Starbucks Coffee Dark Roast Espresso, Ground, 12 oz

Dark roast blend. A blend of Latin American and Asia/Pacific dark-roasted coffees. With its rich aroma and caramelly sweetness, this blend is the heart of our espresso beverages. It also makes a fine drip coffee. Good coffee, doing good. We believe there’

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Very bitter, and too coarse ground for use in an espresso machine

I bought this coffee when I ran out of my favorite espresso coffee, Goya. It was a few dollars more expensive but I love having coffee at Starbucks cafes, so I figured it might be worth it. First, it is ground so coarsely that I must grind it some more in order to use it in my home espresso machine. Second, it seems to be among the more bitter of any grocery store espresso coffees that I have ever bought. Even with milk and sugar, I could not mask the bitterness. I won’t be buying it again.
GladyHodges, SC