Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce

Poof you’re gone! This Hot Sauce is for the palate pyromaniac who loves the true heat and flavor of the habanero and pure capsicum extract. Caution Extremely Hot. Has been created for the true pyromaniac, the one who says nothing is too HOT for me!! This gourmet Hot Sauce is made with the hottest commercially grown habaneros, and to make it even more combustible Southewest Specialty Food Inc has added pure capiscum extract. Be careful it is extremely hot.

Quick facts

  • Habenero hot
  • Radioactive red

Top reviews

Best Hot Sauce out there

If you want a hot sauce that is flavorful and has quite the kick (sweating occurs when eating) then this is the hot sauce for you. I tried many different ones until I came across this company when we were visiting a shopping mall in SLC, we bought a sample pack of assorted sauces and one of them was spontaneous combustion. This stuff has habanero peppers and capsicum pepper combined. The first time it is really intense then as you use it you start to gauge how much you can handle. I highly re commend this hot sauce, not for the faint of heart
EmmyMcfaddin, TX

Flavorful for something this hot

I just got a bottle of this as a gift from a dear friend… really, most sauces I use are no more than 3000 Scoville units if that much. This is way hotter — one source on line claims 1.2 million units but I am skeptical. Still, the few drops I’ve had, one at a time, strike me as quite flavorful apart from the heat. If you can stand this level of burn, at least this sauce is providing something other than burn.

I suspect that I’ll use most of this in cooking homemade soups as a source of heat, where its good flavor will be diluted too much to matter… rather a pity.

ElaHuntland, TN