Sprout Organic Baby Food, Stage-3, Holiday Vegetable Dinner with Roasted Turkey, 5.5-Ounces pouches

Sprout Holiday Vegetable Dinner with Roasted Turkey Organic Baby Food. Advanced meals with texture 8+ months. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA organic.

Quick facts

  • Baby Food Hldy Vgtbl Trky (Pack of 12)

Top reviews

Overprocessed Salt

If there is no wholesome food available, this could do. However, this is high in salt, low in fiber, high in carbohydrates (tastes like sweet candy), and uses highly processed ground turkey. Even gourmet pet food offers real chunks of meat. This is supposed to be for advanced babies, but it’s mushy with bits of ground turkey and corn kernel peels. It would be good to see more WHOLE bits of food, less salt, less sweetness, more fiber, and cuts of real meat (not highly processed ground mystery turkey) with more meat. It is healthier for me to use frozen vegetables with meat than this Sprout concoction. They get two stars for trying to be organic.
LavernMoulton, AL

Sodium is Way TOO HIGH – 135mg

I just cancelled my subscription after learning that 1 pack (5.5oz) contain 135mg of sodium. Way too high for 13 months old child! Its like feeding her cheetos for dinner
VaughnYankeetown, FL

Horrible taste and smell

I purchase a lot of baby food in bulk through Amazon. This is the first food that I’ve found that not only would my little one not eat, he literally gagged on it. I tried it myself and found that it tastes terrible. There’s something in it I can’t quite put my finger on, but it is wretched. In an attempt to see if it was just us, I gave the remaining case to a friend of mine whose daughter is 3 weeks younger than my son. He also said she gagged on it and wouldn’t eat it. It 20 pouches ended up in the trash. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’ve purchased just one and know that your little one will eat it.
AbrahamFort Smith, AR

Good flavors but…

The flavors are very American Thanksgiving, and this is easier than fixing a plate and then pureeing it, but there is a strong herb smell that my daughter has a hard time with.
NaLackey, KY

Little one loves it!

This was the first Sprout Organic Baby Food I’d given my son. From the first bit he loved it and ate the whole pouch in just minutes. He’s normally takes his sweet baby time to eat so I was thrilled to find something he’d literally gobble up. The packaging is a bit difficult to deal with, I’m not a big fan of the pouches, I always feel like I’m leaving money in the bottom of the pouch and not too thrilled about the high sodium content. But he loves it, he’ll eat it, it’s relatively healthy, and since I don’t have time to make him gourmet, organic, hand mashed foods on a regular basis, this works great for us.
MiguelinaCarrier Mills, IL

Baby likes it.

This Turkey Dinner is one of only two Sprout Stage-3 meals that my baby will eat. (She’s now 13 months old, and has been eating these meals since she was about 10 months old). Unlike many of the other Sprout Stage-3 foods, this one isn’t overly thick and chewy. There are visible bits of vegetables and turkey meat, but they are very manageable, so they don’t make my little-one gag or quit eating because the food is too difficult to chew with the few teeth that she has. It smells pretty good, too … Like real “cooked” food, rather than ground-up “baby food.” Most importantly, my baby loves it and routinely opens her mouth very wide for additional spoonfuls. This has become one of our “go-to” meals when there’s no time for a home-cooked meal or finger-foods.
StanParkman, WY

label information

I’m sitting here with the Sprout Holiday Vegetable Dinner package of baby food in hand and I don’t know where the reviewer came up with the salt content. Calories: 140; Total Fat: 4 grams; Sodium: 20mg; Carbs: 24 grams; sugars: 4 grams (Since there is 20 grams difference between the carbs and the sugars, this generally indicates there are no additional sugars added and what IS there is from the natural sugar in the veggies) Fiber: 2 grams; Protein 4 grams; In fact, I have looked at several of the Sprout baby food packages and their sodium is quite low. I was in the middle of the ordering process to get this from Amazon when the review caught my attention in regard to the sodium content and I had to comment!
SherlyWarren, VT

Love Sprout, BUT NOT this one

My three boys love Sprout foods, but I have tried this one for the last two months, turkey w/herb roasted vegetables, and they won’t eat it. Someone else also mentioned that the herb smell is strong.
MinervaSharon, KS

Tasty, healthy food you can feel good about serving baby

My son loves the Sprout pouches of food, and I think this one may be his favorite. I taste all of his baby food, and I must say that this one is very tasty. (I don’t want to feed him anything that I would find disgusting, as is the case with a good deal of baby food out there.) It is made with wholesome ingredients, and it is great for travel or on-the-go meals because you don’t need to refrigerate before opening. My son gets very excited when he sees that I’m opening up a Sprout pouch! I’ve been very happy with all Sprout products I’ve tried, and this one is no exception.
NumbersDelphos, KS

My son’s favorite

My toddler son loves these meals and I feel good feeding them to him. They are made simply and even look like a meal ground up (not like the old meat baby food meals that looked unnatural). They are large meals (5.5 oz) and organic so, to me, I felt they were a great deal on Amazon and well worth the cost.
LouisLa Blanca, TX