Spicy World Peppercorn

Frontier Natural Products Whole Tellicherry Black Peppercorns feature tellicherry garbled special extra bold whole peppercorns, which are known for their complex flavor. These peppercorns come in an economical 1 pound bag.

Quick facts

  • Ideal for peppermills
  • Product of India
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews


I had read about, tasted and really liked this distinctive style of black pepper obtained from another vendor (World of Spice?). So when placing an order with Angelina’s, I included this item and was very pleased by the price. However, they were completely nondistinctive, from the beginning. I don’t know if they were stale from the start, or not what they were represented to be, or as the Test Kitchen recently reported — not all tellicherry peppercorns are alike from different vendors. Anyway, while I generally like Angelina’s products and believe this vendor is a good one, I give a thumbs down to this particular item. Try them from another vendor.
BrittHavertown, PA