Stakich MANUKA Honey 5-LB Active 16+ – 100% Raw, Pure, Unheated, Unfiltered –

Manuka Raw Honey is pure, natural, unpasteurized, organically produced honey. It is collected by the honeybees from the flowers of the wild, uncultivated Tea Tree Bush (leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand. Manuka Raw Honey has been cold slung (extracted from the comb without heating). Manuka Raw Honey is a true miracle food and an instant energy building food containing all the essential minerals necessary for life: seven vitamins of the B complex group, amino acids, enzymes and antibacterial agents. Besides being healthy and nutritious, we are certain that this elixir of life is the most delicious honey you have ever tasted. University Research Confirms Honey as a Healer. Great value. Great taste.

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DECEPTIVE PRODUCT: This is NOT “UMF 16+” manuka honey!

I have researched and used Manuka honey since 2004, including UMF 12+, UMF 16+, UMF 17+, and UMF 20+, and write to warn against this product and this seller. This product does NOT have a “UMF 16+” level of MANUKA FACTOR and is NOT CERTIFIED “UMF 16+.”

WARNING: If you seek a Manuka honey able to provide the medical benefits of a UMF 16+ manuka honey, THIS PRODUCT IS A FRAUD. It is merely a basic table honey.

The label is intentionally deceptive. It seeks to confuse consumers by including “active” and “16+” but this is meaningless. STAKICH HONEY IS NOT CERTIFIED by the Active Manuka Honey Associaion to have methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is the factor present in SOME — not all — manuka honeys. MGO is responsible for the medical benefits shown in scientific research. (A side note: be sure to check the research itself, not the claims on sellers’ websites, to distinguish the real from the illusory medical benefits of CERTIFIED manuka honeys.)

Having consumed several different UMF 16+ and UMF 20+ honeys (the two strengths that I use for different purposes, in addition to manuka essential oil) across the years, I immediately could taste the LACK of MGO in Stakich’s honey. (I’d not been able to see the label detail in the small photo here.) But rather than presume, I contacted Stakich for some validation of MGO in the honey. In reply, Stakich sent a dodge rather than a substantive answer.

I wrote a second time, indicating that mine was not an idle inquiry because I use the honey for medical purposes; I depend on an accurate UMF label to be assured I am using an appropriate product for the several purposes to which I put these honeys. Stakich’s second reply delivered an insult in lieu of a responsive answer. Thus, in addition to warning you about the product, I’ll also say that I am disgusted with the evasive and condescending “service” Stakich provided when confronted with their deception.

Before you buy a manuka honey for other than regular table honey use, check the AMHA’s website to see whether it is sold by a member of the Association and has been certified to have an MGO level accurately represented on the label. If all you want is a table honey, you can get one many times cheaper from a truthful seller who clearly lables both its higher UMF and its low UMF honeys.

NellChina Village, ME

Really Great and a good price

The other review on this is harsh and incorrect. This honey is really great, I’ve bought it twice. What the other reviewer fails to mention is that in the US the regulations are different and UMF if not a designation recognized by the FDA so it is not required on the packaging. You usually find it on bottles actually imported from New Zealand so if you really want to pay extra for that then go for it. However to call someone a fraud when their company has been in business for so long is rude. If you don’t like the honey well then…don’t buy it.

Their customer service has been great, the only issue I had is that one of the glass bottles I purchased broke in the mail and I left a message which was promptly responded to and a replacement bottle was sent right away with many sincere apologies. I have more trust in a company that has been around for so long and has great Amazon reviews over someone who is adamant about designations, but relies on his sense of ‘taste’ to evaluate what he is complaining the company isn’t evaluating scientifically.

This honey is great tasting and worth it!

ArlenaGarden City, ID