SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener Granular, 9.7-Ounce Resealable Bags

Use Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated just like sugar – it measures cup for cup when used in cooking, baking, and beverages. With Splenda, you are significantly reducing the calories and carbohydrate that sugar adds!A cup of Splenda Granulated Sweetener has 678 fewer calories than a cup of sugar, so with Splenda Sweetener Products you can have your cake and eat it too!

Quick facts

  • Has less than 1 gram of carbohydrate and less than 5 calories per serving, which meets FDA’s standards for no-calorie foods.
  • Is available in cartons containing the sweetness equivalency of one and two pounds of sugar and a Baker’s Bag containing the sweetness equivalency of 5 lbs of sugar.
  • Can be used virtually anywhere sugar is used.
  • Stays sweet at high temperatures, so it can be used in cooking and baking and works best in recipes where it replaces sugar’s sweetness.
  • Does not promote tooth decay

Top reviews

S P L E N D I F O R O U S !

This is THE perfect sugar-substitute! In fact, in the book, HOW THE RICH STAY THIN, the author, (a New York City Park Avenue MD), states the following little rhyme:

“First we were pink
Then we were blue…..
Now we’re yellow, through and through!”

Splenda is that rare item made BETTER by a bit of (semi) genetic engineering. Don’t be afraid though – no other product is combined with sugar to make Splenda Granulated. As mentioned in “How Splenda Is Made”, above, hydrogen atoms are removed from the sugar molecule, and replced by
Chloride atoms. This process takes away 99% (or is that 100%?) of the caloric value of the sugar! : ) And what they say is TRUE: It’s made from Sugar, so it TASTES like sugar!

Although it is msore expensive to buy SPLENDA Granulated, (in bags), it may well be worth it, if you have diabetes. I have noticed that the carry-with-you PACKET version of SPLENDA, contains DEXTROSE…..another form of sugar. That, (I believe), is why SPLENDA in packets is a “free food” for diabetics, for up to four packets……only. (Any food ingredient ending in “…ose” is a
sugar.) “Sucralose” is the name given to “SPLENDA’S” semi-genetically-engineered sugar…..so of course it is one of the ingredients, in both forms of SPLENDA — ending, of course, in -OSE. But DEXTROSE appears as an ingredient ONLY in the packet form of SPLENDA. It’s NOT in the bag form!

When I mentioned all this to a SPLENDA represntative, she said it was definitely OK to use the bagged form for sweetening drinks, as well as for baking. But that the bagged form will FIZZ, slightly, when put into drinks. This is normal….but somewhat of a shock if you’re not prepared for it. So — be prepared!

As it is so much more expensive to use the bagged , (baking) SPLENDA granuals for sweetening drinks, than the “carry-with you” packets, (and since I was somehow able to lose 40 pounds — due in no small part to my use of SPLENDA! –and so (horray!), lose my incipient, “Type 3” diabetes), I find I can use both kinds of SPLENDA, with no ill-effects. I find I buy one 700 packet SPLENDA, to every 3 or 4 large packages of granulated, bagged SPLENDA, that I buy.

Recently, (in the 400 PACKET container), the people at SPLENDA have come up with some cute, clever little sayings that uplift the mood, and often bring a smile to one’s lips. Examples: “It’s better to have sprinkled and lost than never to have sprinkled at all”. “Have A Sprinkle And A Smile.” “One small yellow packet for man, one giant smile for mankind.” “Let Your Creative Sprinkles Flow”,

The people who make SPLENDA are both genuises, (finding a way to replace hydrogen atoms with chloride atoms), and creative, (see clever sayings, above.) Maybe not the same people — but they all work for the same company. My mounth curves up, (in a smile!) to them! : )

LillaSanta Rosa, TX

Good value, great taste!

