Spectrum Organic Spray Oil, Olive, 5 oz

This new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Spray Oil contains the same high quality organic oil that we offer in our best selling range of bottled culinary oils. Now consumers who enjoy the convenience of the spray can format no longer have to compromise in the quality of the oils that they use. Now there’s at least one part of life where you really can ‘have your cake and eat it too’!Cooking sprays are a great way to add flavor while keeping down fat and calories. Ours are made with the same high quality, expeller pressed oils that you’ve come to expect from Spectrum.

Quick facts

  • 95% Organic

Top reviews

Great Product / Poor Packaging

This olive oil spray is the best I have yet found with a very even covering spray, but was unable to use the last two cans I bought due to the cap. The cap is so tight fitting that it is extremely easy to inadvertently break the spray nozzle when removing or replacing it.
NapoleonPlattekill, NY