Starbucks Breakfast Blend, 20-Ounce Bags

Legendary Starbucks flavor

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You can’t go wrong with Starbucks Coffee

Got a really good deal on this coffee when I bought it from amazon. My husband is hooked on this breakfast blend, he won’t drink anything else. (I myself, hate coffee).
ThaddeusRochester, MI

Horrible price

As of today 04/07/11 Amazon is selling this item for $50.00. This used to be $17.00 as recently as a month ago. You can find 2 bags of 20 oz Breakfast Blend cheaper in local stores. The coffee is great. But until they lower the price again it is a horrible option for coffee. Don’t waste your money. Shop around.
LoretteBig Pine Key, FL

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

We have been searching for a replacement for the coffee we previously used, which has been discontinued. This blend fits the bill! We really like the flavor. Glad to have discovered it.
RenettaLa Vergne, TN

Good stuff

This is the only Starbucks coffee that I like…the others are too heavy….this stuff tastes rich..but not overwhelming.
Get it on sale and the free coupon on the bag is cool too.
TovaBeltrami, MN

Good coffee

Excellent coffee with good flavor, not too bold but enough to wake you up in the morning. I prefer whole beans but this was definitely the most economical of all the Starbucks bags out there.
TyronSolgohachia, AR

Another Great Starbucks Product

I picked up this breakfast blend coffee on Amazon at a good price, so I thought I would try it. I typically enjoy the bold Starbucks flavors. This coffee is listed as “mild” on the bag. I was pleasantly surprised, it has an excellent smooth taste, not too bold yet not too mellow. I really enjoy this flavor and will definately order more of it….
LigiaNewport, TN