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Forget salt, for my money it’s MSG…SPICY WORLD MSG!

I have replaced all the salt in my recipes with MSG, and boy does everyone love my cuisine. Sure we all get debilitating headaches from it, but when you taste it you know it’s worth it! But it is a pain washing dishes with the spins.

Overall I recommend this to any chef!

SimonaSebastopol, CA

Low-priced MSG

This is quite a bargain when you compare the price to the small cannisters of Accent in the stores. It seems perfectly comparable with Accent. I use it, however, on my dogs’ food. It keeps them from eating each other’s droppings by making them untasty (as if those weren’t untasty to begin with, but not to a dog). Since I sprinkle MSG on their food daily, this product is quite a savings for me (and the vet is the one who endorses use of MSG for this purpose).
JosephinaWellborn, TX

97% off. Needs to be 300% off

Sale said 97% off. sells in the stores for 1.69 I just ordered it and paid $3.77 a round not such a good deal should of been 250% offf
PamilaVarina, IA