepper Biscuits for Cheddar Cheese–we’ll try them with our mild, white cheddar
Celery Crackers for bleu cheese–again our Stilton

I look forward to this adventure! Do you?

KenyaKathryn, ND


The celery taste to these crackers are very strong and by that I mean you had better love celery a lot before you taste them. They don’t taste bad its just merely the taste is way to strong but I had some expensive cheese to eat with them and the taste from the crackers overwhelmed the cheese. If you can bear that strong taste and after taste than you may wind up loving these crackers. Good but not for everybody.
CarynMonsey, NY