There is juvenile diabetes in our family and we have no other choice but to bake with Splenda. After couple tries I found excellent Splenda recipes and even guests could not tell Splenda cookies from sugar ones. If you still feel Splenda cookies are not the same, add a teasp. of molasses in choc chip or oatmeal raisin and they taste exactly the same!
CordiaMont Belvieu, TX

Splenda is cool

Only 1 cent more per bag compared to the grocery store, and you can’t beat the convenience of delivery!
IkeStartup, WA

Splenda is wonderul

I use Splenda in everything I used to use sugar in. It dissolves easily and tastes just like sugar – with no bitter or after taste
LylePinesdale, MT

Good price

I buy this product here because it’s too darned expensive to get it at my local grocery. I can usually find something else to purchase with this product so I can get the free shipping. Good price, good product.
VanWalling, TN

Great price for splenda!

Ive shopped around a lot and this is the best price I have found online.
BrittnyYona, GU

great deal

I use alot of this as I use no regular sugar so this is a great deal for me.
HarlandBryantville, MA


The PERFECT Addition to a diabetic kitchen. Uses are countless and NEVER has it been less then amazing.
ShainaHillman, MI

Splenda is an excellent sugar substitute.

I just began baking with Splenda when we found out my dad has pre-diabetes. For Easter I prepared a sugarless ricotta tart with Splenda and it worked beautifully. Everyone agreed that it didn’t taste sugar-free and my dad really enjoyed it.
MaudGuilford, ME

Always hits the spot

I love Splenda and I love getting it in a big bag. As a good ole Oklahoma girl, I live for my iced tea. And my tea MUST be sweet, but sugar isn’t an option. So SPLENDA to the rescue. We use it in everything and are learning new ways to use it every day because my Daddy has developed diabetes. The big bags are often out at our local grocery store, so finding them at Amazon with our Amazon PRIME takes care of that problem!
MichelGlen Echo, MD


I’m a diabetic so I can’t have sugar. In my opinion Splenda tastes alot better than sugar and has no carbs from it. So if you’re a new found diabetic and you think life is over cause everything food wise sucks, just sub some Splenda in the recipe and you’ll be good to go.
MarietteGrand Marais, MN

My husband can’t tell the difference!

I think Splenda is great, but I grew up with artificial sweeteners and a true test to how great this product is, is to let a sugar addict try it. My husband happens to be one, and he cannot tell the difference between Splenda and sugar in his tea! As with other artificial sweeteners, you get an unpleasant after taste–with the Splenda there is none! You can use this to cook with too! It’s a wonderful low fat alternative to sugar.
CarolynnDorena, OR


I have found that Splenda is a great sugar subsitute for a diabetic to use. It is great alone on food and also for cooking with. Leaves no after taste like other sugar subsitutes do.
KrystalGarrison, ND

Better price than the supermarket

This is one of those items I buy regularly at the grocery store that I got for less from amazon
PatriaCato, NY

Item is great, price is laughable

A two-pack of 9.6 oz bags (same 10 pound sugar sweetness) is available at Cost.co for $13.
A single 9.6 oz bag is available at Wlmart (yeah, it sucks) for about $7.
SeasonWhittemore, IA

Good product, but be wary of the hidden calories and carbs

This so called “No Calorie Sweetener” does indeed have calories! According to the Splenda website, one cup of Splenda has 96 calories and 24 grams of carbohydrates.

If you want a sweetener for baking, use a liquid Sucralose sweetener.

EndaQuemado, NM

The Only Sugar Substitute Without The Scary Health Warnings

I am used to see either the pink (saccharin) or the blue (aspartame) envelope. One warns about cancer while the other one warns about brain damage. Splenda does not have any of those. Now, the pink and the blue are gone from our work office. First approved for use in Canada in 1991 and later on in the US in 1998.

Splenda is multiple times sweeter than the previous sugar substitutes. Unlike saccharin, Splenda does not have a metallic aftertaste.

Another advantage is that Splenda is stable under heat and can be used for baking.

ArmindaMarbury, MD

It really does taste like real sugar!

