Sprout Organic Baby Food Curried Red Lentils and Glazed Carrots with Jasmine Rice, 5.5-Ounce


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Code dates are too close to use 12 packages

Please watch the code dates. Check as soon as you get them. I realized too late I would not be able to use them before expiration date. I should have sent them back immediately.
HortenciaBergoo, WV

Love this one!

Our 10 month old loves this flavor! It’s mildly curried, with coconut and rice, and it actually tastes like something like something an adult would eat. It’s just enough texture for little ones to handle too. We get most of the sprout products but this one my daughter’s favorite, judging by the way she always opens up for it until the whole pack is gone.
MariellaBryant, IA

Surprise! Baby loves it.

My 8-month baby always screws up his face like he’s being poisoned when you give him something new, so I thought he’d need some time to get used to this. Not true! He loved this from the first bite. And while he tends not to like foods with a lot of texture yet, the rice-in-sauce texture of this food doesn’t bother him at all.
NetaLyme, NH

My son hates this

I am not sure what the problem is with this one , maybe it’s the ginger, he loves all the othe sprout foods. This one he spits out
BarrieTokio, ND

Tastes good, but hard fr my 11-mo old to like it.

I thought this would be an interesting combo to introduce to my daughter but I’ve learned that it’s hard to convince an 11-mo to eat curry. She doesn’t hate it but I can’t get her to eat this like the other flavors. Maybe I’ll try again when she’s older but for now this is not a hit.
ByronNorco, CA

My won’t eat this one – but loves other Sprout flavors

Let me start by saying that I am so happy this brand is out there…good, healthy, organic meals that are great to take with you when you are traveling or as a backup at a restaurant.

My almost 11 month old will not eat this flavor and he eats almost anything! I am not sure if it is a texture thing as he also doesn’t like hummus (lentils and chickpeas are maybe a similar texture), but he loves the Peach Pumpkin Pie flavor as well as tolerates the Black Beans and Corn. These are the only 3 we have tried. I would recommend not getting a whole case unless you know your baby likes it. I have to say that of the three this was my least favorite (I try everything my son eats). My personal favorite is the peach pumpkin pie though. It tastes like Thanksgiving but it is very healthy! I might squeeze a few of them into a pie crust and see if anyone notices it is baby food – I guarantee they wouldn’t!

OdisMaple Valley, WA

My Earths Best Baby spits it right out…

My daughter has been eating earths best since she was 10 weeks old, in addition to her formula. I gave this to her and she spit it back out immediately. I made several attempts at future lunches and dinners and she refused to eat it. I even tried to mix it with something else, which always works… except with the ones from Sprout that she hates.

My guess is that the chemicals from the packaging gets into the food..? Or it just tastes like garbage. She wasn’t picky, until now.

🙂 Good Day.

NatoshaJunction City, OR

My kid loves this

My kid loves all of Sprout meals (Vegetarian ones) No complain. I love the way the food smells when I break the seal and my kid loves the flavors.
I’m happy and would recommend this to other moms.
ChiquitaWolf, WY

too spicy

this was very spicy. My son would not eat it. I tried it – it is good – but even I thought it was spicy.
ThomasineRockwell, NC

Great baby food

Perfect texture to introduce real food to babies, for 8 months +. Tastes good , my baby loves all of the sprout babyfood
OswaldoOsmond, NE

Great Curry Taste

I gave this chunky texture food to my daughter at 10 months and it was a hit right away. 2 months later she still loves it every time. The curry taste makes me even want some!
SanfordChalmette, LA