Spectrum Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined, 14 Ounce Tub

Unrefined oils are just that—left in their virgin state after pressing. These oils tend to be rich, robust and ‘true’ in their flavors. Take Spectrum’s Peanut Oil for example—it quite literally smells and tastes just like fresh roasted peanuts. Or Spectrum’s Unrefined Coconut Oil, which has an aroma so pure it transports you to the tropics.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 14-ounce tubs(total of 42-ounces)
  • Unrefined oils are also much richer in nutrients
  • Has a lower smoke point than refined oils

Top reviews

My favorite brand of coconut oil

I love this brand. I love that the coconut oil is organic, I love the size of the jar, and I even love the jar, which I use for storing various gardening and kitchen tools and products after I run out. Use this oil for all cooking, especially any cooking that requires high heat, like pan frying. Vegetable oils have a low smoke point, meaning that they start releasing toxins after you heat them up past a certain point. Not so with coconut oil, which remains safe and delicious at high temperatures.
DeltaBardwell, KY

Spectrum Coconut Oil

This came in excellant packaging. Each jar was individually bubble wrapped as well. This oil is a wonderful healthful addition to my staples in the kitchen. I use it everywhere that real butter could be used, from light frying to spreading on toast and adding to vegetables.
LilliamGaylesville, AL