I have tried every sweetner out there over the years and found them too horrible to even try a second time around. I was highly skeptical of this one too but decided to give it a shot because so many people were talking about how great it was. Well, I was shocked…it really does taste like sugar and I can’t tell the difference. It also leaves no nasty after taste like some do. Try it, you’ll love it!
NickWyckoff, NJ

The Best

In my opinion, this is the best no calorie sweetener on the market. It has more of a sugar like taste than the pink or blue packages. There is a slight, and I emphasize “slight’ aftertaste. But the benefits far outweigh this, especially if you’re reducing calorie intake for health reasosns.
AlixHammondsville, OH

Splenda granular sweetener

I love this product. In the morning I have half cup of grape nuts with about a cup of frozen wild blueberries from Costco, and milk. I sprinkle Splenda on top. It is delicious, healthy and refreshing. I also use the Splenda to sweeten a bowl of fresh strawberries. No guilt!
MackenzieEverest, KS

Best replacement for sugar in your cooking or baking to reduce you calories!

My wife and I always try to reduce our calories and especially the grams of sugar. This product is wonderful as it tastes like sugar and it is reasonable in price. We use it on our cereal, homemade pies, strawberries and other fruits. It makes fantastic lemonade and you cannot even tell it is not sugared. Since both my wife and I are type 2 diabetics this product helps us control our sugar and still get the sense of eating something sweet.

One cup of Splenda® has 678 less calories than a cup of sugar. There are also a lot of available recipes on the Splenda® web site for good lower calorie snacks and deserts.

This is an ideal product for those who need to reduce their calories and sugar intake. I recommend it!

ShirelyRiddlesburg, PA

Tastes better than sugar! Impressive!

I bought this last week for the first time – I was trying to lessen the sugar out of my kids everyday diets. They can’t even tell the difference and I have very picky kids that won’t eat anything. Today they had strawberries with spendla granulated sugar and couldn’t tell the difference. I was very leary of this, since I can’t stand the smells & tastes of some artificial sweeteners. I am permanentally throwing out all of the sugar in my house and just keeping Splenda Granulated Sugar, Splenda Brown Sugar, and Splenda packets… I am going to learn to cook with Splenda, since it’s better for the whole family. I drink a lot of tea and this tastes a lot better in my tea than regular sugar did and no calories! I am definitely going to be carrying a baggy of this in my purse when I go to restraunts, work, & school events. This is a fantastic alternative. I’m impressed.
CierraGlenn Dale, MD

good for those who use a lot of splenda

Big resealable bag. It’s good for those who use a lot of splenda. Even if you don’t use a lot, nothing but humans will eat it, so not to worry about it spoiling quickly.
EmogeneNordheim, TX

Almost good as real

I use it everyday, I think it taste the same as real sugar, and it helps me watch my carb intake.
KarieBraham, MN

Great Diabetic Friendly Sweetener! Highly Recommended!

“Splenda” is one of my favorite things ever! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for sweet tasting snacks and drinks that will not effect my blood sugar levels. Splenda makes it possible for us to have sweet baked goods, sweet ice tea and coffee again since I don’t like “Nutra-Sweet” or “Sweet and Low”

Like most diet products it is not perfect and Splenda does not taste quite as good as regular sugar, but it is as close as we have found. It is really very satisfying and has no calories as well.

Highly recommended!

KyleUcon, ID


I use Splenda any place I used to use sugar. It is made from sugar but has no calories. I have stopped drinking Pop and just buying the 20 cent unsweetened popular brand of kids drink mix. I add about 2/3 cup Splenda and it tastes great.

It’s great for baking and you use it measure for measure the same. I love it in my coffee.

The other popular sweetener that I cannot say name has a lot of side effects for some people Me being one of them. I get no ill effects from Splenda and it leaves no unpleasant aftertaste.

FloridaCross Anchor, SC

Great Product

A well-known no-calorie sweetener, good for baking, and for just about anything where you would usually use sugar. And the special price made it a great buy.
CorieFranklin, ME


Great product but found out I can get it much cheaper at our local store.
DortheaSabattus, ME

Almost Sugar

Almost as good as sugar. I hate most sweeteners and I can tolerate this so it is pretty good.
EnochBeverly, MA

the best sugar substitute

Splenda tastes just like sugar. You can enjoy cooking and eating without adding calories. Price at Amazon is cheap.
KarmaKrakow, WI