St. Dalfour Gourmet On The Go, Ready to Eat Three Beans with Sweet Corn, 6.2-Ounce Tins

Ready to Eat, Gourmet to Go meals contain only the freshest of ingredients, no added preservatives, msg, nitrates, colours or artificial ingredients, containing less that 1% of saturated fat.

Quick facts

  • Shelf Stable for two years
  • Ready-to-eat. Good served warm or room temp
  • All-natural, no MSG, low fat, low sodium
  • Comes with salt/pepper sachet and plastic spork

Top reviews

Don’t trust amazon reviews (except this one)

Based on the reviews, I bought this; it is pretty bad, and reeks of the tin/metal can it will have been in for weeks or months by the time you get it. The sauce is made in Taiwan and is bizarre. Sorry, but not even the French can save this one. Food like this needs to be fresh or not at all. Take bread, cheese, and wine on a picnic, not this. I’m giving these away to the homeless.
CassaundraWillow Beach, AZ

St. Dalfour’s Three Beans with Sweet Corn

St. Dalfour’s Three Beans with Sweet Corn was disappointing. I tried it because of all the high ratings. I found this item to be very greasy. Beans and corn shouldn’t be greasy, so I scanned the ingredients. Sure enough they added both sunflower and olive oil. The total fat content for this little can was 10. If some of the oil could have been left out, I would have enjoyed it better. It is nice to eat beans and corn and get your protein and carbs without the fat. Not so with this product. Thus it gets only three stars.
LutherPine Ridge, SD

Not horrible but below average still – Mfg Origin Confusing

The packaging is quite confusing. It states on the front in fairly large type: “Product of France.” The word “France” appears in several places. On the back, in smaller type, presumably referring to the little package of “culinary sauce” that comes with the little tin of beans, corn, etc., it states “Product of Taiwan” and “Produced in Taiwan under St. Dalfour direction.” Then, to the right, this time presumably referring to the tin of beans, corn, etc., it states: “Product of France. Packed for St. Dalfour [address omitted].”

It is difficult to figure out where some or all of the contents were actually made. I am guessing Taiwan but who knows. Maybe the manufacturer is reading this and can clarify.

As for flavor, well that is so subjective, it is hardly worth a review. But, for whatever this is worth, no, it did not taste all that great IMHO. Very bland. And, here’s something to consider: purchased this product in early 2012. The expiration date you ask? That would be 7/2014!! Makes you wonder, eh?

RebbecaPortage, ME

Horrible taste and smell

A friend of mine just purchased these for a camping trip. I was curious to see what this product tasted like ahead of time, so we opened one up. Immediately upon opening I was hit with the distinct smell of cat food. How do you make beans and corn smell like cat food?? The beans and corn were mushy and tasted horrible. Maybe its a French thing, but my American palate did not like this one bit. Please do not submit your mouth to such torture.
SandieFranklin, NH

Salt warning

This is canned beans. It may well be that the ingredients are above average, but it still tastes like canned beans. And it is NOT low salt, in fact a can has 600 mg of sodium. It would be very helpful to have the usual info from the actual product with any foods listed on the site. Only a few has it.
DestinyGraysville, OH

St. Dalfour Gourmet 3 Bean lunch

This was a great lunch item. I had to remove contents to heat in the microwave. That was the only inconvenience.
GraigCanton, CT

Amazingly Delicious and Convenient!

I was a little skeptical about this product… canned veggies are normally pretty gross. This was fantastic though! I have to stop myself from eating them too quickly. It is a little pricey per can, but I think this with a side, such as some toast to put it on or something, is a full meal. Very filling and tasty. This can be taken anywhere, needs no cooking and comes complete with a spork. I will definitely be buying more of this and other products by St Dalfour Gourmet.
LethaNashua, NH

Great as a meal or side dish …

I purchased this from GoPicnic as part of a package for travel and purchased extras to “try ahead of time.”

This particular meal is both gluten-free and vegetarian. The GoPicnic Website also lists it as Halal and preservative free. It comes with a small fork as well as salt and pepper, so that you can eat it on its own either cold or hot. I tried it both ways and it was equally tasty.

I love the fact that it includes suggestions inside of the package and for our first try I added chedder cheese and heated it, using it as a side dish with chicken. It was very filling on its own, and the cheese was a great complement.

If you are eating it as a meal by itself, adding slices of cheese or a small can of tuna will increase the protein, however I would consider it an ample meal with a side of crackers or corn chips, or as it recommends on the side, over a dish of nachos!

