Spike Shooter, Original, 8.4-Ounces

Biotest Spike Shooter, 8.4oz 24pk

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 8.4-ounces per pack (total of 201.6-ounces)
  • Is a high-speed energy drink
  • A delicious and invigorating flavor yet jacked with active ingredients

Top reviews

Not that great

My husband purchased these drinks because he works a night shift. He was not to pleased with them. Didn’t think they worked any better then the other drinks that are out there. He will not purchase them again.
BrianMenlo, GA

Best I have had so far!!! THIS IS THE ONE!!!! GET IT NOW!!!

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!!!! I bought this at seven eleven in the shot first. The shot is great. Then I tried this, and this is great BUT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! I just drank one now and have no Idea what to do with myself. I am WIRED!!!! I drank the whole can, and should not have. My heart is skipping beats, for real. That is not good but I may have heart problems and will be getting checked. I followed the instructions on the shot yesterday and drank half at about Noon (Which I should have on the can today) and and about 5 hours later while I was still WIRED I drank the other half and It lasted until about 4 am…No joke. I did not have any heart effects doing it that way. This is my new energy drink unless one better comes out. I drink mine on an empty stomach to get the full effect and get it fast. If you do this, I can almost guarantee it will work! It is not as expensive as others, it is not easy to find on the internet neither! I will be stocking up on this, and I mean stocking up. I will be comparing the price on the net to seven elevens (Which ebay is asking $130 for a case of shots, and I can get the same amount at seven eleven for $95) and buy a case or two of the cans or the shots. This stuff is no joke, and I would compare the effects to the old 1990’s Yellow Jacket Ephedra pills without the bad “Come Down”. SPIKE, I got to hand it to you! YOU ARE #1. Man I am on CLOUD 9. I almost want the effects to stop, but then again I don’t. Half can would be advised, and the other a few hours later. This seems to be better than the shot, but I don’t know yet how long this will last yet. Will try and update.

UPDATE: 12/29/2009: I bought 4 more cans today and two shots at seven eleven, and my wife had one today along with myself. I noticed my results were fair but not extreme, but I drank only half a can. My fife got the Lime I think and said it was like drinking kitchen cleaner and it had no effects with her. She was up all night the night before, so she was beat, but she said she got nothing. You at least have to drink it on an empty stomach, and try and stick with original. The shots seem to be better. It kind of seems like you certain cans are more potent than others. They may have been made at different companies, there for the mixes may be slightly off. My dad works for a company that makes Arizona Tea and sometime their batches get mixed up and they are made in the same building. It is just if quality control got to it in time before it went to stores. I have a few more, so I will keep you posted. I still say it is worth a try! At least 3 cans on 3 different days to see if maybe the first can may not have had less ingredients that what is supposed to be in it normally.

KatlynBernard, ME


I found this stuff while going to Estes Park last summer. Unlike other energy drinks that hop you up and crash on you sooner rather than later, this one lasts long without the jittery feeling and doesn’t give you that huge crash an hour or so later. It made the drive back from Colorado much easier. The only problem that I have with it is that it is limited to where it is sold. But be warned…this stuff is potent so don’t drink it in mass quantity like other drinks.
JaimeRosario, PR


If you need to stay awake this will do it. I can’t drink one every day but when I do drink one I am wide awake and alert. Maybe also a little jumpy. Doesn’t seem to have a crash at the end.
ElviaWestover, MD


After about 20 minutes there’s decent wake-up call. By the time 30 minutes rolls around the jitters start. An hour in and you feel a bit scared at how tense and jittery you are. It was nothing off-the-wall like having to run in circles or not being able to string a sentence together. Sure, this drink gives a lot of “energy”, but what good is it if you’re too busy shaking to put it to use? That’s why I give it 3 stars…it’s too much. The drink has a really nasty aftertaste that takes about 5 minutes to kick in. While drinking though it’s sickly sweet and average drinkability. I felt the effects for about 12 hours or so. It was more “awakeness” boosting and there was no noticeable increase in concentration. The energy levels became tolerable around the 6 hour mark, which means it’d probably be better just to drink a Monster or other ordinary energy drink.

Overall, only drink this if you’re either dog tired and just need to be awake but not mentally present or if you have an extremely high energy drink tolerance. This one just feels like they wanted to make a product that you can brag about “surviving” rather than one that actually helps you stay functional after an exhausting work week.

BarberaBlacksburg, SC

Amazing, just amazing!

OH MY GOD!!! This is THE energy drink!!! Amazing stuff. This gives you the kick you need.
No other energy drink tastes so good and has that energy kick.
It lasts for about 8-12 hours.
The cherry taste is amazing (better than Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar ect), didn’t drink one, that is so good, yet.
But read the warning labels at the beginning!
Your hands will shake, they will feel cold and warm. But it is a good feeling in my opinion.
Your heart will also beat like a boss, hehehe.

My favourite energy drink.
Buy, buy, buy!

DillonBrigham City, UT

Warnings are Well Deserved

Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster only keep me from sleeping. They don’t provide me with any “energy”.

I have been nearly asleep with my eyes fluttering and struggling to stay open, and within 10 minutes of drinking this I feel wide awake. I strongly recommend following the directions of half a can at a time to test tolerance. They can make you edgy, nervous, shaky etc without proper adjustment.

Zero sugar, zero calories. Lots of B Vitamins ( 33,333%DV ). Be sure to hydrate properly if consuming these frequently or before exercise.

RodneyChautauqua, NY