Sprouted Sunflower Seeds Sweet Curry 5 oz Pkg

A zesty snack, Kaia Foods Sprouted Sunflower Seeds in Sweet Curry are gluten-free, raw and USDA Organic. Kaia Foods keeps it simple. Their sunflower seeds are sprouted, seasoned and dehydrated at low temperatures, instead of being roasted. The nutrients (and great taste) aren’t processed away. In a reusable bag.

Quick facts

  • Sprouted Sunflower Seeds from Kaia Foods
  • Sweet Curry flavor
  • Certified USDA Organic

Top reviews

I think one of my bags was rancid…

I purchased two bags. The first one I opened was really bad…..tasted moldy. So I opened the second one and although I still did not like the product because of the curry flavor did not seem moldy. Maybe sprouted is not a good idea for something that has a shelf life, but curry is definitely not a good idea for sunflower seeds in my opinion.
MayaSharpsburg, NC

Sunflower Seeds with flair

I was hooked from the first bite. The Sweet Curry was perfectly mirrored with the Sprouted Sunflower Seeds. It is definitly worth buying.
FrankProctorville, OH