Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Flavors for Coffee, Hazelnut, 30 Count

Transform an Everyday Cup of Coffee into a Flavorful ExperienceSPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Flavors for Coffee allows you to enjoy the same sweet, rich cup of coffee with gourmet flavor and without the calories.

Quick facts

  • Indulgent flavors: Hazelnut.
  • Each flavor stick conveniently contains the perfect touch of sweetness and rich flavor for one cup of coffee.
  • No calorie sweetener that is made from a process that starts with sugar
  • Does not promote tooth decay
  • 30 individual sticks

Top reviews

Not What I Expected

I was very disappointed in the taste of this item. Not at all what I expected from Splenda. It is much too overpowering, strong and when added to your beverage, that is all you can taste. For instance, if added to coffee, you will not detect ANY coffee flavor, only the Splenda flavor. Much too strong. I prefer the subtle taste of the other coffee additives over this Splenda product – without question!!
LashondaCombs, AR

The Hazelnut Flavor is AWFUL!

I really like Splenda, but this Hazelnut flavor has a distinctly over-chemicaled taste and just doesn’t have much nuttiness to it. Perhaps the other flavors are better.
ArtieBayboro, NC

Good product, bad packaging

I love this stuff and was elated to find it offered through Amazon for a reasonable price. I ordered the 6-box quantity and received it in a reasonable time.

However, of the six boxes I received, five of them had packets that had holes in them or ripped seams. I discovered this on a business trip when I unzipped my suitcase and found that a few packets had shaken their contents out into my clothes. (There’s nothing like having a fine white powder floating around your suitcase when going through Security at the airport.)

When I got home, I opened the other 5 boxes and shook each individual packet to make sure no others had holes in them. Unfortunately, every box had some defective packets.

Hey, Splenda/McNeil Nutritionals — the lot number on all the boxes is the same: 0311N16/073012.

Although I like these hazelnut flavor sticks, I’ll try and find another source for them.

HortenseHighland Lakes, NJ


do not forget to try my favorite MOCHA!!
SeptemberSturgis, KY

Teriffic Splenda coffee flavor

I highly recommend this product. I had been buying it at Walmart for the last two or three years until they quit selling it. Thank goodness I found it on Amazon, and at an even better price than I was paying at Walmart! Thanks to Amazon I now have a standing order for this great tasting coffee flavoring! Not only does it taste great, it has zero calories!
KaronMount Sterling, WI

Hard to find in stores….

This product is becoming more difficult to buy in our local grocery stores, so I bought it on Amazon to save some time and gas money! It adds a wonderful flavor to my coffee without having to purchase a creamer that has to be refrigerated.
OliveKokomo, MS

Splenda Flavored Sweetner

Got hooked on this & then couldn’t find it locally so was very happy to find it at Amazon & enjoy it every morning!
MyriamWilliamsfield, IL

Happy Camper!

Splenda sent me this as a sampler in the Hazlenut flavor, and I really liked it even though I am not a big fan of Hazlenut in general. I did not know if it was a creamer or just a sweetener, but it turned out to just be a sweetener. This is great for anyone who likes their coffee black but wants to add some flavor to it. It would also be cool if Splenda came up with something like this that was a sweetener+creamer.

Looking forward to trying this in French Vanilla.

DulceMedley, WV

Really Good Flavored Coffee Sweetener – Highly Recommended!

I already use Splenda as a sweetener, so was pleased when my wife brought home these Splenda Hazelnut Flavor for Coffee. The Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Flavor for Coffee, Mocha, 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) is my favorite, followed by the Hazelnut and then Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Flavor Blends for Coffee, French Vanilla, 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 6). This is only a sweetener so I still use a splash of “Half and Half” along with two of these in my morning cup. These have no calories and less than 1 Net Carb each, so it isn’t bad for me to have more than one cup in the morning.

Highly recommended!

AshleaElwood, IL

Nothing but the best for the Troops!

