Stacy’s Bagel Chips, Simply Naked, 8-Ounce Bags

To make our Stacy’s Bagel Chips, we start with delicious, artisan-style bagel bread. We slice it into bite-sized rounds, then bake them to perfection. When we’re finally done, each chip delivers amazing flavor and a delicious crunch.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve, 8-ounce bags (total of 96 ounces)
  • Plain bite-sized bagel chips sliced vertically (no holes!) topped with sprinkle of sea salt
  • Made from real bagels, all-natural, baked, not fried, no cholesterol, no trans fat
  • Great served with your favorite dip or enjoyed straight from the bag
  • Baked in Randolph, MA
  • 12 count case of 8-ounce bags of Stacy’s Simply Naked Bagel Chips
  • Dressed in nothing but sea salt, these delicious, baked chips are artfully simple with an incredible crunch
  • Baked, no artificial colors or flavors, and no MSG
  • Delicious paired with a cream cheese spread, your favorite dip, a sliver of cheese, or straight from the bag

Top reviews

bagel chips

Very good product. Nice and crunchy. Nicely seasoned. Very happy with all the Stacy’s products I have eaten.
JayReno, NV

Satcy’s Bagel Chips

The chips arrived in great condition… hardly any breakage (much better than in the grocery store). My husband just LOVES these chips with wine. The price is very reasonable. We purchased the chips because we couldn’t find them in the Minnesota… and we got hooked on them in Arizona. We may just purchase them from here again even when we’re in Arizona where they’re available in grocery stores.


ManualNeavitt, MD

wonderful stacy’s chips

This is a wonderful product, at a wonderful price. I am so hooked on the stacy’s pita chips, and this is a great buy.
IsauraAltus, AR

Best snack ever made

These are better than homemade bagel chips and my new favorite snack. So glad these are on Amazon because they are sometimes hard to find in my area and when found rather pricey. The price on Amazon is competitive, with Subscribe & Save it can’t be beat. Warning: it takes a lot of willpower not to eat a bag each day, they are that good.
FumikoMalibu, CA

its delicious…

I was surprised at how delicious these toasted chips are. They ship well with little damage. I have ordered them several times. Also they are very fresh. Not one bit was left in the bag when I got through.
JannetSalem, NJ

My all-time favorite bagel-chips.

I’ve tried a few varieties of Bagel chips, and by far, this is my favorite. Most bagel chips use mini-bagels, cut horizontally. You can tell because of the hole in the center. Bagels are typically seasoned on the outside, sliced, then baked as chips. If you get a chip that is close to the exterior of the bagel chances are good that you will get the seasoning (usually too much). If you get an interior chip you will likely get too little seasoning (if any). Some brands season the chips after they are cooked as well, which almost guarantees that you’ll get far too much seasoning.

Stacy’s starts with regular, whole bagels; the same high-quality bagels that you will find on a supermarket or baker’s sehlf. Because these are sliced vertically, you get round chips that are all seasoned correctly on the outside ring. Each chip is round and perfect for dipping or spreading. I love regular bagels toasted with cream cheese, which is also good with Stacy’s bagel chips. However, these are good enough to warrant more creativity. Try them with hummus, salsa, melted cheese–use your imagination.

Yes, this is the same Stacy’s that makes Stacy’s Pita Chips. All of Stacy’s products are very high quality. If you are a fan of everything bagels, you will love these. The Simply Naked Bagel Chips are similar to the Simply Naked Pita Chips–simple, and delicious with dip. The Everything Bagel Chips are standard everything bagels, covered on the outside with seeds, onion, and garlic. These are my favorite out of all the Stacy’s bagel offerings. If you like a bit of seasoning and don’t like all of the extras, try the Toasted Garlic Bagel Chips (I like these, but I miss the extras of the everything chips).

KerryWest Point, IL

Old Style

This one is not the recent style. But still good. Will not recommend this one since the new one is better. Thanks!
VetaShelby, MI

Stacy’s Bagel Chips

We were having trouble finding the bagel chips in the grocery store when we wanted them…so I decided to take a change and order them in bulk…GOOD DECISION…they arrived in great condition and are all within a reasonable “fresh date”. Would I do it again? Yes…
JimCourtland, AL


Get them on sale if you can…these chips are wonderful….however be might eat the bag in one sitting as they are not low fat or low calorie…and they sure are good.
MiyokoAurora, IL

Good & garlicky

These bagel chips are really good chips, as long as you like garlic…a lot. Otherwise, you might want to try another flavor.
AlannaRock Creek, WV

I like um

It’s really hard to find any bagel chips in stores around here. They arrived in good shape. Had a 3+ month best used by date. So much better then chips or crackers! I’m a happy camper.
BobbyMc Farland, WI