Starbucks Coffee * House Blend * Medium, 3 Boxes of 16 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers

Bright, balanced, and medium-bodied, our signature blend of whole bean coffee is distinctively Starbucks. One sip tells the story, from our attention to quality in sourcing and combining the finest Latin American coffees, to our care in roasting that brings forth all of the delicious flavors from the beans. Available in whole bean or ground. The mild, tangy flavor sparkles on your tongue with high acidity and finishes crisp and clean. This whole bean or ground coffee offers a fresh start to your morning with a flavor you can enjoy all day.

Quick facts

  • A medium-bodied blend of Latin American coffees with a vibrant acidity and clean, balanced flavors.
  • 3 Boxes of 16 K-Cups
  • 48 K-Cups

Top reviews

Tasty, Pricey

Excited to see Starbucks in Keurig form and ordered it right away. I bought the Medium House Blend. This is good tasting coffee, but not noticeably better than Donut House or Timothy’s, and therefore I was disappointed because the extra cost of the Starbucks versus the other brands was not justified.
LynwoodReedville, VA