Stacker 6 Hour Power Energy Shot – Orange, 2-Ounce Bottles

Stacker2 6 Hour Power Energy Shots are the perfect, convenient energy boost for people on the go. The Stacker2 line of diet and energy supplements have been manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals pioneers in diet, energy and sports nutrition supplements for over 35 years. Stacker2 6 Hour Power Energy Shots are superior to most energy shots because they do not contain sugar or calories but do taste great. When you’re looking for energy for work, school or play, there is only one choice—Stacker2 6 Hour Power Energy Shots manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals. Stacker2 6 Hour Power Energy Shots are available in 5 delicious flavors: Very Berry, Orange, Grape, Punch and Lemon-Lime. Try one today. Buy from a name you can trust Stacker2. Proudly made in the USA

Quick facts

  • Stacker2 6 Hour Power Energy Shots are a fast acting, long lasting boost of energy supplying the energy you need to be productive and alert
  • Packed with B-Vitamins 6 Hour Power Energy Shots come in a convenient on the go 2oz energy shot designed to provide high energy anytime, anywhere
  • 6 Hour Power is perfect when you need a boost of energy with B-vitamins and amino acids which may help contribute to energy, 0 sugar 0 calories
  • Quick easy and convenient these on the go shots help provide a jolt of energy anywhere, anytime working at school or during sports or exercising
  • The Stacker2 line of diet energy and sports nutrition is manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals pioneers in the category for over 35 years

Top reviews


To properly test the “Stacker 6 Hour Power Energy Shot”, I sipped one 45 minutes prior to a double step class at the gym. I felt energized and flew through the high intensity aerobic workout. The taste is better than many, the price is quite competitive, and I really appreciated the energy boost without the calories. Overall, one of the better energy shots that I have tried.
LeishaEkalaka, MT

Works great for the price

Works great for the price. Couldn’t tell the difference between this and the 5 Hour shot, except this is 1/2 the price.
RuthaCottage Hills, IL

Great price, less taste

I’ve been a long time imbiber of 5-hour products but thought that this time I would try one of the competitors.

As noted by the other reviewers, the cost is much less (about 33% less) than 5-hour which is big plus. The drawback for me was the taste of the Fruit Punch which was watery and thin. Maybe the other flavors are more appealing but I’m not sure I’ll try them. Sometimes the extra cost is worth it.

SirenaSimpsonville, KY