My mom first sent my husband a box in his care package – he is stationed North of Baghdad, Iraq – and it was the best thing he had ever received. Being in the Army for 24 years, he has had his share of bad coffee, but he doesn’t have to have wake up to that anymore. I sent him another six boxes of the Hazelnut, Mocha, and French Vanilla. He says the Hazelnut is his, but he shares the rest. It is a big hit with his unit and all have commented on the AWESOME taste and that the Army coffee is significantly improved! We won’t allow him to run out a box or two are added to every care package my mom and I send. Nothing but the best for the Troops!
RicardoGeyser, MT

Flavor Blends Versatility

I was disappointed with the product because it seemed to have an “after taste” which Splenda never does to me,.

The hazelnut needs to be more robust to balance things out.

I will use the flavor blends in my puddings and baking as well.

I truly wish Splenda would work on a “brown sugar” (w/o real sugar) product like Sugar Twin sells.

XiaoShelocta, PA

Mocha is best

This is a pretty good Splenda flavor, but the Mocha is best, in my opinion. The French Vanilla is a second favorite. Hazelnut is better than no flavor at all. I use one flavored packet and one regular Splenda packet in a large (14 oz) mug, and it’s perfect. Not necessary to use two flavored ones, as it is a little pricey and one has enough flavor for an entire travel mug.
JannaHolden, WV

This is fantastic

I am on a great program that does not allow dairy products, giving up cream in my coffee was a drastic thing for me. I love my morning coffee, so when I tried this new Splenda product with Hazelnut I feel back in love with my morning coffee. The only difference between this and the creamer is that the coffee stays black. You get the same creamy taste with the nutty flavor of Hazelnut. I am very pleased with this product and plan to order it before I run out.
AsleyProsperity, WV

Just right for me.

I use artificial sweeteners in my “gotta-have” 2 cups of morning coffee. And love this particular flavor of coffee. The small, packets are easy to throw in the purse if going out for coffee. Tastes very good. Also, feel the price is good. I like being able to stock up with 6 boxes of 30 @ in a box, too.
DiedreWalker, IA


I use these splenda coffee sticks when I am out and about. They make the coffee taste soooooo good. They easily fit into your pocket.
TraceyDime Box, TX

Splenda coffee flavors

I cannot get this product at the grocery store any more so I was very happy to see that Amazon had it. I will continue to purchase it from Amazon.
PatrickLa Blanca, TX

My favorite coffee flavoring!

These sweetener packets are just the right size for a cup of coffee. Easy to take to work or travel with, and the flavor is just perfect! To put the icing on the cake Amazon offers the subscribe and save on these for a discount that puts them below the price I would pay at my local grocery store!
StacieDighton, KS

Perfect smell, great taste

I was using 3 sugar packages for 16 oz of coffee. One Splenda tube is almost as sweet as 3 sugar packages (3 spoons of sugar) and saves me from unnecessary sugar consumption. Hazelnut flavor smells amazing. Taste is great too but it also depends on the coffee used. In my experience, it goes best with Nescafe, other instant coffee brands did not make such an amazing taste with this item. And for some reason, no Splenda product goes well with brewed coffee.
ClementinaEola, IL

I ove it!

I love the taste of it. It gives the coffee a bit of spank! The seller is great too!
I hope the manufacturer wont discontinue making it, as they did with the caramel flavor which was my favorite one!
CoralieEly, MN

a Great Flavor Enhancer

My husband loves the taste of hazelnut in his coffee. Splenda flavored sweetners give him that wonderful flavor without the calories! When our grocery store discontinued them, I was delighted that Amazon had them. It is also a good bargain and helps to maintain my husband’s “sweet” disposition.
VenettaElkland, PA

Flavorful & delicious, without the extra calories or cost!