The packaging lists it as “two servings,” although on the go you will most likely want to eat it as a single serving. This would give you 10 grams of protein, 36 grams of carb (14 of which are fiber for a net carb count of 22 grams), and 10 grams of fat.

Tasty, healthy, and nutritious. I’m looking forward to eating it again on our trip.

*** The one thing I have not been able to confirm is whether this meal is TSA safe. Please be sure to check if you are intending to take it with you on an airline, since it would be very disappointing to have it confiscated by security.

MeiTrilby, FL

delicious and healthful

Amazingly delicious and convenient. I love the 3 bean-salad right out of the can or added to rice, eggs, pasta … anything. Even my carnivore husband likes it. I keep several cans in the pantry so I always have something fast, tasty and nutritious ready to eat as a snack or meal. It is also a great gift.
KendallSanta Clara, UT

Great for on the run meal

Great for on the run meal. Tastes good with or without the included sauce and comes with its own spork. Drink not included.
TamishaCook, NE

Good convenience food

This is a tasty convenience food, especially for vegetarians or vegans. I’ve eaten it in the car (not driving) and in the airport. Be careful that the little (included) “spork” doesn’t fall out of the packaging and get lost.
RobAbbot, ME

Good stuff!

I keep this in my bag for when my son is hungry and there is no healthy alternative. He really likes the little spork it comes with and enjoys the flavor. He’s 3. I like this because it’s healthy and very convenient.
LaurettaLehr, ND


My Mom has Alzheimers and we buy these to have on hand for us and for her. She gets hungry at different times which makes it difficult and this is not only quick to make but good for her as well. It is quite tasty with it’s own little packet of dressing and a spork to eat it with. The taste is so yummy. We eat them right from the can. I eat crackers with it too.
MarivelPhilmont, NY

Gourmet food for flights

My husband I love these little package “gourmet on the go” foods. We take them with us when we fly and find them perfect for that. They are tasty, include a fork and a little package of sauce you can add. They are low in fat and pretty healthy. They are also nice to throw in your bag when on car trips or even as a food to store for emergencies.
I highly recommend this product and am thankful Amazon carries this product.
Wholefoods grocery store did sell them but it looks like they have stopped.
TranBonnyman, KY

Yum, yum, yum

Tasty and healthy-easy to open container complete with sauce packet and a spork (the sauce really adds a great flavor boost). I love the fact that it is full of fiber.
AudraBerlin, WI

Perfect for Lunch

Perfect for lunch, just add a glass of iced tea. What else can I say? Just exactly the right size, vegan (check the label), and delicious.
ScarlettAmalia, NM

I like it!

I was really surprised by the St. Dalfour Three Beans with Sweet Corn. I did NOT add the sauce that came with the packet only salt and pepper. It was pretty good. The best part it’s gluten free. I needed something to take on an international flight with me because of my diet and this worked out great.
BrynnLawrence, NE

Great meal on the go!

These are healthy, delicious, and very convenient. I travel frequently for work and I pack one of these in my suitcase in case I’m in a pinch. They have saved me from eating a processed, fast food dinner on many occasions.
CourtneyNora, IL

Wanted to Give a Five!

Also great tasting, light and refreshing…..Although it comes w/ a “dressing” pack, I had to add a bit more of my rice vinegar to make it perfect.
I will definitely purchase again….
LudieHillsboro, TN

Yummy & Gluten Free!

This is such a tasty and convenient gluten free meal. My husband takes it to work with a container of rice. He heats the rice and adds the beans and corn over, unheated. He also takes a little bag of tortilla chips to dip into the mixture. He really enjoys it and it is much cheaper and healthier than eating out. I have been buying this product from my local grocery store for $3.49 and on Subscribe & Save it is only $1.86. Wow.
ReginiaHarbor Springs, MI

Tastes good without heating

When I got these I thought they’d be great to put in my emergency rations bag. No prep, includes fork. Gotta be better than those expensive but deeply awful MREs.
HattieMount Hope, OH

a better lunch at your desk than what’s on offer at the local cafe

Every time a colleague tastes my lunch “tin,” Dalfour gains another customer. I find it a bit too oily before one adds the vinegar (which is mild & slightly sweet) based side dressing, but everyone else loves it as is. My advice: add a little water and drain it in the can, then add the packet. The packet dressing is very tasty, as is the bean mix. I like mine cold or at room temperature. If you prefer beans hot and microwave this, you won’t need to drain it. Note: I generally like my food without much oil, so if that’s not your taste, you should love this right from the tin. Each serving is packaged with a fork . . . nice touch!
ScarlettDows, IA

This stuff is FANTASTIC

I actually purchased this by accident, and I am so glad that I did!! This company makes another one with salmon in it that is also SUPER excellent and that was what I thought I was buying this time. I love both!

