Sportea Iced SPORTea – 7 Tea Bags pack of -2

Sportea Iced Tea 7qt Bags 3 oz ( Multi-Pack)

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  • Total of 2 Packs

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Best Tea on Earth (No, I don’t own company stock!)

Everyone in my house is addicted to this tea. We drink it iced. Make one or two pitchers of it a day. It’s not sweetened, but has a subtle, natural sweetness to it. Feels refreshing and clean. It was also one of the few things I tolerated well when I was pregnant and routinely nauseated. I’ve heard this from other mothers too. Love it.
LindaWolf, WY

A delicious ‘tonic-like’ tea

I was introduced to this tea at a local restaurant and went absolutely crazy about it. Its unique flavor and healthifying blend of green and black teas and yerba mate, along with a light touch of ginger, is a wonderful thirst quencher. As a tonic for health and energy, I now find myself drinking it daily instead of my usual afternoon coffee. It perks up the body and brain without the jittery effects of caffeine. I find I get a delightful pick-me-up later in the day–when I need it–without the negative affects of keeping me up at night. While a tad expensive, I will continue to buy SPORtea and enjoy its delicious brew. It is now a part of my every day routine.
StarGadsden, TN