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These delicious, wholesome beans are used in dishes across the world. Spicy World brings you the best lentils and beans from around the world. We travel throughout the world purchasing the finest quality products available. We fully guarantee our products. Experience the difference with our naturally fresh lentils that taste great. These lentils have been cleaned with the utmost of care, but a small stone, soil, or other foreign matter may have escaped detection. We recommend examining & rinsing, to insure the lentils are clean.

Quick facts

  • Spicy World Brand Lentils and Beans are 100% natural, cleaned and recleaned, and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
  • Packaged only when you order, ensuring freshness
  • Immediate shipments

Top reviews

Sprouted mung bean pancakes – Healthy, inexpensive, nutritious, gluten-free and delicious !

A mung bean is a fuel capsule full of all the nutrition required to create life. By germinating the mung beans you unlock the nutrients & enzymes that lay dormant within the bean. Once germinated I blend them into a batter with a little salt and water. In a large skillet I heat 1/3 cup of coconut oil at high heat and pour a couple of tablespoons of the mung bean batter on the skillet (like a small pancake (about 4 per skillet) I fry them till golden brown on both sides. I love them plain or drizzled with maple syrup or honey. I also love them when mixed with chopped raw spinach and green onions. I add a beaten egg white, cumin powder and cayenne pepper. They are just amazingly delicious and so healthy! Here are instructions how to germinate mung beans and how to make mung bean pancakes […]
LakeshiaArkadelphia, AR

Sprouts galore

I love these. From start to finish they take 4 days. I soak them overnight in a mason jar of water. Drain the water through a piece of netting like ballerina tutus are made of and lay them on their side. Then I rinse them 3 more days and drain the water. In 4 days you have a jar of sprouts from a tablespoon of beans.
RachellRochester, VT