I’ve been waiting for years for something like this to come along! Hazelnut coffee is my favorite, but it’s so much work to find a nice hazelnut-flavored bean, so I’d always just add flavoring to my coffee. The only problem is that the creamers (liquid and powdered) have so many calories! Sure, there’s the sugar-free Torani syrup, but it takes a lot to get an intense enough flavor, and it’s $16 a bottle! No thank you! I just use 2 packets of the Splenda flavoring per cup, and it makes the best flavored coffee I could imagine! The flavor is intense and delicious, and the product is quite reasonably priced. Since a good review must have pros and cons, the only thing I don’t like about this product is the plastic wrappers, which never seem to open very nicely (but all in all, that’s a pretty mild fall-back). This is a wonderful product!!!
SanjuanitaColdwater, MI

Splenda Flavors

Awesome product that can no longer be obtained in any of my regional retail locations. Lowest price @ Amazon than any online locations.
AnishaSaddle Brook, NJ

Hard to Find in Store near me, Wife and I Love it!

We first tried Splenda with hazelnut while spending some time down in Florida and my wife fell in love with it. We normally drink plain black coffee and only occasionally add a small amount of Splenda But with these little tubes of Splenda and flavor, we now use them all the time. Not too Sweet and just enough flavor. Very hard to find in stores around where we live (Fairfield County, CT) but this is a great price and convenient to buy on amazon!
LaurettaBeech Creek, KY

From Boring to Outstanding

The coffee at the office is totally boring. I see dozens of employees bringing in their Starbucks each morning. Using this product with the coffee provided for me at work makes it bearable, even really good. I was getting alarmed when I couldn’t find it in the grocery store, so I have the auto shipment from Amazon and have really discovered it is the little things in life that make it bearable.
RebaTenants Harbor, ME

Exactly what I wanted and could not buy at Walmart

I had purchased this product at Walmart in the past. When I tried to buy more, no one had any idea what I was talking about but were sure “They quit makin’ it”. Thanks WallyWorld.
RaisaArmstrong, MO

At least it’s quick

I am not sure if I’d actually want to describe it as ‘bitter’, but I decided to purchase this product because I make coffee using milk. But then if I want a sugared cup, I would still usually have to add sugar and flavoring. So I principally bought this product just to forgo steps in the process.

And the packets also seemed to provide convienience for me.

But, I would like a stronger hazelnut flavor. Right now, it seems to be very sugary, so people drinking this product might not always detect if they are using flavoring at all. And this actually negates the point of producing the specific product. It would be better to just buy a can of regular sugar plus a bottle of syrup.

Still, the product is edible and affordable in the markets where it is for sale. I am able to successfully drink the cups which I’ve made. And the individual serviving sizes are convienient. So it’s not the worst thing which is produced on the market. It’s just not the premiere accessory for coffee consumption.

LylaMills, NM

Really works!

I really like the Splenda Coffee Flavors and they are difficult to find locally in the grocery stores. When I found them on Amazon I was very happy!
VernettaDaviston, AL

Nice alternative for regular Splenda

The flavour of hazelnut is not so strong so it works more like an aroma. I take it with a hazelnut flavoured coffee when I want to really feel the flavour. I like it.
NikoleBrunswick, GA

Great flavor!!

Delightfully surprised! Got the sampler pack and was least intrigued by the hazelnut, because though I love Ferrero Rocher and Nutella and the filberts, coffee flavoring in the past has fallen quite short. O — M — G !!!!! This is SOOO good. Tastes just like a Ferrero Rocher candy — and NO CALORIES!!! I drink my morning coffee black brewed at home, and like to keep the Splenda packets around in case I go for an extra cup of the work brewed rock gut. So convenient to carry packets in my purse also, if brews are not so tasty when traveling. My least desired of the 5 pack has now become my favorite.
WillowFeasterville Trevose, PA


The item gets two stars simply because I figure my problem with it might just be a fluke. I love the mocha flavor item, so tried this. After one sip I poured the coffee down the sink because it tasted so awful – bitter and strongly chemical. Maybe there is something wrong with the batch I got?… At any rate, I’ll just stick with the hazelnut creamer and Green Mountain Hazelnut bold k-cups for the flavor I love. So disappointed.
TravisBig Island, VA