This is so convenient to keep in my drawer at work. I think it is so good I can eat it straight out of the can!! I do love to add a packet of salmon to it or a can of chicken breast to get a little more protein, and for me this is a perfect quick lunch when I don’t have much time (or a microwave). If you go camping or like to go hiking, this would be FANTASTIC for that! I’ve also dumped it on a salad at work as well and VOILA- super health lunch!

I do feel it is a little on the expensive side, but for convenience and portability you really can’t go wrong. I have put it on the subscribe and save program because I eat it quite often and now it is cheaper so if you do like it I recommend going that route to save some $$.

ChanaHolden, MO

Excellent for Vegetarians!!

This is one the the best-tasting, portable protein sources I have found! Perfect for after the gym, a nutritious alternative to airplane snacks when traveling, and super easy to throw in your purse for an anytime hunger attack 🙂 Love, love, love this stuff!
FatimaWarrington, PA


I have been subscribing to this item for a while and it’s always a treat when it arrives. And I like the cute sfork.
VinceSomerville, AL

LOVE these on the go meals

whether or not you use the “gourmet sauce” pack (which has “natural flavors” which always makes me assume MSG) these meals are just darn good, filling, taste and “feel” nutritious–e.g. i’m not hungry when i’m done. i eat them slowly and chew well to get the full benefit of the fiber. i think they taste really good, really fresh, and i keep a couple of cases on hand as part of my “emergency” food stash and for taking to work for a quick and easy lunch. I am so pleased to find them on Amazon! I’d only seen them at one other store before (granted… i don’t shop stores much now that I’m on Amazon, but i do go out for groceries and farm stands).
TobiEnoree, SC

Perfect for gluten-free travel.

I have celiac disease and prefer to bring my own food with me when I travel. I recently went on a week-long trip and brought a six-pack of St. Dalfour Gourmet on the Go with me in my checked bag. It worked out perfectly! I didn’t need to reheat or refrigerate the servings, so they were ideal for eating in my hotel room. Even though the servings were tinned, they were light enough that they didn’t make my bag too heavy. The average cost per tin made them an affordable choice. They provided me with a solid amount of protein and vegetables per meal. And best of all, they were absolutely delicious! A little oily — I skipped the additional oil packets after the first serving — but the seasonings are wonderful. I will definitely buy St. Dalfour Gourmet on the Go again.
DarenMedora, IL

So Delicious!

So Delicious! I purchased the Salmon as well as the Three Bean and Sweet Corn Gourmet on the Go 6pk as a quick, handy, and occasional meal for my toddler. He LOVES them and they have been extremely convenient this summer when traveling or going to the pool because they do not need refrigeration (they also come with a spork!). They do not taste like the typical “canned meat” or bland canned vegetables. They are fresh and full of unique flavor. I have since ordered myself these two varieties to keep on hand at work. I only wish that the French manufacturer, St. Dalfour, would sell the chicken and ham varieties in the US. I’m looking forward to trying the others!
LisabethTroy, OH

Good, fast and easy

For snacks I used to turn to energy bars – those that had a balanced nutrition and some sort of chocolate. I was trying to kill the hunger and the chocolate craving pangs all at once. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it beget more chocolate! Plus, the sugar content was high. I find this product works much better. It tastes good and I feel better eating it. I’m usually on the go so I don’t do anything fancy as the package suggests, I just eat it as is and right out of the container. Sometimes I find I need to dab off some excess oil. Otherwise it’s a great snack.
MalcolmWorthington, IN

Gluten free, vegetarian, delicious, suitable for travel

I buy by the case. Use for traveling. Have taken 1-2 packages thru security(carry on). They always get dusted to check if they contain explosives, then pass thru. If bringing more than 1-2, I put in checked luggage. Delicious. Each tin comes w a spork, salt, pepper, and sauce packet so ready to eat. You wouldn’t believe how good just plain veggies could taste. Better warm than cold, but can be eaten cold too. Only downside-cannot warm in the tin they come in. I also eat them at home for a snack or a meal when I’m lazy or just got back from a trip and am tired/have nothing in frig yet.
FaithAlder, MT