Spicy World Whole Allspice, 1 Pound

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  • Premium quality whole allspice berries

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The First Thing to Notice …

… is the incredible price discrepancy for allspice on amazon, from this offering of a whole pound for $5.95 (plus $7.50 shipping) to a typical 1.5 ounce jar for $15.96! That discrepancy exists in the real-world markets of most cities also; allspice from an Indian or Caribbean specialty store will cost a fraction of what you’d pay in a ‘gringo’ supermarket. There may be some subtle grades of quality in allspice berries, and certainly freshness has to be considered, but freshness can hardly be guaranteed when you’re shopping on-line, no more for the expensive than for the cheap product.

Allspice powder loses its potency very quickly. A 1.5 ounce jar of the powder would be suitable only for those who know they’ll use it up in a couple of weeks max. Obviously a whole pound of allspice berries is orders of magnitude for many home chefs also. Know thyself! At this price, it’s worth cultivating a taste for the stuff!

Allspice is the berry of a shrub, Pimenta dioica, a kind of myrtle. The berries look a lot like peppercorns but have a very different flavor. The shrub seems to have originated in the Caribbean, and accordingly allspice is a major ingredient in the spice melange of Caribbean cookery, especially Jamaican, included in virtually all barbeque sauces. It’s also used generously in some “Middle Eastern” cuisines. Oddly, it’s become a dessert spice in parts of Europe, an ingredient in “pumpkin pie” spice-mixes. In Sweden, allspice is associated with pork and veal; it’s an essential spice in Swedish meatballs. Commercial sausage-makers in Scandinavia and Germany normally use lots of allspice in their higher-quality sausages.

You can pound the berries easily enough in a mortar, but the simplest thing is to have a plain ‘dedicated’ pepper-grinder filled with allspice berries near your stove. One grinder for black pepper, one for cardamom, and one for allspice. Good to go!

JereCollinsville, TX

Good product!

I’m stationed overseas and have to order allspice berries every year for the brine I use for my Thanksgiving turkey. This was perfect for it, the price was right and shipping was fast. I will probably purchase this again next year!
AliseEast Hickory, PA

Good quality, aromatic

I recently ordered this item. The seller was prompt. The Allspice arrived and my wife commented on how good it smelled right through the package. It is of good quality and I have enjoyed it very much. I put a quantity of it in a vacuum pack to try to preserve it as long as possible.
FrancinaPort Allegany, PA