Sprout Organic Baby Food Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese, 5.5-Ounce

Sprout Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese Organic Baby Food. Advanced meals with texture 3. USDA organic.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 5.5-ounce boxes of Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese baby food from Sprout Organic
  • Organic ingredients include butternut squash, hearty white beans, whole grain macaroni, and cheese; real food for babies

Top reviews

Baby would not eat it!

We usually like Sprout but this one was a no go. My son gagged and I thought it was the texture of the food which was really thick and dry. I blended it with some Almond milk and added a little salt. To me, the taste was better and texture was like his other food but my son would not eat it. He would gag even when the spoon got close to his mouth.

I have 11 more pouches so I’ll try again in a couple of weeks but my husband (who loves to taste-test my son’s food) also said it was yucky.

FlorineNewport, KY

Nice flavor, but might be too thick/chunky for babies new to textured foods.

My baby girl absolutely adores Sprout stage 1 and 2 pureed baby foods, so I was really looking forward to giving her Sprout stage 3 foods when she turned 8 months old and was ready for an introduction to textured solids. The first time we tried this Sprout stage 3 Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, my little-one gagged so hard that her eyes watered! (And she also panicked a little … very scary for Mom & Dad!) I know that a bit of gagging is to be expected when introducing a baby to textured solids, but this was well beyond the norm. I then tried some of the Mac & Cheese myself, and while it was certainly flavorful, it contained pretty large chunks of food, like whole pieces of elbow macaroni. Plus, it was so thick that you could barely stir it with a spoon. Definitely too much for my baby, who’d only had smooth purees up to that point. Sprout is definitely the thickest and chunkiest of the organic stage 3 baby foods that I’ve tried. The stage 3 training dinners from Plum Organics and Ella’s Kitchen are textured, but they contain very small, soft bits of meat, vegetables and rice/pasta that were much easier for my baby to manage (i.e., little or no gagging).

Once your baby is comfortable eating chunky textured solids, Sprout stage 3 baby foods are bound to become a favorite. The Mac & Cheese (and the other flavors) are very tasty and well-seasoned, minus the added salt and sugar, which babies don’t need. And Sprout baby food is certified organic to boot. Therefore, I’ll be storing these stage 3 pouches in the back of my pantry for a few weeks until my baby girl is ready for them.

For advanced textured solid-eaters: A
For newbies: C

BrittanyTappan, NY

Nice and creamy

This is one yummy mac and cheese. My kid loves it and so do i.. (i end up licking the left overs)
FloriaUnion, NE

My son loves this Mac & Cheese

My son is now 14 months old. The first 2 times I tried to feed him the Butternut Squash and Mac & Cheese he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He was about 10 months old then. Now that he’s older, he loves this and it’s a great addition to his diet. I read that you are supposed to try several times with foods that babies reject and not to give up. That’s what I did and it paid off. Not only does he eat this now, he also eats the black beans and sweet corn too. The texture is a little dry but my son doesn’t seem to mind at all. Sprout is definitely the best baby food on the market. I’ve tried all of the other brands and they go from average to really bad. I like knowing that all Sprout meals are organic and prepared to bring out the natural flavors of food. And the best way to get all of the food out is to squeeze the package from the bottom. I also bought some longer baby spoons which makes it much easier to feed him right from the package.
TannaStayton, OR

Baby loves this!

I was worried after seeing some negative reviews here and on another site but I got a few packages of this macaroni and cheese from our local drugstore anyway. My son had tried and liked a lot of other Sprout flavors — basically, everything except the creamy chicken with mixed veggies was a hit, including the lasagna, the holiday turkey with veggies and the minestrone with beans and greens — but this one is by far his favorite. He will inhale a whole pouch happily. I would rather make him my own mac and cheese but as a working mom I just don’t always have the time, and the Sprout pouches are super convenient to throw in the diaper bag. This one is a winner!
AlphaHamlet, IN


We are normally fans of the Sprout brand. This product, however, did not meet with their usually high standards. Upon opening a packet of food, I noticed an ‘off smell’ and a discoloration of product. It appeared spoiled. I tasted a small amount before feeding it to my daughter and determined that it was, indeed, bad. So back the entire box went to amazon.
LauranHawaiian Gardens, CA

Not a fav

I like Sprout foods, but the texture on this one is thick, it’s like a clump of mac n cheese that got left in the pan overnight and solidified. I have to really work it to loosen it so my daughter doesn’t gag on it.
CleoGary, SD

Simply delicious

I like most Sprout’s meals. So does my girl. They are pricey sometimes but they are healthy and tasty that’s why I keep buying them. This one in particular is my and her favorite. I have been feeding it to her for few months and she still loves it. She can eat it even if it’s cold.
GoldieWesson, MS

Sprout did it again!

We have yet to find a food by Sprout that my son won’t eat. He loves this mac and cheese and its a healthy alternative to anything by Kraft.
MiltonMc Kees Rocks, PA