Spike Seasoning Gaylord Hauser 3 oz Salt

Spike Seasoning by Gaylord Hauser 3 oz Salt Spike Seasoning 3 oz Salt Product The one that started it all 39 different herbs spices and vegetables all lovingly blended with just the right amount of salt Directions Add a Healthy Dose of Flavor with Spike Original Magic Don’t Just Season It Spike It Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 4 tsp Servings Per Container 121 Amount Per Serving Daily Value Sodium 161 g Percent Daily Values are based on a 2 000 calorie diet Other Ingredients Salt crystals (earth and sea) nutritional yeast hydrolyzed soy protein (NO ADDED MSG) mellow toasted onion onion powder orange powder soy granules celery leaf powder celery root powder garlic powder dill kelp Indian curry horseradish ripe white pepper orange and lemon peel summer savory mustard flour sweet green and red bell peppers parsley flakes tarragon rosehips safflower mushroom powder parsley powder spinach powder tomato powder sweet paprika celery seed ground cayenne pepper plus a delightful herbal bouquet

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Top reviews

Too salty

I find that Spike is too salty for me. I like the similar product called Vegit much better, it’s a little more savory and less salty than Spike. Made by the same people, too.
RonaSaginaw, AL

Best All purpose seasoning yet!!!

I have used “spike” for >20 years!! It,s best on all veggies, taken the place of smoked meats, butter, and on baked potatoes spike and a little margarine is all you need. In soups, especially vegetable soup; spike is the bomb! I used to get this seasoning at organic/vitamin stores, but now I can buy at amazon in 6 packs.
AntoniaEphraim, WI

Excellent High Quality Seasoning with great flavor

I was introduced to this about 30 years ago as a child and I’ve loved it ever since.

I first had it on steaks, i’ve put it on fish, vegetables. I love to sprinkle it over freash steamed broccli and mow…

it’s really very good…there are a ton if ingredients in it….all natural…

MaryamSycamore Valley, OH

Found my special seasoniing

We’ve been “hooked” on Spike seasnoning for salads and fried or scrambled eggs for years. When I could no longer find it, I “Googled” it, and immediately found it at Amazon.com. I’ve bought several things from Amazon, and their speed, service, and security has been outstanding. Highly recommend them .
LeishaRockville, NE

Makes Everything Taste Great

This seasoning is good on all meats and vegetables. I ran out a couple of months ago and nothing I cooked tasted the same. You must try it.
AntionetteMonticello, MN

So good on Baked chicken & fish!

I just started using this about 2 months ago and I love it! It has really transformed my baked chicken from so-so to a well-seasoned, tasty dish. When I first tried it on fish, I used too much, not realizing the sodium content. Next time, I just adjusted accordingly, added a pat of butter and ended up with delicious tilapia. I recommend it as a staple to your spice cabinet.
KrystleManhattan, KS

Spike can be used on so many things, it’s amazing!

I use Spike on popcorn, veggies, meats, soups, eggs… you name it. It is a healthier seasoning than most – and so delicious! I am elated to know that I can now order it online, because the health food store is not always so easy to get to.
LuisClitherall, MN


I have always used SPIKE on cottage cheese. It’s an old trick. NOW… finely chop some green onion tops, some parsley and some garlic. Mix that into small curd Cottage Cheese, season with SPIKE. Chill. Even great on toast. High protein and delicious!
KarineReadyville, TN

i’ve loved spike for years

i’ve loved spike especially on buttered corn, popcorn, potatoes and eggs. i also could not find it locally anymore. thanks to the internet and amazon for making it available again.
TheresiaChicora, PA

Spike Seasoning – 3oz

We have been using “original” Spike since 1989. It’s great for marinating chicken, steak and pork and as a substitute for baked potatoes and corn on the cob. We use it on just about everything. The product incorporates dozens of natural ingredients and altogether create great flavor that is better than Dash and other similar products. Our guests always ask “what did you use” and have begun purchasing it for themselves. It’s not easy to find at your grocery store; sometimes placed in the international section, sometimes in the spice section. We’re very happy to have found it sold on Amazon.Spike Seasoning – 3 oz – Salter Flakes
DonnellOlema, CA

Unbelievably tasty on grilled steak

Got very sad when I couldn’t find this in the stores anymore. Got very happy when I could find it on Amazon. Spike is the best. 🙂
SylvieVader, WA

Good price, glad it’s available

This is my #1 favorite condiment, but I can’t find it in stores anymore — not in health food stores and not in well-stocked supermarkets. So I bought one for the house and one for the office. Now I know where to find it the next time I’m running out.
KarmenAmboy, WA

Way too salty

I purchased this after watching a vegetarian recipe on YouTube. I added it to my Chilean Sea bass. Big mistake! This almost ruined my buttery, expensive fish. Perhaps it works well on meat.
EllamaeMc Afee, NJ

Search for Spike!

Spike has been an absolute fav of mine for years. There is no comparison to enhance the flavor of all veggies. Sprinkle and add a little olive oil for the barbie. None of my local stores carry it anymore, so when I found it online, you bet I purchased plenty of bottles. Good thing, too, because my friends love it, and they take a bottle with them when they leave!
AlexanderRichlands, VA

Great Seasoning!

My husband loves this in his tuna fish. I am not a tuna fish fan but with this seasoning now I eat tuna.
JenetteBowie, MD

Excellent Product

I love this product. Saw it on Dr.Oz show. Best product I ever purchase. Low sodium. I had problems with sodium and cholesterol. It has definitely help lower my cholesterol and sodium intake. I would recommend this product to everyone. I brought two and gave one to my daughter. I use it on all my food. It taste good and I use it on all my food. I do not need as much as I would if I was using actual salt to season my food.
ConceptionParkin, AR

The BEST seasoning, period

Spike brings a fresh, natural pop! to everything from salad to eggs, steak to potatoes. Reading the list of ingredients will convince you. Spike is a blend of natural, not laboratory, ingredients, that is a ‘Must Have’ in my kitchen. Spike is my absolute favorite seasoning, bar none.
ShanProtem, MO

Gotta have it!

We can’t find this in stores anymore in Myrtle Beach SC area; started using this several yrs ago and have loved it since.
SharleenSabinal, TX

Favorite spice for cooking

This is my must-have spice for all my cooking. Not hot but lots of flavor. I wish it were easier to find and buy. When I first purchased from Amazon, the price was competitive….now is not. Should be less than $3.
GregorioDulce, NM

glad Amazon has it

I looked for Spike in a bunch of grocery stores to no avail I use it a lot in cooking. First tried it when on a long camping trip and our friends brought it. Excellent.
TobyOrdway, CO

Best seasoning out there!!!

Spike is my secret weapon in the kitchen. I’ve been using this for 30 years. I used to have to go to the health food stores and it is harder and harder to find. Thank goodness for Amazon. You can find anything here!!!
JudiBlairsden-Graeagle, CA